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Dr. Lorraine Swords

Assistant Professor (Psychology)

Lorraine Swords is a Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychology with the School of Psychology and Course Coordinator of the Structured PhD in Child and Youth Research at the Children's Research Centre. Lorraine graduated from UCD in 2000 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Psychology. She then completed a Master of Psychological Science Degree in Health Psychology at NUI Galway before returning to UCD in 2003 to undertake a PhD researching children's perceptions of psychological disorders in their peers. Prior to taking up her lectureship in psychology in December 2009, Lorraine worked as a Research Fellow at the Children's Research Centre on the National Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland, Growing Up in Ireland. Lorraine is a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.
  Child and Adolescent Mental Health   Child Health Psychology   Developmental Psychology   Peer Relationships
 Transnational Academic Careers in Child and Youth Welfare (TACHYwe)
 Family Well-being in Difficult Times: A Model of Factors Influencing the Well-being of Families on Limited Incomes in Ireland
 All You Need Is... Children's Perceptions and Experiences of Deprivation in Ireland

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Member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Growing Up in Ireland, the National Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland.
Details Date From Date To
Psychological Society of Ireland 2003 Present
International Association for Youth Mental Health 2013 Present
European Network for Social & Emotional Competence 2015 Present
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Kierans, J. & Swords, L., Exploring the Appearance Culture in Early Adolescence: A Qualitative Focus Group Approach in the Republic of Ireland (ROI), Journal of Adolescent Research, In Press, 2015, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Stigma associated with disease and disability during childhood and adolescence: A developmental approach in, editor(s)Corrigan, P. , The stigma of disease and disability: Understanding causes and overcoming injustices, Washington DC, American Psychological Association, 2014, pp205 - 222, [Heary, C., Hennessy, E. & Swords, L. ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
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Swords, L., Hennessy, E., & Heary, C., Development of the Children's Attributions about Psychological Problems in their Peers (CAPPP) Scale, Child: Care, Health & Development, 37, (3), 2010, p446 - 455, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Swords, L., Greene, S., Boyd, E., & Kerrins, L., All You Need Is Children's Perceptions and Experiences of Deprivation in Ireland , Dublin, September, 2011, Notes: [ISBN: 1-902230-38-8; 978-1-902230-38-2], Report, PUBLISHED


Lorraine's research interests are in the area of child and adolescent health and wellbeing, with particular focus on i) children's experiences of stress and mental health difficulties, help-seeking and coping and ii) children's perceptions of peers experiencing physical or mental health difficulties, help-giving and peer relationships, iii) children's experience of deprivation and social exclusion.