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As a Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Health I carry out research and manage project EquitAble under the leadership of Prof. Mac MacLachlan. EqutiAble is FP7 funded project addressing equitable and universal access to health care for vulnerable populations in Namibia, Sudan, Malawi, and South Africa. Previously I held the Marie Curie Fellowship (2007-09) at the National Institute for Intellectual Disability, Trinity College Dublin. During this fellowship I worked towards creating both an Irish national and international network of inclusive researchers that comprises people with learning disabilities and family members. Also, I collaborated with researchers who are learning disabled and family members to develop and implement a national study documenting their life. Previously, I held a research fellowship at the Centre for Disease Control's National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS), Washington DC, USA (August 2005- April 2006) and the office of Senior Research Officer, National Disability Authority Ireland, Dublin (May 2006- January 2007). During the fellowship at NCHS I assisted in preparation of country specific research proposals in the development of census questions on disability. This work pertained to the United Nations Washington City Group on Disability Statistics and this international project provided me valuable experience in scientific collaboration with National Statistics Offices from the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. In Ireland, I outlined and managed the Research Promotion Scheme (RPS). Doctoral Studies: I obtained my doctorate from the University of Kansas (2005) in Disability Policy and Family Studies. This doctoral programme at the University of Kansas is the top ranked doctoral programme in the United States of America in the area of disability policy. During my doctoral studies my principal scientific activities were related to examining the relationship between family quality of life and parent-professional partnership in early childhood education and development programmes. During my doctoral studies I was an intern at the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva. Based on my performance during my internship I was offered the opportunity to work for the Disability and Rehabilitation team on two short-term assignments each lasting five months. In the capacity of Technical Officer I assisted in preparation of WHO's position statement on the draft proposal of the United Nations Comprehensive and Integral International Convention Protecting and Promoting the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities. Also, I prepared policy documents for the World Health Assembly and Executive Board Meeting 2004. Graduate and Post-Graduate Studies: I obtained my bachelor's degree in Statistics from the University of Madras, India in the year 1992. My knowledge in early childhood development and education stems from my Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education gained in 1995 on a scholarship offered by the state government of Tamilnadu, India. Over a period of a year and a half I served as a Senior Coordinator of Services with The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu, and Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind, Karnataka, India. In 1997, I obtained my masters degree in Community Disability Studies from the Centre for International Child Health (CICH), University College London. My studies at CICH were made possible by the British Chevning Scholarships established by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom. In between obtaining my masters and starting my doctoral studies in the year 2000 I gained valuable experience in early childhood education and development teaching in special schools in the United Kingdom (May 1998- August 2000).
  Child centred research questions, study design, data analysis   Child Psychology/Development   Children, health and disability   Children/Youth   Community Studies   Community/Outreach Programs   Educational disadvantage in children   Equal Opportunity   Family Services   Health attitudes and behaviour   Health outcomes   Health status and inequalities   Minorities and Disadvantaged   Promotion of child centred research   Public health   Public Planning/Policy   Rehabilitation/Therapy, Emotional/Social   Social Services Delivery   Social/Behavioral Science Planning/Policy   Surveys & Survey Research
 Doing Disability Research
 Core Concepts of Disability Policy and Early Childhood Family Policy

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Urdu Basic Basic Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Member Disability and Economics Circle, People's Health Movement. 2004 Present
Phi Beta Delta, Honourable Society of International Scholars 2002 Present
Member Interanational Committee American Association on Mental Retardation 2003 2004
European Academy of Childhood Disability 2006 Present
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Amin, M., MacLachlan, M., Mannan, H., El Tayeb, S., El Khatim, A., Swartz, L, Munthalim A., van Rooy, G., McVeigh, J., Eide, A., Schneider, M. , A framework for analysis of the inclusion of human rights and vulnerable groups in health policies, Health & Human Rights , 13, (2), 2011, p1 - 20, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
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MacLachlan M, Mannan H, McAuliffe E. , Access to health care of persons with disabilities as an indicator of equity in health systems, Open Medicine, 5, (1), 2011, p10 - 12, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL

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Council for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE), Dublin, Ireland. (ed.), Mannan H., Summers J. A., Turnbull A. P., & Poston, D. Early Childhood Services for Children with Disabilities and their Families: Can international experiences guide early childhood services in Ireland?, Dublin, 8-10, February 2007, CECDE, 2007, Notes: [Early Childhood Services for Children with Disabilities and their Families: Can international experiences guide early childhood services in Ireland? Hasheem Mannan, Jean Ann Summers, Ann P. Turnbull, and Denise J. Poston], Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Grace M. Phinney Scholarship, University of Kansas 2001-2004
Phi Beta Delta International Student Award for Excellence in International Education, University of Kansas 2002-2003
International Student Scholarship, University of Kansas 2001-2002
British Chevening Scholarship, British Council 1997
The description of research interests are as follows: (a)Early Childhood Development and Education with an emphasis on early intervention services for children with disabilities and their families. (b)Disability statistics and measurement development to enhance service provision and policy development (c) Health promotion and inclusive health reserach (d) International development and disability with a focus on universal health care