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Ms. Louise Mc Donnell

Assistant Professor (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

  Chronic Illness   Clinical nursing competence   Infection Control   Preceptorship   Renal Nursing
 An exploratory study on the perceptions' of qualified nurses in evaluating students'clinical practice

Details Date
Member of PostGraduate Management Committee - T.C.D. Member of Clinical competency group - T.C.D. Link Lecturer / Verifier for undergraduate students'clinical placements in various hospitals -T.C.D. 2005- present
Member of interviewing panel for undergraduate nursing students for the Adelaide Hospital Society, AMNCH 2003- present
Member of TCD School of Nursing & Midwifery International Research Conference Committee/ Prize Panel Committee/General Discipline Representative 2006 - present
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Medium
Spanish Basic Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Member of An Bord Altranais. Member of Infection Control Association. (U.K.) Member of The Adelaide Hospital Society. Member of the European Dialysis and Transplant Assocociation. 1991 present
McDonnell, L., Competency Based Nursing Education: Guide to Achieving Outstanding Learner Outcomes, 2011, - e4, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
McDonnell, L., Knowledge and Learning within the Preceptorship role, 16th Qualitative Health Research Conference, Vancouver, Canada., 5th October, 2010, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
McDonnell, L., A phenomenological study exploring clinical competence, Transforming Research and Nurse Health Education 5th -7th November., School of Nursing & Midwifery,Trinity College Dublin. , 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
McDonnell, L., Being a preceptor - confidence in ability, Nurse Education Tomorrow 1st-4th September , University of Cambridge, United Kingdom., 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
McDonnell, L., The lived experience of the preceptor in evaluating student nurses clinical practice., Royal College of Surgeons Ireland 27th International Nursing and Midwifery Research Conference 27th February, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, Royal College Surgeons Ireland., 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
McDonnell, L., The competing demands of being a preceptor in the clinical environment., 8th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference,Transforming Healthcare through Research, Education and Technology 7th-9th November. , School of Nursing & Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin., 2007, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED


Award Date
The Eileen Mansfied Research Scholarship Award. (Ireland) The Brendan Moore Trust Award Infection Control Society, United Kingdom. 2005
My research interests' incorporate the promotion and enhancement of professional holistic nursing practice for patient centered care. While this is non-exhaustive I have a particular focus on preceptorship and clinical nursing competence in relation to nursing students' theoretical and practice learning. Additionally, the area of Infection Control - particularly hand hygiene - has been one of personal and professional long-term interest. I have twelve years specialist clinical practice in renal nursing where patients' were immunocompromised due to the chronic condition of renal failure. Handwashing was considered to be a fundamental aspect of our clinical nursing practice from a professional caring and ethical viewpoint.