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Professor Moray Mc Gowan

Fellow Emeritus (German)

Senior Dean (Senior Dean)

I studied German, English, Philosophy and Politics at Newcastle-upon-Tyne (BA 1971, MA in German 1973), and took a Dr. phil. in Literaturwissenschaft at Hamburg in 1987. After teaching at the German Universities of Siegen and Kassel in the 1970s, I was a Lecturer in German Studies at three UK Universities, Lancaster, Hull and Strathclyde, between 1978 and 1989, when I became Professor of German and Head of the Department of Germanic Studies at the University of Sheffield (UK). In 2000 I was appointed to the Chair of German at Trinity College Dublin, and was elected a Fellow in 2003. I teach modern German literature and culture, particularly drama, German social and cultural history, contemporary studies and language. My main research interests are in the modern and contemporary periods, and I am currently working principally in three areas: German theatre and drama in and since the 'Wende' of 1989-90, ideas of 'Europa' in modern German thought, and Turkish-German writing.
  Cultures of migration   East Germany   German Democratic Republic   German History since 1870   German ideas of Europe   German Language/Literature   German Theatre and Drama   German unification   Germany: Modern Cultural and Social History   Ideas of Europe   Migration and Literature   Modern and contemporary German drama and theatre   Post war German literature   Turkish-German Culture   Turkish-German writing
Details Date
From period prior to appointment to TCD in 2000, examples only.
External Reviewer for BA (International) in European Studies at NUI Maynooth, 2002 2002
German Panel for UFC Research Assessment Exercise, UK 1992
British Academy Postgraduate Studentships Selection Committee 1993-96
Government of Ireland Postgraduate Research Scholarships Assessor 2001
External Evaluator, British Academy Research Professorships, AHRC and Leverhulme Research Grant and Leave schemes, UK frequently since 1999
German Academic Exchange Service Lektor Selection Panel, Bonn, Germany 1991, 1996, 2003
Debatte: Review of Contemporary German Affairs, Editorial Board 1997-
Editorial Adviser, Fitzroy-Dearborn Encyclopaedia of German Literature 2000
Peer refereeing of manuscripts and book proposals for Berg, CUP, Camden House, German Quarterly, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Longmans, MUP, Modern Language Review, OUP, Seminar. 1996-
Assessments of German-English poetry and prose translations for Irish Literature Exchange since 2002
External adviser for appointments, promotions and professorships at Universities of Aberdeen, Aston, Bath, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Lancaster, Newcastle, Nottingham, Strathclyde, Sunderland, Swansea and Warwick, NUI Maynooth and NUI Galway. 1990-
The Collinson Lecture, University of Liverpool 15 March 2005
External Reviewer, Quality Review, Faculty of Arts, University of Warwick 2012
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German Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Marieluise-Fleißer-Gesellschaft (Germany) 1987
German Studies Association (USA) 1994
International Brecht Society 1990
Association of Third Level German Teachers in Ireland 2001
Conference of University Teachers of German in Great Britain and Ireland 1978-
Reisende auf einem Bein in, editor(s)Norbert Otto Eke , Herta Müller, Stuttgart, Metzler, 2017, pp25 - 30, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
"Kikeriki! kikeriki!" Ein ost-west-östlicher Blick auf das deutsche Teilungspathos bei Emine Sevgi Özdamar in, editor(s)Margrid Bircken/Andreas Degen , Reizland DDR. Deutungen und Selbstdeutungen literarischer West-Ost-Migration, Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2015, pp327 - 342, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
'Stadt und Schädel', 'Reisende' and 'Verlorene': City, Self and Survival in Herta Müller's Reisende auf einem Bein in, editor(s)Brigid Haines & Lyn Marven , Herta Müller, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013, pp64 - 83, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Zafer Senocak's Gefährliche Verwandtschaft in, editor(s)Stuart Taberner , The Novel in German since 1990, Cambridge, CUP, 2011, pp79 - 93, [Moray McGowan], Notes: [Reissued in paperback 2014: 978-1-107-44930-5], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Fatzer's Footprints: Brecht's Fatzer and the GDR theatre in, editor(s)Laura Bradley and Karen Leeder , Brecht and the GDR. Politcs, Culture, Posterity, Rochester, NY, Camden House, 2011, pp201 - 222, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Prodigal Parturition? Walter Bauer's Poem 'Ich bin dein Sohn, Europa' in, editor(s)Brigid Haines, Stephen Parker, Colin Riordan , Aesthetics and Politics in Modern German Culture, Oxford et al., Peter Lang, 2010, pp53 - 64, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Milch - Migration - Mythos. Beat Sterchis Roman Blösch (1983) in, editor(s)Jürgen Barkhoff, Valerie Heffernan , Schweiz schreiben. Zu Konstruktion und Dekonstruktion des Mythos Schweiz in der Gegenwartsliteratur, Berlin, De Gruyter, 2010, pp269 - 280, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
The Tash her Father Wore: World Literature, Joyce, Kafka and the Invisible in Kemal Kurt's Ja, sagt Molly in, editor(s)Barbara Burns and Joy Charnley , Crossing Frontiers. Cultural Exchange and Conflict, Amsterdam & New York, Rodopi, 2010, pp42 - 53, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
'What was the Wende and what of the Volk? Fidelio 's question and The Weavers' answer' in, editor(s)Varney, Denise , Theatre in the Berlin Republic, Oxford, Berne, Brussels, Frankfurt/Main, New York, Vienna, Peter Lang, 2008, pp115 - 139, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Günter Kunert: 'Das Bild der Schlacht am Isonzo' in, editor(s)Jeff Morrison, Florian Krobb , Prose Pieces, Konstanz, Hartung-Gorre Verlag, 2008, pp191 - 198, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED

