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Professor Linda Doyle

Professor of Engineering & the Arts (Computer Science)


Linda Doyle is an associate professor in Trinity College, University of Dublin in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. Prof. Doyle received her Ph.D. in 1996 and has been a faculty member since then. Professor Doyle is Director of CTVR. As well as directing the Centre, Prof. Doyle. manages one of the CTVR research groups and has a team 20 researchers focusing on wireless networking, cognitive radio, reconfigurable networks, dynamic spectrum access, spectrum trading and spectrum regulation. Prof. Doyle is highly active in the field of cognitive radio. She was vice-chair of IEEE DySPAN 2007 which was hosted in Dublin. IEEE DySPAN is the premier conference in the area of dynamic spectrum access networks.Professor Doyle is currently TPC Chair for the Globecom 2010 SAC on Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Networks. She is also vice-chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks Prof. Doyle served as Guest Editor for the Special Issue on Cognitive Radio of Annals of Telecommunications 2009 and also for the Special Issue on Cognitive Radio of IEEE Communications Magazine, May 2007. In 2009 Linda wrote a book on The Essentials of Cognitive Radio published by Cambridge University Press. She has published over a 150 papers in prominent internationally circulated journals. Prof. Doyle has also played a role in spectrum policy at a national level and has been involved with the Irish Department of Communications in writing a white paper on spectrum policy for Ireland. Prof. Doyle is on the OFCOM spectrum advisory board OSAB.
  Art & Technology   Cognitive Radio   Dynamic Spectrum Management   Feminist Research Methodolgies   Reconfigurable Radio   TELECOMMUNICATIONS   Wireless Communication Systems
 Emerging Network Architectures
 Art of Decision
 Connectivity Probes

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