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Dr. Robert Coen

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology (Clinical Medicine)

Doherty, C.P., O'Keeffe. E., Keaney, J., Lawlor, B.A., Coen, R.F., Farrell, M., Campbell, M., Neuropolypathology as a result of severe traumatic brain injury? , Clinical Neuropathology, 2019, p14-22 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Power, C., Hannigan, O., Coen, R.F., Bruce, I., Gibb, M., McCarthy, M., Robinson, D., Lawlor, B.A., Prosopagnosia as a type of conversion disorder, Case Reports in Psychiatry , 5972954, 2018, p1-5 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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De Looze C., Kelly F., Crosby L., Vourdanou A., Coen R.F, Walsh, C., Lawlor B.A., Reilly R , Speech chunking in reading aloud is an early marker of cognitive impairment in Mild Cognitive Impairment and mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease. , Current Alzheimer's Research, 2018, Notes: [[Epub ahead of print]], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Kelly, M.E., Lawlor, B.A., Coen, R.F., Robertson, I.H., Brennan, S. , Cognitive Rehabilitation for Early Stage Alzheimer's disease: A Pilot Study with an Irish Population. , Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 2018, Notes: [[Epub ahead of print]], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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