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Dr. Joan Lalor

Associate Professor (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

Joan Lalor completed her PhD studies " A Longitudinal study of women's experiences of carrying an baby with a fetal abnormality up to the birth and beyond". Her ongoing work in the area of fetal abnormality continues as male partner experiences of an adverse diagnosis are being explored. She is also a member of the ICM expert research group, is a reviewer for several professional peer review journals and is an associate editor with the BMC. She is also a member of the Pregnancy and Childbirth Group of the Cochrane Collaboration and is currently involved as a lead an co-reviewer for two systematic reviews. Joan has worked in midwifery practice and education and her research plan is centered around the following themes: prenatal screening and diagnosis, communication and theory development, assessment of maternal and fetal wellbeing and service evaluation. Additional research interests include guideline development to support evidence based practice, research utilisation and ensuring informed choice for women in maternity services.
  Adaption Following Pregnancy Loss   assessment of fetal wellbeing   Fathers in maternity care   Foetal Abnormality   Health psychology   Identification and quantification of health care needs   Maternity Care   Midwifery   Parenthood   Perinatal health   Population based intervention trials   prenatal diagnosis and screening   Prenatal Screening   Research issues specifice to any health profession   Scanning in Pregnancy   service evaluation and development   Ultrasound screening in pregnancy
 A systematic review of perinatal palliative care guidelines
 An Evaluation of a Student Parent Support Service
 Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act 2013 and the Pathway of Care for Pregnant Women in Ireland (POLPPath2013)
 Improving the organisation of maternal health service delivery, and optimising childbirth, by increasing vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) through enhanced women-centred care (OptiBIRTH)
 Enhancing Assessment Feedback

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Details Date
Informing Families Steering Group:This group has received government funding to develop national guidelines for best practice in breaking the news to parents that their child has a disability. Joan is a member of the Informing Families Steering Group advising on aspects of breaking bad news relevent to prenatal screening.
Reviewer for Cochrane protocols and reviews 2006
Associate Editor for BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2011
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Pregnancy and Childbirth Group, Cochrane Collaboration, UK. 2003 current
ICM Research Advisory Network 2004 current
Grounded Theory Institute, San Franscisco, USA 2004 current
Birth/Death Research group, UK 2008 current
Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement 2008 current
Association of Research Ethics Committees (AREC) 2012 current
Reviewer for Midwifery, An International Journal 2006 current
Reviewer for Journal of Advanced Nursing 2004 current
Reviewer for Social Science in Medicine 2006 current
Reviewer for PEDIATRICS 2008 current
Reviewer for Libyan Journal of Medicine 2009 current
Reviewer for International Journal of Men's Health 2009 current
Reviewer for Archives in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2009 current
Reviewer for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 2009 current
Reviewer for Qualitative Research 2010 current
Reviewer for International Journal of Social Research Methodology 2009 current
Reviewer for Journal of Reproductive Medicine 2011 present
Reviewer for Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 2011 current
Reviewer for Oxford Internet Institute, (University of Oxford) for the Policy Studies Organization (PSO). 2011 current
Reviewer for Nurse Education in Practice 2012 current
Reviewer for Sexual and Reproductive Health 2013 current
Reviewer for International Journal of Research and Methodology in Education 2013 current
Reviewer for Postgraduate Medical Journal 2013 current
Reviewer for Irish Educational Studies 2015
Murphy Tighe, S Lalor, J, Contemporary Media Representations of Concealed Pregnancy: Shaming, Blaming and Vilifying Women, 'Institutions and Ireland': Medicine, Health, and Welfare, Trinity College Dublin, 5th February, 2016, Notes: [link to blog ], Oral Presentation, PRESENTED  TARA - Full Text
Giving Bad and Ambiguous News in, editor(s)(Eds: Verp and Galst): , Prenatal and Preimplantation Diagnosis: The Burden of Choice, New York, Springer, 2015, pp131 - 152, [Joan Lalor], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Giving Bad and Ambiguous News in, editor(s)Marion Verp and Joann Paley Galst , Prenatal and Preimplantation Diagnosis. The burden of choice, New York, Sage , 2015, pp131 - 152, [Lalor JG], Notes: [This book aims to expand the awareness and understanding of the emotional sequelae of prenatal/preimplantation diagnosis, prenatal decision-making, pregnancy interruption for fetal anomaly, multifetal reduction for high-order multifetal pregnancies and preimplantation choices involving the selection of embryos. Featuring a multi-disciplinary approach, it examines prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis from medical, legal, ethical and psychosocial perspectives. Prenatal and Preimplantation Diagnosis is an excellent resource for obstetricians, reproductive endocrinologists, clinical geneticists, genetic counselors and mental health professionals seeking to better support patients faced with difficult choices. ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Lundgren I, Smith V, Nilsson C, Vehvilainen-Julkunen K, Nicoletti J, Devane D, Bernloehr A, van Limbeek E, Lalor J, Begley C, Clinician-centred interventions to increase vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC): a systematic review., BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 15, (1), 2015, p16 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
OBoyle, C, Lalor JG, Maths and miscommunications, AIMS Journal, 27, (2), 2015, p22 - 23, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Murphy Tighe, S, Lalor JG, Concealed Pregnancy: a concept analysis, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2015, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Begley, C., Elliott, N., Lalor, J., & Higgins, A. , Perceived Outcomes of Research and Audit Activities of Clinical Specialists in Ireland. , Clinical Nurse Specialist,, 29, (2), 2015, p100 - 111, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Murphy Tighe, S, Lalor JG, Letter to Irish Times , 2015, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Murphy Tighe, S and Lalor J, Concealed Pregnancy & Newborn Abandonment: A Contemporary Problem, 2015, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Murphy Tighe, S, Lalor JG, Social Policy Implications of Baby Hatches, Safe Haven & Anonymous Birthing Laws: the impact on concealed pregnancy, New Directions in Child Protection and Wellbeing: Making a Real Difference to Children's Lives, Edinburgh, 2015, Notes: [9th BASPCAN International Congress ], Oral Presentation, PRESENTED  TARA - Full Text

