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Personal Information
College Photo Name Abdalla, Mohamed
Main Department Botany
College Title Visiting Research Fellow
College Tel  
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Abdalla M, Osborne B, Lanigan G, Forristal D, Williams M, Smith P, Jones MB, Conservation tillage systems: a review of its consequences for greenhouse gas emissions, Soil Use and Management, 2013
Abdalla M, Saunders M, Hastings A, Williams M, Smith P, Osborne B, Lanigan G, Jones MB, Simulating the impacts of land use in Northwest Europe on Nat Ecosystem Exchange (NEE): The role of arable ecosystems, grasslands and forest plantations in climate change mitigation., Science of the Total Environment, 2013
Abdalla M, Rueangritsarakul K, Jones M, Osborne B, Helmy M, Roth B, Burke J, Nolan P, Smith P, Williams M,, How effective is reduced tillage-cover crop management in reducing N2O fluxes from arable crop soils?, Water Air and Soil Pollution, 223, 2012, p5155 - 5174
M. Abdalla, S. Kumar, M. Jones, J. Burke, M. Williams, Testing DNDC model for simulating soil respiration and assessing the effects of climate change on the CO2 gas flux from Irish agriculture, Global and Planetary Change, 78, (3-4), 2011, p106-115
TARA - Full Text
M. Abdalla, M. Jones, J. Yeluripati, P. Smith, J. Burke and M. Williams, Testing DayCent and DNDC model simulations of N2O fluxes and assessing the impacts of climate change on the gas flux and biomass production from a humid pasture., Atmospheric Environment, 44, (25), 2010, p2961 - 2970
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