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Dr. Norah Campbell

Assistant Professor (Business & Administrative Studies)

Dr. Norah Campbell is a lecuturer in critical marketing at the School of Business, Trinity College Dublin
  Consumer behaviour, society   Embodiment   Feminism   History of Technology   Information theory   Material Culture   Posthumanities   Waste Management, Recycling
Campbell, Norah Aidan O'Driscoll and Michael Saren, Reconceptualising Resources: A Critique of Service Dominant Logic, Journal of Macromarketing , 33, (4), 2013, p306 - 321, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
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Campbell, Norah, Regarding Derrida: the tasks of visual deconstruction, Qualitative Research in Organization and Management, 7, (1), 2012, p1 - 23, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Campbell, Norah and O'Driscoll, Aidan, Bodies of Technology: Life as 'informational', 'complex' and 'networked', European Advances in Consumer Research, Royal Holloway, London, 1-3 July 2010, edited by Alan Bradshaw, Pauline Maclaran and Chris Hackley , 2011, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Visual Culture in, editor(s)Dale Southerton , Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture, Thousand Oaks, Sage Publications, 2011, pp1506 - 1510, [Campbell, Norah and Jonathan Schroeder], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Campbell, Norah, Future Sex: Cyborg Bodies and the Politics of Meaning, Advertising and Society Review, 11, (1), 2010, p75-100 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Campbell, Norah, Michael Saren and Aidan O'Driscoll, The Primitive, Technology and Horror: A Posthuman Biology, ephemera: theory and politics in organization, 10, (1), 2010, p152-176 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Campbell, Norah, Aidan O'Driscoll and Michael Saren, The Posthuman: The End and the Beginning of the Human, Journal of Consumer Behaviour , 9, (2), 2010, p86 - 101, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Posthumanism Nanotechnology Critical, historical and philosophical aspects of technology Consumer Research Advertising and Visual Culture