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Sheaf G., Lalor J.G. and Clarke M., Trying to stop the kids using Google (and get a paper out of it too...), HSLG2013. Visible Evidence: the role of Health Science Libraries in Ireland, Dublin, 11-12 April, 2013, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Lalor, J, Socioeconomic value of midwifery-led care, 10 years of midwifery led care in Ireland, RCSI, Waterford, 22nd September, 2011, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Lalor, J, Prenatal Screening in Ireland, Mortality and Morbidity in Pregnancy, HSE Tullamore, 13th October, 2011, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Begley, C., Higgins, A., Lalor, J., Sheerin, F., Alexander, J., Nicholl, H., Lawler, D., Keenan, P., Tuohy, T. & Kavanagh, R. (2009), Maternity care needs of women disabilities: a hidden challenge., European Academy of Nursing Science Annual Scientific Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania, January , 2009, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Lawler, D., Lalor, J. & Kavanagh, R. , Focus group dynamics: changes in participant behaviour when the facilitator is a wheelchair user, 15th International Interdisciplinary Conference, Qualitative Health Research , Vancouver, Canada, 6th October , 2009, pp1-, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Dr Joan Lalor, Research Versus Audit: Challenges and Pitfalls, 2nd Annual Research and Audit Conference, St James' Hospital, 28th May , 2009, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Lalor, J , Words you never want to hear, Irish Hospice Foundation End of Life Series. Children's Forum, Dublin , 10th June, 2009, Irish Hospice Foundation, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Lawler, D. & Lalor, J., Interviewing women with a sensory disability - reflections on the impact of the disability on the interaction. Focus group dynamics: changes in participant behaviour when the facilitator is a wheelchair user, 15th International Interdisciplinary Conference, Qualitative Health Research, Vancouver, Canada , 6th October 2009, 2009, pp1-, Meeting Abstract, PRESENTED
Lalor, J G , Fetal anomaly diagnosis: the human consequences, Perinatal Research Centre , April, 2008, Queens University Belfast, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Lalor, J G , Choosing between imagined lives, Doctoral Midwifery Research Society, University of Ulster, February , 2008, UU, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


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Award Date
HRB Clinical Fellowship in Midwifery 2003
Primary Fellowship in Nursing 1992
In keeping with the college strategic plan the school of nursing and midwifery have established a number of recognised Research Groupings in core health critical research areas. Joan's research area of interest lies within Maternity Care and Women's Health. Joan's key areas of interest include: Methods of assessment of fetal wellbeing Screening and diagnosis of fetal anomaly Prenatal screening and diagnosis (including service evaluation and development), Theory generation, Transition to and preparation for parenthood and Advanced practice within midwifery