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Dr. Andrew Loxley

Associate Professor (Education)

  Adult & Continuing Education   Continuing Professional Development   Educational Administration and Policy   Higher Education   Image based methodologies & semiotics   Politics of Education   Politics of the welfare state   Social Theory   Sociology Education
 Super Prof-Doc
 Where Next? Mapping and Understanding the Post First Degree Destinations of Mature Disadvantaged Students
 Evaluation study of the DES 1999-2003 Primary Curriculum Support Programme
 Feasibility study into the establishment of a second level school

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Board Member of the International Visual Sociology Association 2005-2008
Board Member of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland 2011
Editorial Board Member - Sociological Research Online 2012
Referee and manuscript reviewer for Sage Publications, Reviewer for International Journal or Educational Research and Method, Reviewer for Studies in Higher Education, Reviewer for International Journal of Inclusive Education, Reviewer for Education Studies, Reviewer for Politics, Reviewer for Sociological Research Online, Reviewer for Sociology, Referee for UK Economic and Social Research Council
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
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British Sociological Association
International Visual Sociology Association
Sociological Association of Ireland
Educational Studies Association of Ireland
InVisio - International Network for Visual Studies in Organization
Thomas, G. and Loxley, A., Deconstructing Special Education and Constructing Inclusion: Third Edition, 3, UK, Open University Press, 2021, Book, ACCEPTED
Irish Travellers and Higher Education in, editor(s)Harrison, N and Atherton, G. , Marginalised Communities in Higher Education: International Perspectives, UK, Routledge, 2021, [ Loxley, A. and Finnegan, F.], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Hunt, N and Loxley, A, Student perspectives on integration in part-time, flexible Higher Education in Ireland: 'We don't socialise here, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 2020, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Melanie Ní Dhuinn, Mark Prendergast, Andrew Loxley, "Minster, Can you Spare a Euro? The Financial and Emotional Costs of becoming a Teacher", American Educational Research Association (AERA) Leveraging Education Research in a Post-Truth era: Multi-modal narratives to democratise evidence, Toronto, 5-9 April, 2019, Conference Paper, PRESENTED  TARA - Full Text  URL  URL
Loxley, A, and Kearns, M., Finding a Purpose for the Doctorate? A View from the Supervisors, Studies in Higher Education, 43, (5), 2018, p826 - 840, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Zubrzycki, Tanya, Restructuring of the Irish Institutes of Technology Sector - New Knowledge or Mission Drift?, Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Review 2018, XVII, 2018, p148 - 166, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Melanie Ni Dhuinn, Mark Prendergast and Andrew Loxley, "We're not in the money- Part Two, The Bigger Picture" Continuing to count the costs of being a PME student, Educational Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, University College Dublin, 5th - 7th April, 2018, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED  URL
Fleming, T., Loxley, A. and Finnegan, F., Access and Participation in Irish Higher Education, London, Palgrave MacMillan, 2017, 1 - 326pp, Book, PUBLISHED  DOI
Melanie Ní Dhuinn, Mark Prendergast, Andrew Loxley, "Making ends meet", the real costs of becoming a teacher in Ireland, Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) Annual Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia., 23rd - 25th October, 2017, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Melanie Ni Dhuinn, Mark Prendergast and Andrew Loxley, "We're not in the money" Counting the costs of being a PME student, Educational Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, University College Cork, 20th - 22nd April, 2017, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED

