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Dr. Kieran Rankin

Research Fellow (Library)


Research Fellow (Trinity Long Room Hub)

Travis, Charles; Ludlow, Francis; Matthews, Al; Lougheed, Kevin; Rankin, Kieran; Allaire, Bernard; Legg, Robert; Hayes, Patrick; Nicholls, John; Towns, Lydia; Holm, Poul, Inventing the Grand Banks: A Deep Chart. Humanities GIS, Cartesian, and Literary Perceptions of the North-West Atlantic Fishery ca 1500-1800, Geo: Geography and Environment, 7, (1), 2020, pe00085 , Notes: [The early modern 'invention' of the Grand Banks, a feature of the Fish Revolution (CA 1500), facilitated massive and unprecedented extractions of Gadus morhua (cod) from the waters of the north Atlantic. The invention of this oceanic plantation, the result of the confluence between cartography, commerce, and cultural agency, contributed to capitalizing modern European and North America societies, and created conflict between bourgeoning Western empires. Fernand Braudel noted that "a historical study centred on a stretch of water has all the charms but undoubtedly all the dangers of a new departure" (1973, p.19). Embracing such a risk, this paper engages Humanities GIS (HumGIS) as a method to parse knowledge from sea and fishery charts, letters, pieces of drama, and scientific surveys, to study the historical geographies of the early modern north-Atlantic économie-monde.], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Poul Holm; Francis Ludlow Cordula Scherer Charles Travis Bernard Allaire Cristina Brito Patrick W. Hayes Al Matthews Kieran J. Rankin Richard J. Breen Robert Legg Kevin Lougheed John Nicholls, The North Atlantic Fish Revolution, c. AD 1500, Quaternary Research, 2019, p1-15 , Notes: [We propose the concept of the "Fish Revolution" to demarcate the dramatic increase in North Atlantic fisheries after AD 1500, which led to a 15-fold increase of cod (Gadus morhua) catch volumes and likely a tripling of fish protein to the European market. We consider three key questions: (1) What were the environmental parameters of the Fish Revolution? (2) What were the globalising effects of the Fish Revolution? (3) What were the consequences of the Fish Revolution for fishing communities? While these questions would have been considered unknowable a decade or two ago, methodological developments in marine environmental history and historical ecology have moved information about both supply and demand into the realm of the discernible. Although much research remains to be done, we conclude that this was a major event in the history of resource extraction from the sea, mediated by forces of climate change and globalisation, and is likely to provide a fruitful agenda for future multidisciplinary research.], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
K. J. Rankin; Poul Holm, Cartographical Perspectives on the Evolution of Fisheries in Newfoundland's Grand Banks Area and Adjacent North Atlantic Waters in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries , Terrae Incognitae, 51, (3), 2019, p190-218 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
K.J. Rankin, Towards a Retrospective Political Geography of Border Studies: Partition and Division in Ireland, Political Geography, 51, 2016, p100 - 103, Review Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
K.J. Rankin, . 'The role of the Irish Boundary Commission in the entrenchment of the Irish border: From tactical panacea to political liability', Journal of Historical Geography, Volume 34, (Issue 3), 2008, p422 - 447, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
K.J. Rankin, . 'Deducing rationales and political tactics in the partitioning of Ireland, 1912-1925', Political Geography , Volume 27, (Issue 8), 2007, p909 - 933, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

'Sinn Féinism' and Nationalist Politics in County Monaghan, 1914-1918 in, editor(s)Patrick J. Duffy and Éamonn Ó Ciardha , Monaghan: History and Society - Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County, Dublin, Geography Publications, 2017, pp659 - 685, [Gerard Toal and K.J. Rankin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Ireland - United Kingdom: Lough Foyle and Carlingford Lough, E. Brunet-Jailly (editor), Border Disputes: A Global Encyclopedia, 2, Santa Barbara, ABC-Clio, 2015, pp650 - 660, [K.J. Rankin], Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, PUBLISHED
'John Dillon versus Eamon de Valera at the 1918 General Election: The eclipse of the Irish Parliamentary Party by Sinn Féin in East Mayo' in, Mayo: History and Society, Dublin, Geography Publications, 2014, pp589 - 614, [K.J. Rankin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Kieran Rankin, Paul Sweeney, Bill Keating, 'Biographical Portraits of the Past Presidents of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland', Last updated April 2014, Dublin, 2014, -, Digital research resource production, PUBLISHED
'William Petty, Topographer' in, At the Anvil: Essays in Honour of William J. Smyth, Dublin, Geography Publications, 2012, pp241 - 270, [J.H. Andrews and K.J.Rankin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
The Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland in, editor(s)James H, Murphy , The Oxford History of the Irish Book, Volume IV, The Irish Book in English, 1800-1891, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2011, pp563 - 574, [K.J. Rankin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
K.J. Rankin, . 'The search for "statutory Ulster"', History Ireland, Volume 17, (Issue 3), 2009, p28 - 32, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
K.J. Rankin, . 'The Provenance and Dissolution of the Irish Boundary Commission', 2007, Notes: [(Institute for British-Irish Studies, UCD, Working Paper No.79: Dublin) ISSN 1649-0304, 27pp], Working Paper, PUBLISHED
K.J. Rankin, . 'Theoretical Concepts of Partition and the Partitioning of Ireland' , 2006, Notes: [(Institute for British-Irish Studies, UCD, Working Paper No.67: Dublin) ISSN 1649-0304 19pp], Working Paper, PUBLISHED
K.J. Rankin, . 'The Creation and Consolidation of the Irish Border' , 2005, Notes: [(Institute for British-Irish Studies, UCD, Working Paper No.48: Dublin) ISSN 1649-0304 29pp], Working Paper, PUBLISHED


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