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Dr. Sinead Murphy



Renaud, M., Moreira, M.-C., Monga, B.B., Rodriguez, D., Debs, R., Charles, P., Chaouch, M., Ferrat, F., Laurencin, C., Vercueil, L., Mallaret, M., M"Zahem, A., Pacha, L.A., Tazir, M., Tilikete, C., Ollagnon, E., Ochsner, F., Kuntzer, T., Jung, H.H., Beis, J.-M., Netter, J.-C., Djamshidian, A., Bower, M., Bottani, A., Walsh, R., Murphy, S., Reiley, T., Bieth, É., Roelens, F., Poll-The, B.T., Lourenço, C.M., Jardim, L.B., Straussberg, R., Landrieu, P., Roze, E., Thobois, S., Pouget, J., Guissart, C., Goizet, C., Dürr, A., Tranchant, C., Koenig, M., Anheim, M., Clinical, biomarker, and molecular delineations and genotype-Phenotype correlations of ataxia with oculomotor apraxia type 1, JAMA Neurology, 75, (4), 2018, p495-502 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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Rossor, A.M., Morrow, J.M., Polke, J.M., Murphy, S.M., Houlden, H., Laura, M., Manji, H., Blake, J., Reilly, M.M., Pilot phenotype and natural history study of hereditary neuropathies caused by mutations in the HSPB1 gene, Neuromuscular Disorders, 27, (1), 2017, p50-56 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Stela Lefter, Orla Hardiman, Russell L. McLaughlin, Sinead M. Murphy, Michael Farrell, Aisling M. Ryan, A novel MYH7 Leu1453pro mutation resulting in Laing distal myopathy in an Irish family, Neuromuscular Disorders , 25, (2), 2015, p155 - 160, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
A. M. Rossor*, E. C. Oates*, H. K. Salter, Y. Liu, S. M. Murphy, R. Schule, M. A. Gonzales, M. Scoto, R. Phadke, C. A. Sewry, H. Houlden, A. Jordanova, I. Tournev, T. Chamova, I. Litvinenko, S. Zuchner, D. N. Herrmann , J. Blake, J. E. Sowden, G. Acsadi, M. L. Rodriguez, M. P. Menezes, N. F. Clarke, M. Auer Grumbach, S. L. Bullock, F. Muntoni, M. M. Reilly , K. N. North, Phenotypic and molecular insights into Spinal Muscular Atrophy due to mutations in BICD2, Brain , 138, (2), 2015, p293 - 310, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Daniela Ernst*, Sinéad M Murphy*, Karthik Sathiyanadan, Yu Wei, Alaa Othman, Matilde Laurá, Yo-Tsen Liu, Anke Penno, Julian Blake, Michael Donaghy, Henry Houlden, Mary M Reilly#,, Thorsten Hornemann , Novel HSAN1 mutation in Serine-Palmitoyltransferase resides at a putative phosphorylation site that is involved in regulating substrate specificity, Neuromolecular Medicine , 2015, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Judith Conroy, Paul McGettigan, Raymond Murphy, David Webb, Sinéad M Murphy, Blathnaid McCoy, Christine Albertyn, Dara McCreary, Cara McDonagh, Orla Walsh, SallyAnn Lynch, Sean Ennis, A novel locus for episodic ataxia - UBR4 the likely candidate, European Journal of Human Genetics , 22, (4), 2014, p505 - 510, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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Reza Sadjadi, Mary M. Reilly, Michael E. Shy, Davide Pareyson, Matilde Laura, Sinead Murphy, Shawna M.E. Feely, Tiffany Grider, Chelsea Bacon, Giuseppe Piscosquito, Daniela Calabrese, Ted M. Burns, Psychometrics evaluation of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy Score (CMTNSv2) second version, using Rasch analysis, Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, 19, (3), 2014, p192 - 196, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Petya Bogdanova-Mihaylova, Christelle Oliver-Dussault, Peter Moloney, Sinéad M Murphy, Multiple sclerosis, Hospital Doctor of Ireland, 2013, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
S Murphy, B Sweeney., Current Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis and Future Options. , Irish Medical Times , 38, (15), 2004, p28 - 30, Notes: [online], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
S Murphy, B Sweeney, Review of recent articles on the topic of Neurology., Hospital Doctor of Ireland, 1, 2004, p49 - 53, Notes: [online], Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Travel fellowship, Peripheral Nerve Society 2011
Harold Millar prize for best presentation, Irish Neurological Association 2011
Travel grant, Dept. of Molecular Neuroscience, UCL Institute of Neurology, Queen Square 2011
NIH Rare Disease Inherited Neuropathy Consortium fellowship to fund a clinical / research fellowship in inherited neuropathies 2010
The Dr. Richard Steevens' Scholarship, Health Services Executive (HSE) to fund a clinical fellowship in peripheral nerve disorders in Queen Square, London 2009
Bursary EFNS 2008
Travel grant, ENS 2006
RAMI (Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland) / IICN (Irish Institute of Clinical Neurosciences) Diaspora Registrar's Prize in Neurology - Research 1st prize 2006
RAMI / IICN Diaspora Registrar's Prize in Neurology - Case Report 2nd prize 2006
Irish Heart Foundation Grant for MD research project 2005
TCD Entrance Exhibition Award 1994
The Isabella Mulvaney Exhibition 1994
Ethel M Glorney Trust Prize 1994
The Applied Maths prize 1994
The Jellicoe scholarship 1994
The Trench scholarship 1994