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Dr. Paul Fearon

Clinical Professor (Psychiatry)

Prof. Paul Fearon graduated in Medicine from University College Dublin, and after 5 years postgraduate training in general medicine, he specialised in psychiatry. He completed his training at the Maudsley Hospital, London and was a consultant general adult psychiatrist there for 7 years. As a senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, he headed the Section of Social Psychiatry and Epidemiology where his research interests included the epidemiology and role of social factors in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He returned to Dublin to take up his post in St. Patricks University Hospital and Trinity College Dublin in 2008.
  Aetiology of mental illness   Development, prevention and treatment of mental disease or disorder   Emotional, behavioural and cognitive disorders   Mental health and intellectual disability   Psychiatry   Psychosis
 Quality of Care in an Irish Mental Health Service Context
 Antipsychotic medication prescribing, satisfaction and adherence at first presentation and 10-year follow up in different ethnic groups. £40,000.
 AESOP-10: A Study Of The Causes Of Ethnic Differences In The Long-Term Course And Outcome Of Psychosis'
 Quality of care and 8-year outcomes of psychosis in the African Caribbean and Black African populations in Lambeth and Southwark.
A full dataset is being compiled on a complete sample of delayed discharge patients, operationally defined, with a matched control group. We are testing the hypotheses that the main determinants of delayed discharge will be (a) dual and multiple diagnosis (co-morbidity); and (b) lack of provision for residential long-term rehabilitation. Although the study will uncover local factors I anticipate that the findings will be generalisable to most urban settings. ( - )">  Reasons for very long in-patient admissions in acute adult mental health services

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I am involved in ongoing collaborations with colleagues from the Insitute of Psychiatry in London, Trinidad, New York, Cambridge, Verona, the Netherlands, Ethiopia and Brazil.
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Member of Black and Ethnic Minority Special Interest Group, UK Mental Health Research Network 2006 2008
World Psychiatric Association September 2005
American Psychiatric Association May 2006
Morgan C, Lappin J, Heslin M, Donoghue K, Lomas B, Reininghaus U, Onyejiaka A, Croudace T, Jones PB, Murray RM, Fearon P, Doody GA, Dazzan P, Reappraising the long-term course and outcome of psychotic disorders: the AESOP-10 study. , Psychological Medicine, 44, (13), 2014, p2713 - 2726, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Zimbron J, Stahl D, Hutchinson G, Dazzan P, Morgan K, Doody GA, Jones PB, Murray RM, Fearon P, Morgan C, MacCabe JH. , Pre-morbid fertility in psychosis: findings from the AESOP first episode study, Schizophrenia Research, 156, (2-3), 2014, p168 - 173, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Fisher HL, McGuffin P, Boydell J, Fearon P, Craig TK, Dazzan P, Morgan K, Doody GA, Jones PB, Leff J, Murray RM, Morgan C. , Interplay Between Childhood Physical Abuse and Familial Risk in the Onset of Psychotic Disorders., Schizophrenia Bulletin, 40, (6), 2014, p1443 - 1451, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Russo M, Levine SZ, Demjaha A, Di Forti M, Bonaccorso S, Fearon P, Dazzan P, Pariante CM, David AS, Morgan C, Murray RM, Reichenberg A. , Association between symptom dimensions and categorical diagnoses of psychosis: a cross-sectional and longitudinal investigation., Schizophrenia Bulletin, 40, (1), 2014, p111 - 119, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Reininghaus U, Dutta R, Dazzan P, Doody GA, Fearon P, Lappin J, Heslin M, Onyejiaka A, Donoghue K, Lomas B, Kirkbride JB, Murray RM, Croudace T, Morgan C, Jones PB. , Mortality in Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses: A 10-Year Follow-up of the Aesop First-Episode Cohort. , Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2014, Notes: [Sep 27 pii: sbu138 [epub ahead of print]], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Boydell J, Onwumere J, Dutta R, Bhavsar V, Hill N, Morgan C, Dazzan P, Morgan K, Pararajan M, Kuipers E, Jones P, Murray R, Fearon P., Caregiving in first-episode psychosis: social characteristics associated with perceived 'burden' and associations with compulsory treatment., Early Intervention in Psychiatry, Mar 4. doi: 10.1111/, (epub ahead of print), 2013, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Fearon P, Can early intervention services modify pathways into care?, British Journal of Psychiatry, 202, (4), 2013, p249 - 250, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Skelly N, Schnittger RI, Butterly L, Frorath C, Morgan C, McLoughlin DM, Fearon P, Quality of care in psychosis and bipolar disorder from the service user perspective., Qualitative health research, 23, (12), 2013, p1672-85 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Zanelli J, Morgan K, Dazzan P, Morgan C, Russo M, Pilecka I, Fearon P, Demjaha A, Doody GA, Jones PB, Murray RM, Reichenberg A. , Gender differences in neuropsychological performance across psychotic disorders--a multi-centre population based case-control study., PLoS One, 8, (10), 2013, pe77318-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lappin JM, Morgan C, Chalavi S, Morgan KD, Reinders AA, Fearon P, Heslin M, Zanelli J, Jones PB, Murray RM, Dazzan P., Bilateral hippocampal increase following first-episode psychosis is associated with good clinical, functional and cognitive outcomes., Psychological Medicine, 18, 2013, p1 - 13, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Medical Research Council Health Services Research Training Fellowship, Dr. Alex Tulloch : 'Length of Stay on Psychiatric Wards' 2006-2010
UK Mental Health Research Network Funding: Antipsychotic medication prescribing, satisfaction and adherence at first presentation and 10-year follow up in different ethnic groups: A pilot study. 2008-2009
SLAM/IoP R&D Funding: Reasons for very long in-patient admissions in acute adult mental health services in SLAM: a case-control study. 2004-2005
Wellcome Trust Travel Grant: Dermatoglyphic anomalies as markers of prenatal developmental disturbance in schizophrenia & functional psychosis. 1999-2000
Margaret Temple Fellowship in Schizophrenia 1997
Association of European Psychiatrists Training Fellowship 1998
Young Scientist Award, Eighth Biennial Winter Workshop on Schizophrenia, Switzerland, March 1996
Mark Hartman Memorial Award, Best Oral Presentation, Annual Multidisciplinary Research Day, Eastern Health Board, Dublin, November 1995
His main interests are ethnicity and social factors in mental health, in particular elucidating the underlying causes of high rates of psychosis in particular ethnic minority groups in the UK.