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Dr. Francois Pitie

Ussher Assistant Professor (Electronic & Elect. Engineering)

François Pitié is an Ussher Assistant Professor in Media Signal Processing, Trinity College Dublin. Ussher professors are part of Trinity's strategy to recruit excellent academics in areas where Trinity has proven strengths. He has made several key contributions in the field of Video Processing and Computer Vision and published over 40 publications, with a combined total of 935+ citations. He has attracted over 1.5M euros in research funding and is the recipient of a Google Faculty Research Award. He has participated in the writing of 7 successful research proposals and was PI of a EI commercialisation fund project and the TCD research lead for a 3 year FP7 EU project. He has supervised 4 postdoc, 4 Ph.D. students and 13 M.Sc. students. In 2018, François Pitié received the 'Outstanding Academic Achievement of the Year' award at the Technology Ireland Industry Awards 2018. He is a reviewer in first tier conferences and journals such as Siggraph and IEEE Transactions in Image Processing, co-chair of IMVIP 2015 and CVMP 2017, organised a number of workshops. Dr François Pitié is holder of 3 patents and developed algorithms and software that are used by companies such as Google, Disney, The Foundry and Weta Digital, and by post-production artists all over the world. He is also the founder and director of PixelPuffin, a TCD Campus company for commercialising media post- production technology.
  Computer Vision and Image Processing   Signal, Video & Audio Processing   VIDEO PROCESSING
 Advanced Video Debanding

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Róisín Rowley-Brooke, François Pitié, and Anil Kokaram, Degraded manuscript restoration: A case study, Annual Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, 2013, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
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Rowley-Brooke, R., Pitié, F., Kokaram, A. , Nonrigid recto-verso registration using page outline structure and content preserving warps, M International Conference Proceeding Series, M International Conference , 2013, pp8-13 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Sophie Merry, Francois Pitie, Anil Kokaram, Trevor Whelan, Chris Timms, 'Clockhead', 2011, -, Film production, PUBLISHED
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