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Dr. Fiona Lithander

Adjunct Assistant Professor (Nutrition) (School Office - Medicine)


  Cardiovascular regulation and hypertension   Clinical nutrition/malnutrition   Clinical research, trials   Coronary artery ischaemia   Cytokines, Nitric Oxide   Diabetes and diabetic complications   Digestion, absorption and nutrient transport   Endocrine function and disease   Exercise physiology   Lipid metabolism   Liver diseases and transplantation   Metabolism and metabolic diseases   Nutrient metabolism, obesity and clinical nutrition   Nutrition   Obesity   Pathophysiology   Physiological disorders   Physiology
 Novel anti-inflammatory nutritional intervention to improve the metabolic phenotype in overweight and obese 15-18 year old children - insights into potential genetic susceptibility
 The effect of the peripheral circulation and endothelial function on exercise tolerance in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus
 The acute effects of dietary monounsaturated fat on arterial stiffness
 Cellular mechanisms of insulin resistance and exercise resistance in early onset type 2 diabetes mellitus

Details Date
European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) Advanced, 2012 Alumnus April 2012
Invited to provide independent expert advice to the Joint Oireachtas (Parliament) Committee on Health and Children October 2011
Member of the Prostate Cancer Patho-epidemiology Consortium with colleagues from the Harvard School of Public Health, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Orebro University, University of Iceland, University College Dublin Current
Member of Irish-Ugandan Research Cluster with colleagues from Trinity College Dublin, Makerere University and Gulu University Current
Elected as Membership Secretary, Nutrition Society Irish Section 2010-2012
Research Ethics Committee Member, Faculty of Health Sciences, Trinity College Dublin current
Invited reviewer for international journals including European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Research Reviews, Diabetologia, Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Journal of the Irish Dental Association current
Registered Nutritionist (RNutr), Nutrition Society current
Invited grant reviewer for Diabetes UK; Health Research Council, New Zealand (equivalent of HRB, Ireland) 2005-current
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Nutrition Society, UK & Ireland 1995 present
Association for the Study of Obesity, UK & Ireland 1997 present
Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity (ASSO) 2001-2007 and ANZOS 2012-current current
European Society of Hypertension 2008 present
The Obesity Society [North American Society for Study of Obesity (NASSO)] 2008 present
Kennedy, A., Spiers, J. P., Crowley, V., Williams, E., Lithander, F. E., Postprandial adiponectin and gelatinase response to a high-fat versus an isoenergetic low-fat meal in lean, healthy men, Nutrition, 31, (6), 2015, p863 - 870, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
O Donovan C, Lithander FE, Raftery T, Gormley J, Mahmud A, Hussey J, Inverse relationship between physical activity and arterial stiffness in adults with hypertension, Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 2014, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Doyle SL, Bennett AM, Donohoe CL, Mongan AM, Howard JM, Lithander FE, Pidgeon GP, Reynolds JV, Lysaght J, Establishing computed tomography-defined visceral fat area thresholds for use in obesity-related cancer research., Nutrition research (New York, N.Y.), 33, (3), 2013, p171-9 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Lithander FE; Meal size and frequency; Effect on absorption and metabolism (2012) in, editor(s)Caballero B, Allen L and Prentice AM , Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, UK, Elsevier Ltd (In press), 2012, [FE Lithander], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
SL Doyle, C Donohoe, S Finn, J Howard, FE Lithander, JV Reynolds, G Pidgeon, J Lysaght , IGF-1 and its Receptor in Esophageal Cancer: Association with Adenocarcinoma and Visceral Obesity, American Journal of Gastroenterology, 107, 2012, p196 - 204, Notes: [], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Lithander FE, Keogh AM, Killeen L, Overweight and obesity among older adults upon admission to hospital, Irish Medical Journal, 104, (3), 2011, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
CM Strik, FE Lithander, A-T McGill, AKH MacGibbon, BH McArdle, SD Poppitt, No evidence of differential effects of SFA, MUFA or PUFA on post-ingestive satiety and energy intake: a randomised trial of fatty acid saturation, Nutrition, 9, (24), 2010, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
O Donovan C, Redmond J, Raftery T, Sharma J, Hussey J, Gormley J, Mahmud A, Lithander FE, Relationship between objectively measured physical activity and arterial stiffness in hypertensive patients, European Society for Hypertension Annual Scientific Meeting, Oslo, Norway, June 2010, 2010, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Poppitt SD, Howe CA, Lithander FE, Silvers KM, Lin RB, Croft J, Ratnasabapathy Y, Gibson RA, Anderson CS, Effects of Moderate-Dose Omega-3 Fish Oil on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Mood After Ischemic Stroke. A Randomized, Controlled Trial., Stroke, 40, 2009, p3485-3492-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL  URL
Lithander FE, Strik CM, McGill A-T, MacGibbon AKH, McArdle BH, Poppitt SD, No effect of an oleoylethanolamide-related phospholipid on satiety and energy intake: a randomised controlled trial of phosphatidylethanolamine, Lipids in Health & Disease, 7, (41), 2008, p1-9 , Notes: [PMID: 18957134 ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI

