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Professor Richard Layte

Professor of Sociology (Sociology)

 An allostatic load framework for understanding social differences in health and mortality
 Improving Obstetric Practice Through Understanding Variation in Caesarean Section Rates in Irish Maternity Hospitals
 Trends in Socio-Economic Inequalities in Mortality Differentials in Ireland 1986-2006'
 'The Longitudinal Analysis of Child Health and Development in Ireland
 Growing Up in Ireland

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Details Date
2013-Present Member of the Economic and Social Studies Council
2012-Present Director, Centre for Longitudinal Studies in Ireland (
2007-Present Member, Steering Committee, The Longitudinal Study of Ageing ('TILDA').
2012-Present Country Representative - Society for Lifecourse and Longitudinal Studies.
2005-Present Member of the Management Committee and Theme Director of the Irish Longitudinal Study of Children (Growing Up in Ireland).
2004-Present Governing Council European Consortium for Sociological Research.
Cruise, S.M, Layte, R., Stevenson, M. and O'Reilly, D, Prevalence and factors associated with depression and depression-related healthcare access in mothers of 9-month old infants in the Republic of Ireland, Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 15, 2017, p1 - 11, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Stringhini, S., Carmeli, C., Jokela, M., Avendaño, M., Muennig, P., Guida, F., Ricceri, F., d'Errico, F., Barros, H., Bochud, M., Chadeau-Hyam, M., Clavel-Chapelon, F., Costa, G., Delpierre, C., Fraga, S., Goldberg, M. Giles, M.G., Krogh, V., Kelly-Irving, M., Layte, R., Lasserre, A.M, Marmot, M.G., Preisig, M., Shipley, M.J., Vollenweider, P., Zins, M., Kawachi, I., Steptoe, A., Mackenbach, A.P., Vineis, P., Kivimäki, M. , Socioeconomic status and the 25 × 25 risk factors as determinants of premature mortality: a multicohort study and meta-analysis of 1·7 million men and women, The Lancet, 2017, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Layte, R., Why Do Working-Class Kids Do Worse in School? An Empirical Test of Two Theories of Educational Disadvantage, European Sociological Review, 0 (online), (0), 2017, p1 - 15, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Nolan, A. and Layte, R. , The Impact Of Transitions In Insurance Coverage On GP Visiting Among Children In Ireland, Social Science and Medicine, 180, 2017, p94 - 100, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Orr, J., Layte, R. and O'Leary, N. , Sexual activity and relationship quality in middle and older age: Findings from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, EPub, 2017, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCrory, C., Leahy, S., Ribeiro, A.S, Fraga, S., Barros, H., Avendano, M., Vineis, P., Layte, R. , Socio-economic variation in children's body mass trajectories in four contemporary European child cohorts, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, EPub, 2017, p1 - 10, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Layte, R & Banks, J., Socio-economic differentials in mortality by cause of death in the Republic of Ireland, 1984-2008, European Journal of Public Health, 2016, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Layte, R & Banks, J., McKnight, G. & Walsh, C., Socioeconomic Differentials in Male Mortality In Ireland: 1984-2008, Economic and Social Review, 2016, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Brick, A, Layte, R, Nolan, A and Turner, M.J, Differences in Nulliparous Caesarean Section Rates across Models of Care: A Decomposition Analysis, BMC Health Services Research, DOI: 10.1186/s12913 - 2016, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Sinnott, S.J., Brick, A., Layte, R., Cunningham, N. and M.J. Turner , National Variation in Caesarean Section Rates: A Cross Sectional Study in Ireland, PLoS One, 11, (6), 2016, p1 - 5, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL

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Layte, Richard; Nolan, Anne, Income-Related Inequity in the Use of GP Services: A Comparison of Ireland and Scotland, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
Layte, Richard; Nolan, Anne, Socioeconomic Inequalities in Child Health in Ireland, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
Layte, Richard, A Good News Story About Irish Health Care, 2011, -, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2010/04/01 ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Layte, Richard, Creating a Health Promoting Environment: The Role of Food , 2011, -, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/01/02 ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Layte, Richard, Should We Be Worried About Income Inequality in Ireland?, 2011, -, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/02/03 ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
McCrory, Cathal; Layte, Richard, Investing in Child Health and Development: The Impact of Breastfeeding on Children's School Performance, 2011, -, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/02/04 ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Alan Barrett, George Savva, Virpi Timonen and Rose Anne Kenny (eds), Fifty plus in Ireland 2011: First results from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, May, 2011, Report, PUBLISHED


Richard Layte is Professor of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin and a Research Professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute. Much of his work stems from a core interest in the structure of social and economic stratification in modern societies and its impact on individual life-chances, health and well-being. His research examines the fundamental processes which influence the distribution of health and well-being in societies and how these are shaped by political economy and the structure and functioning of health care systems. Recent work has examined the relationship between country income inequality and individual health and he has a particular interest in improving understanding of how family background influences child health and development and the impact this has on the child's educational outcomes, adult health and life expectancy. He has a keen interest in Irish health care and the role that health care can play in improving health and well-being. He has published widely on all these issues both in Ireland and internationally in both the academic and policy domains.