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Dr. Michael Williams

Assistant Professor (Botany)

Assistant Professor (Trinity Centre for the Environment)

Dr. Michael Williams joined the College in 1992 as a joint lecturer in the Botany Department and the Environmental Science Unit (now the Trinity College Centre for Environment). He is a member of the Plant Physiology research group. His primary research activity centers on the measurement and modeling of below ground soil processes in agricultural systems. Other research interests include photosynthesis and respiration in higher plants and algae. Ongoing Projects Measurement and modeling of soil respiration in arable and pasture soils. Funding Agency - EPA and EU Measurement and modeling of nitrous oxide emissions in agricultural soils Funding Agency - EPA Soil mineralization and pasture management in a Mayo catchment. Funding Agency - Teagasc Previous Projects Physiological studies of salt tolerance in Plantago maritima. Funding Agency - Enterprise Ireland Respiration and carbohydrate metabolism in higher plants. Funding Agency - Enterprise Ireland
  Agri Environment   Agronomy   Algae   Chloroplasts   Plant Biochemistry   Plant physiology   Soil Science
 Fluxes of Nitrous Oxide from Arable Soils: Emission Factors, Annual Totals and Predictive Modelling.
 Greenhouse gas emissions from European grasslands: field manipulation studies
 Legume Futures

Roth, B., Finnan, J., Jones, M.B., Burke, J.L. and Williams, M.L., Are the benefits of yield responses to nitrogen fertiliser application in the bioenergy crop Miscanthus x giganteus offset by increased soil emissions of nitrous oxide, Global Change Biology Bioenergy, doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12, 2014, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Abdalla M, Osborne B, Lanigan G, Forristal D, Williams M, Smith P, Jones MB, Conservation tillage systems: a review of its consequences for greenhouse gas emissions, Soil Use and Management, 29, (2), 2013, p199-209 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Abdalla M, Saunders M, Hastings A, Williams M, Smith P, Osborne B, Lanigan G, Jones MB, Simulating the impacts of land use in Northwest Europe on Nat Ecosystem Exchange (NEE): The role of arable ecosystems, grasslands and forest plantations in climate change mitigation., Science of the Total Environment, 465, (1), 2013, 325-336 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Brendan Roth, Mike Jones, James Burke and Michael Williams, The Effects of Land-Use Change from Grassland to Miscanthus x giganteus on Soil N2O Emissions , Land, 2, (3), 2013, p437 - 451, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
M.I. Khalil, M. Richards, B. Osborne, M. Williams, and C. Müller, Simulation and validation of greenhouse gas emissions and SOC stock changes in arable land using the ECOSSE Model , Atmospheric Environment, 81, 2013, p616 - 624, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
W. BURCHILL, D. LI, G. LANIGAN, M. WILLIAMS, J. HUMPHREYS, Inter-annual variation in nitrous oxide emissions from perennial ryegrass/white clover based grassland used for dairy production, Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 2013, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Abdalla M, Rueangritsarakul K, Jones M, Osborne B, Helmy M, Roth B, Burke J, Nolan P, Smith P, Williams M,, How effective is reduced tillage-cover crop management in reducing N2O fluxes from arable crop soils?, Water Air and Soil Pollution, 223, 2012, p5155 - 5174, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Emissions of Nitrous Oxide from Agriculture: Responses to Management and Climate Change in, editor(s)Lei Guo, Amrith S. Gunasekara, Laura L. McConnell , Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural Management, American Chemical Society, 2011, pp343 - 370, [Abdalla. M., Smith, P and Williams, M.L.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI
M. Abdalla, S. Kumar, M. Jones, J. Burke, M. Williams, Testing DNDC model for simulating soil respiration and assessing the effects of climate change on the CO2 gas flux from Irish agriculture, Global and Planetary Change, 78, (3-4), 2011, p106-115 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Abdalla, M., Jones, M., Ambus, P., Wattenbach, M., Smith, P. and Williams, M. , Emissions of Nitrous oxide from arable soils: Effects of tillage, reduced N input and climate change, Proceedings of the International Soil Science Congress on Management of Natural Resources to Sustain Soil Health and Quality, International Soil Science Congress on Management of Natural Resources to Sustain Soil Health and Quality, Samsun, Turkey, May 26 - 28, 2010, edited by R. Kizilkaya, C.Gulser, O.Dengiz , Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey, 2010, pp235 - 245, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED

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Stoddard, F.L., Williams, M.L., Sampling and measurement protocols for field experiments assessing the performance of legume-supported cropping systems. Legume Futures Report 1,, 2011, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
PhD 1986
Soil respiration and carbon stocks Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils Soil mineralisation Photosynthesis Carbohydrate partitioning in higher plants Plant cell anatomy Chloroplast symbiosis