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Professor Mona O'Moore

Fellow Emeritus (Education)

Mona O'Moore graduated from Trinity College, Dublin gaining her M.A in Child and Educational Psychology from the University of Nottingham and her Ph.D from Edinburgh University, and is a Fellow of Trinity College. Professor O'Moore is currently the Head of the Department of Education at Trinity College Dublin. She is also the founder and co-ordinator of the Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Unit. She was the Rapporteur of the first European seminar on school bullying, writing up the Report for the Council of Europe, 1987. She was a member of the Ministerial working party which drew up the National Guidelines in Countering Bullying in Primary and Post Primary Schools in Ireland in 1993. Since then she conducted the first Nationwide Study of School bullying and Workplace bullying in Ireland. She has been a member of five European research partnerships and is currently a member of the European V.I.S.T.A project aiming to provide training on school violence to policy makers and practitioners. She is regularly invited to contribute to seminars and conferences, in Ireland and abroad. She has published widely, in particular in the area of school bullying. She is co-author of the forthcoming handbook : Dealing with Bullying In Schools: A Training Manual for Teachers, Parents and Other Professionals (Paul Chapman Publishing). She is married with three sons.
  Aggression and Violence   Bullying   Educational Values   Health and Safety Education   Parent Involvement   Special Education   Teacher Attitudes
 Cyber-Bullying:Coping with Negative and Enhancing Positive Uses of New Technologies,in Relationships in Educational Settings
 Cyber-Training:Taking action against cyber-bullying
 VISTOP(Violence in Schools training online project)
  VISTA (Violence in Schools Training Action)
 Democratic Schools Without Violence

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Member of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland
Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland
Member of the British Psychological Society
Member of the New York Academy of Sciences
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Mona O'Moore, Understanding Cyberbullying: A Guide for Parents & Teachers , 1st, Dublin , Veritas , 2014, 1 - 188pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Mona O'Moore, Understanding Cyberbullying: A Guide for Parents & Teachers , 1st, Veritas, 2014, 1 - 188pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Mona O'Moore, Understanding Cyberbullying: A Guide For Parents and Teachers , 1st, Dublin , Veritas, 2014, Book, PUBLISHED
Mona O'Moore, Understanding Cyberbullying , 1st, Dublin, Veritas, 2014, Book, PUBLISHED
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Award Date
Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin 1995
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts,Manufactures and Commerce 2007
Expertise in the field of School & Adult Bullying, Aggression and Violence. Child & Educational Psychology