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Professor Mark Dyer

Michael McNamara Chair (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

Professor Mark Dyer was appointed to the Michael McNamara Chair in Construction Innovation at Trinity College Dublin in 2008, where he leads TrinityHaus a research centre for innovation in Construction. Energy and Design comprising the McNamara Centre for Construction Innovation, GREENprint and Design Dublin. Before moving to Ireland, Mark pursued a career in both academia and the construction industry. He was the Professor in Civil Engineering at Strathclyde University between 2004 and 2008 as well as being chairman of the David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability. Prior to Strathclyde he worked for over twenty years on the design and construction of infrastructure projects including highways, power stations, offshore oil platforms, flood defences, tailing dams, landfills in Europe, Africa and Asia. In 1997 he received a Foresight Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering which lead to his appointment at Durham University for 4 years and more recently in 2008 a Japanese Society for Promotion of Science Research Fellowship. He has been appointed as a consultant for several organisations including UK Environment Agency, HR Wallingford and Studio Geotecncio Italiano and is a visiting professor at the University of Sienna, Italy and University of Karsetsat, Bangkok.
Details Date From Date To
Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1992
Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council UK 1992
Derek Sinnott, Mark Dyer, Air-tightness field data for dwellings in Ireland, Building and Environment, 51, 2012, p269-275 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
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Dyer MR, Utili S, and Zielinski M, Field study into fine desiccation fissuring at Thorngumbald, ICE Proc Water Management, 2008, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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Keenan HE, Sakultantimetha A, Bangkedphol S, Songsasen A and Dyer MR, The Ecological Complexity of the Thai:Laos Mekong River: Part 2, Metals and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Monitoring, Modelling and Environmental Fate., Journal of Ecological Complexity., 2007, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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Dyer MR , Performance of flood embankments in England and Wales, ICE Proc Water Management, , (157), 2004, p177 - 186., Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Fellow of Trinity College Dublin 2009
Engineering Foresight Award, Royal Academy of Engineering 1997
Japanese Society for Promotion of Science Research Fellowship 2008