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Professor Michael Lyons

Professor and Head of School (Chemistry)

Head of School (School Office - Chemistry)

Mike Lyons is Professor in Physical Chemistry ,Head of School of Chemistry and a Senior Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. He is a PI in the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN), and in the SFI funded AMBER National Centre, Trinity College Dublin. Born in Cork city he was educated in CBC Cork and is a graduate of University College Cork (1979) where he read Chemistry. and Mathematical Physics. Professor Lyons obtained his Ph.D degree from the same University in 1983 under the supervision of the late Prof. Declan Burke in metal oxide electrochemistry. He worked with the late Prof. John Albery FRS and Prof. Brian Steele at Imperial College London on metal oxide electro-catalysis before being appointed to a lectureship in Physical Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin in 1984. He was elected to Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin, in 1992 on the basis of publication and research. His research interests encompass Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry and nanomaterials , and in a publication output of two books and more than 138 papers, he has made significant contributions to electrode kinetics, metal oxide electro-catalysis, electroactive polymer electrochemistry, mathematical modelling of electrochemical systems, electrochemical biosensors, and carbon nanotube electrochemistry. The following numerical indicators h-index =40, , i10 = 84 (51 since 2013) 4739 cites in total are indicative of high impact research that is internationally recognized. His Trinity Electrochemical Energy Conversion & Electrocatalysis (TEECE) Group, is currently engaged in developing novel nanomaterials for use as catalysts in water electrolysis and fuel cell devices for use in energy conversion and storage device applications. The group is also developing non enzymatic electrochemical biosensors based on metal oxide modified electrodes for bio-diagnostic applications and for pH sensing and in developing anode materials for metal electro-winning for the mining industry. He currently leads TCD activity in the field of Raw Materials within the EIT Raw Materials KIC a multinational EU funded initiative involving industry, research institutes and academia. In this capacity he currently coordinates a major industry focused up scaling project and is Academic Director of the NEAT Materials PhD Programme. Mike has lectured extensively in UK, Europe, US, Latin America, Pakistan, India, Australia and New Zealand. He has received significant research funding both from National sources (SFI, EI), the EU and Multinational Industry (DuPont, National Power). In his spare time Mike follows Irish & Munster Rugby (although he will on occasion cheer on Leinster) and Cork Hurling. He enjoys classical music and escapist movies, and is an avid reader of history and popular science books.
  Biosensors   Electroactive polymer electrochemistry   Electrochemical biosensors   Electrochemical energy conversion   Electrochemical kinetics   Mathematical Modelling   Mathematical modelling electrochemical systems   Nanochemistry   Nanotechnology   Nanotubes
 Redox & catalytic properties of hydrated metal oxide electrodes for use in energy conversion & storage devices

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Member American Chemical Society 2003 2005
Daniel K. Kehoe, Sarah A.McCarthy, Luis Romeral, Michael E.G. Lyons, Yurii K. Gun'ko, Pt and RhPt dendritic nanowires and their potential application as anodic catalysts for fuel cells., RSC Advances, 9, 2019, p31169 - 31176, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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D. McAteer, IJ Godwin, Z. Ling, A. Harvey, L. He, CS Boland, VV Mayoral, B. Szydlowska, AA Rovetta, C. Backes, MEG Lyons, JN Coleman, Liquid exfoliated Co(OH)2 nanosheets as low cost high performance catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction, Advanced energy materials, 1702965, 2018, p11 pages , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Michael EG Lyons, The fundamental things apply as time goes by: some snapshots in fundamental electrochemistry, Current opinion in electrochemistry, 7, 2018, pA5 - A8, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
A structural and spectroscopic study of the first uranyl selenocyanate in, editor(s)S. Mansell, S. Liddle , Inorganics: Rare Earth and Actinide Complexes, Basel Switzerland, MDPI, 2017, pp227 - 234, [S. Nuzzo, M.P. Browne, B. Twamley, M.E.G. Lyons, R.J. Baker], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
MEG Lyons, Electrochemical water splitting at earth abundant nanostructured transition metal oxides, Institute Special Seminar, Leoben Austria, 7 June , 2017, Montanuniversitat Leoben , Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
MEG Lyons, Electrochemical water splitting at earth abundant transition metal oxides., ACES Electromaterials Science Symposium, Wollongong NSW Australia, 6-8 June, 2017, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
M.P. Browne, J.M. Vasconcelos, M. O'Brien, A.A. Rovetta, E.K. McCarthy, G.S. Duesberg, P.E. Colavita, M.E.G. Lyons, Improving the performance of porous nickel foam for water oxidation using hydrothermally prepared metal oxides., Sustainable Energy & Fuels, (1), 2017, p207 - 216, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Ganapathi Emandi, Michelle P Browne, Michael E.G. Lyons, Caroline Prior, Mathias O Senge, Triptycene scaffolds: Synthesis and properties of triptycene-derived Schiff base compounds for the selective and sensitive detection of CN- and Cu2+, Tetrahedron, 73, 2017, p2956 - 2965, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
L. Suoyan, M.P. Browne, C. Dominguez, S. Stamatin, H. Nolan, G. Duesberg, M.E.G. Lyons, E. Fonda, P.E. Colavita, Template-free and surfactant free solvothermal synthesis of mesoporous manganese oxide with enhanced activity in the oxygen evolution reaction, Sustainable energy and Fuels, 1, 2017, p780 - 788, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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MEG Lyons, Everything is customisable now: Science in a globalised society, TCD Politics Society, Trinity College Dublin, 15 February, 2018, Notes: [Position Paper], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


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Senior Fellow Trinity College Dublin 2018
Research interests lie in the areas of Physical, Materials, nano- and bio-electrochemistry and in Raw Materials. Current activity is focused on the investigation of the redox, charge storage and electrocatalytic properties of nanostructured metal oxyhydroxide thin films for use as electrodes in water electrolysis cells and electrochemical fuel cells. The development of metal oxide and polymeric electrode materials for use as amperometric chemical and biological sensors in tandem with the mathematical modelling of reaction and diffusion of analytes at sensor electrode surfaces is an ongoing research activity.