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Professor William Lyons

Fellow Emeritus (Philosophy)


William Lyons, Philosophy of Mind in Our Time, Modern Believing, 57, (2), 2016, p131 - 142, Notes: [ ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
William Lyons, Wittgenstein - The Crooked Roads , London, Bloomsbury, 2015, 1 - 88pp, Book, PUBLISHED
William Lyons, Ad Reinhardt, Theology, and 'Apophatic' Art, The Brooklyn Rail, Jan , 2014, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
William Lyons, Socrates and His Clouds (Oberon modern plays), Oberon Books, 2013, 80pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Gilbert Ryle and Logical Behaviourism in, editor(s)Andrew Bailey , Philosophy of Mind: The Key Thinkers, London, Bloomsbury, 2013, pp85 - 102, [ William Lyons ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Showing, Not Saying: Filming a Philosophical Genius in, editor(s)Béla Szabados and Christina Stojanova , Wittgenstein at the Movies: Cinematic Investigations, Maryland, Rowman & Littlefield, 2011, pp1-24 , [Lyons, William], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Lyons, Willliam,, "The Greast Apostasy? William James's 1904 denial of the existence of consciousness", Journal of Consciousness Studies, 17, (9-10), 2010, p117-140 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Nothing but the Brain in, editor(s)David Ohreen , An Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, God, Mind, and Morality, Toronto, Nelson, 2009, [William Lyons], Notes: [(reprinted from William Lyons Matters of the Mind, Edinburgh University Press, 2001).], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Emotionen und ihre Objekte in, Sabine A. Döring , Philosophie der Gefühle, Frankfurt am Main, Suhrkamp Verlag, 2009, pp83-109 , [William Lyons], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Emotion theories and concepts (philosophical perspectives) in, editor(s)David Sander and Klaus Scherer , The Oxford Companion to Emotion and the Affective Sciences, Oxford, OUP, 2009, pp144-145 , [William Lyons], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED

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