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Dr. Oran Doyle

Associate Professor (Law)

Head of School (School Office - Law)

Oran Doyle is Associate Professor and Head of the School of Law in Trinity College Dublin. He is an expert in comparative constitutional law, his recent work being published in the International Journal of Constitutional Law and Global Constitutionalism as well as a number of other journals and edited collections. He is currently completing a monograph 'The Irish Constitution: A Contextual Account' for Hart's Constitutions of the World series. Currently supervising Robbie Noonan's work on declarations of unconstitutionality and Li-Kung Chen's work on the continuity of states, Prof Doyle welcomes applications for supervision from students broadly in the area of constitutional theory. The recipient of a Provost's Teaching Award in 2008, Prof Doyle has lectured constitutional law 1 and jurisprudence to undergraduate students, and comparative constitutional law and theory to postgraduate students. Prof Doyle is a regular contributor to public debates on issues of constitutional law in Ireland. He has published articles in the Irish Times on both the Children's Rights Referendum and the Marriage Equality Referendum. Most recently, he was a constitutional law advisor to the Citizens Assembly considering the pro-life provision in the Irish Constitution.
  Comparative Constitutional Law   Constitutional Law   Jurisprudence
 Measures on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

Details Date
Visiting research fellow at the Institutuum Jurisprudentiae of the Academia Sinica in Taipei. 2015
Member of the editorial board of the Dublin University Law Journal. 2009-present
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Constitutional Studies.
Convenor of the British-Irish Chapter of the International Society of Public Law 2017
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Irish Jurisprudence Society 2007 Present
International Society of Public Law
Law and Society Association 2016 Present
Oran Doyle, The Silent Constitution of Territory, International Journal of Constitutional Law, 16, 2017, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Constitutional Change and Interest Group Politics: Ireland's Children's Rights Amendment in, editor(s)Richard Albert, Xenophon Contiades, Alkmene Fotiadou , The Foundations and Tradition of Constitutional Amendment, Hart Publishing, 2017, [Oran Doyle and David Kenny], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Constraints on Constitutional Amendment Powers in, editor(s)Richard Albert, Xenephon Contiades and Alkmene Fotiadou, , The Foundations and Traditions of Constitutional Amendment, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2017, pp73 - 95, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Oran Doyle, Constitutional Transitions, Abusive Constitutionalism and Conventional Constraint, National Journal of Constitutional Law, 35, 2017, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Oran Doyle, Foreign Law, Constitutional Cases and Theoretical Authority, Global Constitutionalism, 5, 2016, p85 - 108, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Administrative Action, the Rule of Law and Unconstitutional Vagueness in, editor(s)Laura Cahillane, Tom Hickey and James Gallen , Judges, Politics and the Irish Constitution, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2017, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Oran Doyle, Conventional Constitutional Law, Dublin University Law Journal, 38, 2015, p311 - 330, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Oran Doyle, Judicial Scrutiny of Legislative Classification, Irish Jurist, 47, (1), 2012, p175 - 184, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, The Legitimate Authority of the Living Law, Jurisprudence, 3, (1), 2012, p113 - 133, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Interpretation: The Unrealizable Ideal of judicial Constraint in, editor(s)Eoin Carolan , Judicial Power in Ireland, Dublin, Institute of Public Administration, 2017, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS

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Ireland in, editor(s)Detlef Merten and Hans-Jurgen Papier , Handbuch der Grundrechte in Deutschland und Europa, Heidelberg, CF Muller GmbH, 2016, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED
Constitutional Law in, editor(s)Raymond Byrne and William Binchy , Annual Review of Irish Law 2013, Dublin, Round Hall, 2014, pp110 - 207, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Constitutional Law in, editor(s)Raymond Byrne and William Binchy , Annual Review of Irish Law 2012, Dublin, Round Hall Press, 2013, pp117 - 202, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, The Supreme Court, Review of The Supreme Court of Ireland, by Ruadhán Mac Cormaic , Studies: An Irish Quarterly, 2017, Review, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, The Human Personality Doctrine in Constitutional Equality Law, Irish Student Law Review, 9, 2009, p101-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Constitutional Law: Text, Cases and Materials, Dublin, Clarus Press, 2008, Book, PUBLISHED
Constitutional Law in, editor(s)Raymond Byrne, William Binchy , Annual Review of Irish Law 2004, Dublin, Roundhall, 2005, pp163 - 212, [Oran Doyle, Estelle Feldman], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Doyle O., Scannell, Doyle and Clarke, The Habitats Directive in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Environmental Law and Policy, 1999, Book, PUBLISHED
Constitutional Law in, editor(s)Raymond Byrne and William Binchy , Annual Review of Irish Law 2005, Dublin, Thomson Roundhall, 2006, pp179 - 241, [Oran Doyle;Estelle Feldman], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle and Alan Keating, Discriminatory Planning Conditions - the Case for Reform, Law Society of Ireland, 2005, Report, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Elected to Fellowship of the College 2010
Provost's Teaching Award 2008
Brookes Scholar, the Honourable Society of King's Inns 2002
Awarded Gold Medal in LLB Degree 1999
Scholar of Trinity College Dublin 1997
Prof Doyle's primary areas of interest are comparative constitutional law, constitutional theory, jurisprudence and Irish constitutional law. At present, he is completing a monograph, 'The Constitution of Ireland: A Contextual Account' for Hart's series on Constitutions of the World. In his other work, he aims to achieve a better understanding of problems in constitutional theory by locating comparative examples in a broadly legal-positivist framework. In particular, he employs jurisprudential understandings of authority and convention to unpick constitutional phenomena. The International Journal of Constitutional Law has accepted for publication an article that advances a new theoretical explanation for law's connection to territory. Global Constitutionalism have published an article on the use of foreign law in constitutional cases while the Dublin University Law Journal has published an article on conventional constitutional law. He has contributed chapters on different aspects of constitutional change to a forthcoming volume, The Foundations and Traditions of Constitutional Amendment, published by Hart. The National Journal of Constitutional Law (Canada) has recently published an article contrasting how Ireland and Canada have used conventions to mediate constitutional change. He uploads completed and draft papers at and