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Herlihy LK & Lithander FE, Breakfast - the most important meal of the day? Trinity News, 2010, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
T Raftery, C ODonovan, J Gormley, J Hussey, A Mahmud, J Feely, FE Lithander, Dietary fat intake and physical activity in a cohort of adults attending a hypertension clinic, Journal of Hypertension, June 2009, 27, (Suppl 4), Poster P42, 2009, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
CM Strik, FE Lithander, A-T McGill, BH McArdle, AKH MacGibbon, SD Poppitt, NO DIFFERENTIAL EFFECTS OF LIPID SATURATION ON SATIETY AND ENERGY INTAKE: A RANDMISED TRIAL OF SFA, MUFA AND PUFA, 2009 Australia New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting, Melbourne, Australia, October 2009, 2009, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Lithander FE, Dairy foods and blood pressure management, Dairy Nutrition Forum, The National Dairy Council (Ireland), 2009, - 5, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
A. M. Keogh, L. Killeen and F. E. Lithander, The nutritional status of older adults on admission to hospital, 2009, - E253, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
AT McGill, JM Stewart FE Lithander & SD Poppitt, Vitamin E in the Metabolic Syndrome, Proceedings of the Australia New Zealand Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, 2008, Brisbane, 2008, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
McGill AM, Stewart JM, Lithander FE, Poppitt SD, Adiponectin oligomers, gender and beta-carotene in the metabolic syndrome, The Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Phoenix Arizona, October, 2008, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
C O'Donovan, M McGowan, J Hussey, FE Lithander, J Gormley, BETWEEN SUBJECT AND WITHIN SUBJECT VARIABILITY IN ENERGY EXPENDITURE (EE), School of Medicine Postgraduate Research Day, Trinity College Dublin, 11 December, 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
DETERMINATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BODY COMPOSITION AND ENERGY EXPENDITURE AT THREE EXERCISE INTENSITIES, C O'Donovan, M McGowan, J Hussey, FE Lithander, J Gormley, School of Medicine Postgraduate Research Day, Trinity College Dublin, 11 December, 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Anderson CS, Howe CA, Lithander FE, Silvers KM, Lin R, Poppitt SD, The Fish Oils in Ischemic Stroke (FOILS) study: a randomised controlled trial , Proceedings of AHA Conference, Abstract, 2007, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Nominated for Provost Teaching Award, Trinity College Dublin November 2011
Winner of Noel Hickey Research Bursary, Irish Heart Foundation 2009
Selected by Irish Heart Foundation to represent Ireland at the European Society of Hypertension Summer School September 2008
Awarded Trinity College Dublin Start-up Fund for New Lecturers 2007
Winner of clinical teaching award, University of Auckland 2006
Student Researcher of the Year, Association for Study of Obesity (UK) 2001
Postgraduate scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge 1997
Dr Fiona Lithander (formerly Leahy) holds a Visiting Academic position at Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine since 2012. Fiona is currently based at the Australian National University (2012-current), Australia's most research intensive University and holds an academic position in the ANU Medical School. Fiona held the position of Lecturer in Human Nutrition at TCD 2006-2012. Fiona graduated with a first class BSc (Hons.) Human Nutrition from the University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland in 1997. She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, under the supervision of Andrew Prentice and Susan Jebb at the MRC Dunn Nutrition Centre in the area of human energy metabolism and appetite control and was awarded UK Association for the Study of Obesity Student Researcher of the Year in 2001 for her work. Fiona moved to the University of Auckland, New Zealand, as a post-doctoral fellow to work with Sally Poppitt and Garth Cooper where she subsequently took up a Lectureship in Human Nutrition. Here she developed her expertise in randomised controlled trials where she examined the effect of specific nutrients, in particular dietary fatty acids, on risk factors for metabolic diseases in healthy participants and in different patient groups. Other areas of interest include the relationships between obesity and inflammation, metabolic complications in type 2 diabetes mellitus, sports nutrition and the effects of dietary intake on arterial function. Fiona moved to Trinity College Dublin in 2006 and has received funding for her research from the National Children's Research Centre, the Irish Heart Foundation and Science Foundation Ireland. She teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate level and is a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr).