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Dr. Sara Pavia

Associate Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

 Sustainable construction in Saudi Arabia.
 Retrofitting for energy performance.
 Repair and Conservation of Portland Stone: The Four Courts Dome.
 Irish bio-composites for building.
 Improvement of the quality of lime mortars. Lime mortar masonry project.

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Details Date
Member of RILEM Technical Committee BBM: Bio-aggregate based building materials. Since 2010
Member of the European Committee for standarisation of limes (CEN, WG11, TG1)with responsability for the evaluation and validation of the physical testing methods and chemical analysis of limes. Since 2006
Materials Audits for the conservation of National Monuments, National Monuments, Irish Government. 1995-2001
Conservation advisor: Office of Public Works. 2001-Present
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Fluent Medium Basic
Spanish Fluent Fluent Fluent
Analysis of mortar: visual and petrographic analysis of aggregate, binder and additions. in, editor(s)Lynch & Manning , Archaeological Monograph Series 10: High Island (Ardoileán), Co. Galway: Excavation of an Early Medieval Monastery. By G. Scally, Dublin, Dept of Arts, Heritage and The Gaeltacht, 2015, pp319 - 331, [S. Pavía], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
C Niyigena; S Amziane; A Chateauneuf, L Arnaud, F Collet, M Lawrence, C Magniont, V Picandet, P Walker, S Marceau, C Lanos, G Escadeillas, L Bessette, U Peter, S Pavía, M Sonebi, RRT3: Statistical analysis of hemp concrete mechanical properties variability, First International Conference on Bio-based Building Materials, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2015, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
S. Pavía, R. Walker, J. McGinn, Effect of testing variables on the compressive strength of lime hemp concrete, First International Conference on Bio-based Building Materials, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2015, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
A. Costigan; S. Pavía; O. Kinnane, An experimental evaluation of prediction models for the mechanical behaviour of unreinforced, lime-mortar masonry under compression, Journal of Building Engineering, 2015, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Influence of the Type of Binder on the Properties of Lime-Hemp Concrete in, editor(s)Llinares-Millán, C., Fernandez-Plazaola, I., Hidalgo-Delgado, F., Martínez-Valenzuela, M.M., Medina-Ramon, F.J., Oliver-Faubel, I., Rodriguez-Abad, I., Salandin, A., Sanchez-Grandia, R., Tort-Ausina, I. , Construction and Building Research part V, Springer, 2014, pp505 - 515, [R. Walker and S. Pavía ], Notes: [XIII, 553 p. 272 il. doi 10.1007/978-94-007-7790-3_61], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
O. Kinnane, J. McGinn, J. Grimes, S.Pavía, Investigation of thermal resistance and bridging in examples of contemporary and vernacular solid wall architecture, 30th Int. PLEA Conf. Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies., Ahmedabad, India, 3, 2014, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
R. Walker, S.Pavía , Impact of hydration on the properties of hemp-lime concrete, Civil Engineering Research in Ireland, CERAI, Belfast, 2014, pp211 - 216, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
P. Kissane, S.Pavía, O. Kinnane , Characterisation of Irish sandstones used for building, Civil Engineering Research in Ireland, CERAI, Belfast, 2014, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
S. Pavía, M. Durcan , An assessment of some properties of Roman cement, Civil Engineering Research in Ireland, CERAI, Belfast, 2014, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
A. Costigan, S. Pavía, Effect of mortar water content in the properties of masonry, 9th International Masonry Conference , Guimarães, Portugal, edited by Lourenço, Haseltine, Vasconcelos , 2014, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Fellow of Trinity College 2013
Research Fellow, IER, Gobierno de La Rioja, Spain 1989
Construction material science and technology. Sustainable construction. Building limes and lime mortars. Pozzolans. Physical and chemical properties and their testing methods. Standarisation of testing methods and quality. Sustainable lime composites including hemp or industrial waste products. Lime mortar technology, mortar execution, interaction with masonry units and durability. Stone and ceramics: Raw materials, industrial and traditional production methods, physical and chemical properties, durability and decay. Repair and conservation of historic masonry. Ceramic technology. Construction technology. Consolidants and water repellents. Archaeometry.