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Dr. Mary-Lee Rhodes

Associate Professor (Business & Administrative Studies)

Dr. ML Rhodes is the Director of Undergraduate Teaching & Learning in the School of Business in Trinity College Dublin and the Deputy Director of Trinity Haus, a multi-disciplinary research Institute in Trinity College. Her research interests and publications span public, non-profit and private management topics with an integrating emphasis on the use of complex systems theory and models to explore organisational and institutional performance in housing systems and public management. She has published articles in a range of academic journals including Public Management Review, Policy & Society, Int'l Public Management Journal, Policy & Politics, Voluntas and Int'l Journal of Housing Policy. Her most recent book, Public Management & Complexity Theory: Richer Decision Making in Public Services was published by Routledge in 2011. She is on the Board of the International Research Society for Publiic Management and a member of the interest group on complex governance networks in the American Society for Public Administration. She teaches services operations and management at undergraduate and post-graduate levels and public management and systems design at graduate level. Her current research is in the area of social impact, well-being and urban management - working with a network of research partners around Europe funded by the EU COST Office. In addition to her academic interests, Dr. Rhodes is involved in several public, non-profit and social entrepreneurial organisations at Board level with a focus on research and service innovation. She is currently on the Board of the Housing Finance Agency and has recently been appointed to the Interim Regulatory Committee for Social Housing in Ireland. Prior to these appointments she had served as the Chairman of Simon Communities Ireland, as a Board member and Chair of the Service Subcommittee for Cluid Housing Association, and as a member of the strategic sub-committee of Clann Credo, Ireland's leading social finance organisation.
     Complexity Theory   Housing policy, homelessness   IRISH HOUSING SYSTEM   LIveable Cities   public management   Smart Cities   SOCIAL HOUSING
 COST TU1204: People-friendly Cities in a Data-rich World
 HEA Research Grant: "Towards Richer Decision-Making"
 Non-profit Housing in Ireland
 Research Support Grants for application to Marie Curie Funding
 The Changing Role of Nonprofit Housing Organisations in Ireland

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French Basic Basic Basic
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Spanish Basic Basic Medium
Details Date From Date To
International Research Society for Public Management 2004 current
American Society of Public Administration 2011 current
International Society for Third-sector Research 2009 current
European Network of Housing Researchers 2000 2008
American Academy of Management 1999 2003
INFORMS 1999 2002
Rhodes, ML, Murphy, J., Armendariz, F., Enabling leadership in practice: examining the case of ICT development in public healthcare settings, IRSPM Conference Proceedings, IRSPM, Budapest, HU, 19-21 April, edited by Hajnal, G. , 2017, Notes: [Papers are published on IRSPM Website following presentation at conference], Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML, Eppel, E, Complexity & Public Mangement: how to teach things we can't predict, IRSPM Conference Proceedings, IRSPM, Budapest, HU, 19-21 April, edited by Hajnal, G , 2017, Notes: [Papers are made available online on IRSPM website following presentation], Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML and Dowling, C., What insights do Fitness Landscape Models provide for theory and practice in public administration?, Public Management Review, 2017, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Complexity Theory, Networks and Systems Analysis in, editor(s)Ansell, C. and Torfing, J. , Handbook of Theories of Governance, UK, Edward Elgar, 2016, pp364-379 , [Koliba, C., Gerrits, L., Rhodes, ML, Meek, J], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Murphy, Joanne, Rhodes, M.L., Meek, Jack, Denyer, David, Managing the Entanglement: Complexity Leadership in Public Sector Systems, Public Administration Review, 2016, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Rhodes, ML and Dowling, C, What insights do Fitness Lanscape Models provide for theory and practice in public administration?, IRSPM, Birmingham, UK, 30 Mar - 1 Apr, 2015, Conference Paper, PRESENTED  TARA - Full Text
Murphy, J., Rhodes, ML, Meek, J., Leadership Theory and Practice in Complex Public Sector Systems, 76th Annual ASPA Conference, Chicago, IL, 6-10 March, 2015, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Gemma Donnelly-Cox and Mary Lee Rhodes, How do Social Impact Bonds Affect the Creation of a Social and Sustainable Finance Ecosystem? The Case of Using SIBs to Tackle Long-term Homelessness in Dublin, Social and Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Conference, Oxford, UK, 23-24 April 2015, 2015, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML, Creating Smart and Liveable Cities in Europe: The Case of Dublin, Ireland, IRSPM XVIII, Ottowa, Canada, 8-11 April, 2014, 2014, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML and Pellegrini, C., Comparing Theory & Practice in Social Finance in Dublin, ISIRC, Northampton, UK, 1-3 September, 2014, Conference Paper, PRESENTED

