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  Computer & Video Games   Computer Animation   Computer Graphics
In 1993 I co-founded the ISG Lab, which focusses on computer graphics related research within the Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin. After a 6 year absence in industry (building a company called Havok which commercialised research from a project for which I acted as Principal Investigator), I returned in 2005 as co-manager of the ISG Lab. and am now contributing to the development of the research group.My research interests include: * Global illumination, radiosity, photon mapping etc. * Realtime ray tracing. * Realtime physics and animation. * Multicore & SIMD algorithms / optimisation. * Computer Game Technology. I have a strong interest in commercialisation of research and like to remain focussed on the potential for commercial opportunity in any of the research I am involved with. An integral part of my role in the group is to establish and maintain industry links. We are currently working with leading companies including IBM, Alias / Autodesk, Creative Labs., Midway, Sony and Electronic Arts.