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Kearns, M. and Loxley, A., Exploring Mature Students' Intentions (Motivations) towards ITE, Diversity in Teaching (DiT) Research Symposium , NUI Galway, 14th November, 2019, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Clarke, M., Kenny, A. and Loxley, A., Creating a Supportive Working Environment for Academics in Higher Education: Country Report Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, Teachers Union of Ireland & Irish Federation of University Teachers, May, 2015, 138, Report, PUBLISHED
Loxley, A. and Lyons, D., Evaluation of Fáilte Isteach Project, Dublin, School of Education, April , 2013, 123, Report, PUBLISHED
Loxley, A., Photo Fun? Some issues around the use of images in reflexive photo-participation, Exploring the Visual: Theoretical, Methodological and Practical Perspectives, NUI Maynooth Sociology Department, 25th to 27th January, 2010, NUI Maynooth Sociology Department, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Prosser, J. and Loxley, A. , introducing Visual Methodology, UK, Economic and Social Reseach Council, 2008, Book, PUBLISHED
Seery, A. Loxley, A and Limond, D. , Feasibility Study for the Opening of a Second-Level School by Educate Together , Dublin, School of Education, 2008, Report, PUBLISHED
Loxley, A, Cahill, K. and O'Keeffe, S. , Is Alcohol a Factor in Unsafe Sex Among Women Seeking Emergency Contraception? A Two-part Study, Dublin, Crisis Pregnancy Agency, 2005, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Times Educational Supplement/NASEN Book of the Year Award: academic book category, highly commended for Thomas, G and Loxley, A. (2001) Deconstructing Special Education and Constructing Inclusion, Open University Press: Buckingham. 2003
2008 Times Educational Supplement/NASEN Book of the Year Award: academic book category, highly commended for Thomas, G and Loxley, A. (2007 Second Edition) Deconstructing Special Education and Constructing Inclusion, Open University Press: Buckingham. 2008
I believe that I have succeeded in my research career to date, in constructing a coherent and innovative focus interlinking three distinct strands of educational research: . Social and educational inclusion . The role and function of higher education . Methodological development and critique The relative weight and significance of these has changed over the years, though without losing their interconnection. The first 'social inclusion' is fundamental and has been a constant theme since my Ph.D., through my previous role as a full-time researcher during the 1990s and into the latest work I am doing in TCD. Although the focus has changed from compulsory education settings to adult participation in formal and informal education environments, it has functioned as a conceptual and empirical anchor. This is reflected in the work with Gary Thomas, and, in particular, our 2007 text which was shortlisted for the National Association of Special Educational Needs and Times Educational Supplement book of the year in 2008; a third edition is to be published in 2021. The second strand has since 2007 assumed a more significant position relative to the others and has involved taking the inclusion motif into the area of adult learning and adults as learners within the context of higher education. I have developed this work (which is on-going), into the experiences in an elite institution from the perspective of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Both sets of work have generated peer reviewed articles and presentations at high status conferences. I have also attracted a steady 'flow' of doctoral students who are now researching in this area. Other recent projects include: 1) a study of academic practice and the lives of academics and 2), a study of European and national HE policy. More recently my work has also included looking at doctoral education through my involvement in a four-county Erasmus + project. This has led to two main outcomes 1) a planned book on doctoral pedagogy, and 2) the early stages of a study looking at the impact of doctoral graduates in the workplace. Linked to my work in HE is the establishment of the Cultures, Academic Values in Education (CAVE) research centre which came out of the School of Education's 2009 Research Strategy (in which I was involved in writing), four research groups were established in 2010, of which Cultures, Academic Values in Education (CAVE) was one. The core of the Centre's research plan has been the theme of exploring across different dimensions, the role and purpose of higher education in contemporary Irish and European society. The setting up of the group was a significant shift in the research culture of the School as it provided a space to come together to work on collaborative projects, as well as function as a supportive environment for our own individual projects. CAVE attained university research centre status in 2013 of the CAVE to a College research centre was a major achievement. Our focus on higher education as a theme has proved to be a timely one and is a debate in which we have actively engaged via a growing output of books, journal publications, seminars and conferences. We have also established collaborative links with a number of institutions via the appointment of adjunct professors to the centre. We also have a thriving postgraduate community of 18 doctoral students and regular post-doctoral visitors. Additionally, within the context of Erasmus + CAVE has since 2015 been a partner in three substantial projects: 'Tuning India' (total funding of €950,864).'Developing All Round Learning within informal settings'(€180,00) and 'Doctoral supervision of multi-disciplinary practice based doctorates: an appreciative inquiry into best practice in their design, development and delivery'(€180,00), in January 2019 we were part of €1.2 million H2020 bid.