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Rhodes, ML, Navigating Service System Landscapes, GBHI Seminar Series, Trinity College, 31 May, 2017, Global Brain Health Institute, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML, Housing, Homelessness and Ireland's first Social Impact Bond, FENIX Programme, Dublin, Ireland, 11 May, 2016, Centre for Social Engagement, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML, Ireland's SIB Pilot: Lessons Learned, conférence sur l'innovation sociale et l'investissement à impact social, Paris, France, 26 Sep, 2016, Secrétaire d'Etat chargée du Commerce, de l'Artisanat, de la Consommation et de l'Economie sociale et solidaire, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Rhodes,ML, Impact Investing and the first Social Impact Bond in Ireland, Focus Ireland Lunchtime Seminars, Focus Ireland, Dublin, 14 May, 2015, Focus Ireland, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Rhodes, ML, Measuring Social Impact: Looking for Inspiration, Northern Ireland Voluntary Action Futures: Research Agendas, NI Council for Voluntary Action, 8 March, 2013, Uinv. of Ulster, Institute for Research in Social Sciences, TSRC, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
ML Rhodes, Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens, 5th Annual Conference of Assocation for Chinese Studies in Ireland, Univeristy College Dublin, Sep 8, 2012, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
ML Rhodes, What's in a Name? Researching Role & Performance in Hybrid Organisations, Social Enterprise Invited Speaker Series, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 18 April, 2012, Faculty of Business & Economics, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
ML Rhodes, Understanding Homelessness, Invited Speaker Series, Southern Cross University, Coolangatta, Brisbane, Australia, 28 March, 2012, Southern Cross University, Research Centre for Tourism, Leisure and Work, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
ML Rhodes, Non-profit organisations and Complex Systems: The case of 'Front Line', FENIX programme seminar, Dublin, Ireland, 10 May, 2011, IDEELL ARENA and Trinity Centre for Nonprofit Management, Notes: [THE 'FENIX' PROGRAMME IS SPONSORED BY IDEELL ARENA FOR SENIOR SWEDISH NONPROFIT SECTOR MANAGERS - STRATEGY FOR NONPROFIT ORGANISATIONS, 3 MODULES, TWO AT STOCKHOLM SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, ONE IN TCD.], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
ML Rhodes, What's in a Name? Measuring Performance in Hybrid Organisations, Queens University Seminar Series, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 20 May , 2011, School of Business, Queens Univ Belfast, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


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Award Date
Snow Foundation Award for Best Case or Simulation in Collaborative Nonprofit Management May 2013
Best Paper in Stream: Irish Management Conference 2004
My research is aimed at understanding the nature of societal well-being and the role of governance and public service systems in urban management. Specific research topics include: defining and measuring social impact, modelling complex public service systems, processes of value co-creation and analytics for public service managers. Doctoral research projects currently under supervision include work on performance measurement in healthcare and policy-change processes. Vacancies for high-calibre PhD students exist in the following areas: . Co-creation processes in collaborative urbanism (see COST TU1204 project) . Indicators and drivers of well-being in urban environments . Hybrid organisations in housing / homeless service sectors . Measures of risk and return in Social Investment markets . Analytics for public service managers