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Dr. Martina Hennessy

Assoc Prof Consultant MedicalEducation (School Office - Medicine)

Assoc Prof Consultant MedicalEducation (Pharmacology & Therapeutics)

  NOURISH :development of an irish-Ugandan HIV/ Nutrition research cluster Irish Aid / HEA
 Doctoral training for Development in Africa
 Establishment of a Dublin HIV Cohort Database
 Role of the nuclear receptors (PXR and CAR) and thymidine kinase polymorphisms on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of antiretroviral therapy in HIV disease
 Proposal to Expand and consolidate the Development Studies Association of Ireland in collaboration with TIDI

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Details Date
Member,Education sub-committee Medical Council representing University 2009- present
Chair,Medication safety committee St James's Hospital 2011-present
Member. Patient Safety committee Tallaght Hospital 2013-present
Member Board of Governance of Clinical Research Facility ST James's Hospital 2013-present
Member European Academic alliance in Global Health 2010- present
Internship oversight committee - representing the Trinity Network of Interns (123) 2011 - present
member of Eurolife International health committee representing university 2008-present
HEA Clinical Skills development advisory group 2008-2009
Irish University Medical School Consortium 2011- present
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Fellow Royal college of Physicians in Ireland 2006 present
Fellow Royal college of Physicians London 2007 present
British Hypertension society initially as a student 2000 present
British Pharmacological Society 1998 present
Eurolife Network of Universities 2008 present
Development Studies Association of Ireland 2012 present
London Clinical Pharmacology group 2004 2010
British HIV Association 2003 2008
Kennedy A, Petrasca A, Doherty DG, Hennessy M, Spiers JP, HIV-1 Tat clade-specific cytokine induction in monocytes/macrophages is not evidenced in total or V"9V"2 T lymphocytes., AIDS (London, England), 28, (1), 2014, p131-3 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Svärd J, Blanco F, Nevin D, Fayne D, Mulcahy F, Hennessy M, Spiers JP, Differential interactions of antiretroviral agents with LXR, ER and GR nuclear receptors: potential contributing factors to adverse events., British journal of pharmacology, 171, (2), 2014, p480-97 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Morris MC, Gillis AE, Smoothey CO, Hennessy M, Conlon KC, Ridgway PF, An Alternative Certification Examination ("ACE") in Surgery., Journal of surgical education, 2014, p779-789 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Woods R, Ramasubbu B, Donohoe C, Hennessy M, Near-peer bedside clinical teaching: example of a successful programme., The clinical teacher, 11, (6), 2014, p472-7 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Laragh Stevens, Maureen Kelly, Martina Hennessy, Jason Last, Fidelma Dunne, Siun O'Flynn , Medical Student Views on Selection Tools for Medicine- A mixed methods study. Accepted by Irish Medical Journal , Irish medical Journal , 2014, p229 - 231, Notes: [accepted ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hennessy , Quinn, Annual Report: Development Studies Association of Ireland , Trinity College Dublin , 2014, Report, PUBLISHED
O' Flynn S, Power Susan, Hennessy M, Mills A, Lapthorne S. , 'Guidance Counsellors perspectives on revised entry and selection mechanisms to medicine and the HPAT', Institute of Guidance Counsellors, 2013, - 7-10, Protocol or guideline, PUBLISHED
M Phillips, M Hennessy, A Patterson, Power and its Applications: a new module in the medical curriculum at Trinity College Dublin, Medical Humanities, 2013, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Morris M, Donohoe G, Hennessy M, O Ciardha C, Pro forma: impact on communication skills?, The clinical teacher, 10, (5), 2013, p318-22 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
HPAT Research group , National research group evaluating revised entry mechanisms to medicine, IUA/ CDFMSI, 2013, 24 pp, Report, PUBLISHED

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Martina Hennessy, Dawn Quinn , TIDI Impact report , Trinity College Dublin , July , 2014, Report, PUBLISHED
Martina Hennessy, Dawn Quinn, TIDI Impact Report , Trinity College Dublin , July , 2013, Report, PUBLISHED
Uduma, Hennessy , A Report on North South Experiences of Doctoral Training for Development in Africa, Trinity College dublin , November , 2012, Report, PUBLISHED
Uduma, Hennessy , Building Research Capacity in Higher Education Institutes through Partnerships with African Universities, Trinity College Dublin , November , 2012, Report, PUBLISHED
Feely J, Hennessy M, Sheehan O, 'Hypertension and Health a Patient Guide. ', Dept of Clinical Pharmacology and therapeutics , 2000, -, Protocol or guideline, PUBLISHED


Award Date
UCL Teaching Award, Royal Free and University College Medical School Academic 2006
Glaxo-Wellcome CPS Oral Communications Prize British Pharmacological Society, 2001. The role of the multi-drug transporter P-glycoprotein in HIV disease 2001
Bristol Myers Squibb Travel Scholarship Award British HIV Association, April 2001 The Clinical Implications of P-glycoprotein Expression and Function in HIV Positive Patients. 2001
Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Registrars prize (2nd) April 2001 The Role of P-glycoprotein Expression and Function in HIV Positive Patients. 2001
Glaxo-Wellcome Oral communications Prize British Pharmacological Society, Jan 2000 The Pharmacokinetics of Nelfinavir Administered Twice Versus Three Times Daily in HIV positive Patients. 2000
The Irish Association of Pharmacologists Oral communications prize, Nov 2000 A Role for P glycoprotein Expression and Function in Drug Interactions with St John's Wort. 2000
Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ireland Oral communications Prize April 2000. The Clinical Implications of Intracellular Protease Inhibitor Concentrations in HIV Patients. 2000
Professors prize in Paediatrics 1994
1st honours Medical Jurisprudence 5th medical year. 1993
Overall honours 2nd and 3rd medical years combined 1992
Distinction in Pharmacology 3rd medical year. 1992