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"Sie gucken beide an Milch Topf": Goethe's Bürgergeneral in double refraction' in, editor(s)Stuhlmann, Andreas & Studer, Patrick , Language - Text - Bildung/Sprache - Text - Bildung, Frankfurt/Main et. al., Peter Lang, 2005, pp79 - 88, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Moray McGowan, Between Bull and Beck: Some German Ideas of "Europa", The Collinson Lecture, University of Liverpool, 15 March, 2005, University of Liverpool, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
'Once in Europa and the "People without History"' in, editor(s)Hermann Rasche & Christiane Schönefeld , Denkbilder. Festschrift für Eoin Bourke, Würzburg, Königshausen & Neumann , 2004, pp231 - 238, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
'Introduction', in Gillian Pye in, Approaches to Comedy in German Drama, Lewiston/Queenston/Lampeter, Mellen Press , 2002, ppii - iv, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Moray McGowan, 'German Theatre in the Late 1990s', new books in german, (spring), 2001, p20 - 21, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
'Jeux sans Frontières? Zur innerdeutschen Grenze auf der Bühne' in, editor(s)Dirk Juergens , Mutual Exchanges. Sheffield-Münster Colloquium II, Frankfurt, Lang , 2000, pp9 - 23, [Moray McGowan], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Moray McGowan, 'Welttheater - über dem Pub. Londons anregendes Gate-Theatre, ein Nachspiel von Elfriede Jelineks Raststätte und Klaus Chattens Prunksitzung, alias Sugar Dollies', Theater heute , 37, (6), 1996, p23 - 24, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Moray McGowan, 'Germany - very British?' , Review of Klaus Pohl: 'Wartesaal Deutschland', Theater heute , 37, (1), 1996, p53 , Review, PUBLISHED
Moray McGowan, 'The German Connection' [Tankred Dorst: Merlin in context], Theatre Scotland , 1, (1), 1992, p38 - 42, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Moray McGowan, 'Spitzel sind international' , Review of Klaus Pohl: 'Karate Billi kehrt zurück', Howard Brenton: 'Berlin Bertie', Theater heute , 33 , (6), 1992, p31-32 , Review, PUBLISHED


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Modern and contemporary German literature, culture and social history. Cultures of migration. Currently working principally in three areas: German theatre and drama in and since the 'Wende' of 1989-90, ideas of 'Europa' in modern German thought, and Turkish-German writing.