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Professor John Monaghan

Adjunct Professor / Fellow Emeritus (Mechanical & Manuf. Eng)

  Aeronautics   Airframe Structures and Materials   Computational Mechanics   Contact Stress Analysis   Continuum Mechanics   Fatigue of materials   Machine Design   Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering)   Manufacturing engineering   Manufacturing Processes (Industrial Engineeri   Materials Joining   Mechanical Engineering   Mechanics   Medical Devices Engineering   Plasticity   Precision Engineering   Process Engineering   Production Engineering   Solid Mechanics   Structures & Materials (Aero./Astro. Engineer
 Analysis of pump flow
 Deep Drawing
 Product Development
 Rapid Prototyping
 Metal Forming Analysis

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Details Date
External Examiner The Queens University Belfast 2000 to 2005
External Examiner - University of Limerick 1999 - 2001
External Examiner - University College Cork 2003 -Present
External Examiner - Dublin Institute of Technology 2002-2004
External Examiner - Cork Institute of Technology 2003 - Present
External Examiner - Limerick Institute of Technology 2004 - Present
External Examiner - Tallaght Institute of Technology 1998 - 2004
Details Date From Date To
Trimble, D., Monaghan, J., O'Donnell, G.E., Force generation during friction stir welding of Al2024-T3, CIRP Annals- Manufacturing Technology, 61, (1), 2012, p9 - 12, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Trimble, D., Monaghan, J. and O'Donnell, G.E., Force Generation During FSW of AA2024-T3, 27th International Manufacturing Conference , GMIT, Galway, Ireland, 1 - 3 September 2010, edited by V. Butler, K. Kelly, P. Delassus and G. Mac Michael , 2010, pp263 - 274, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Thackaberry, R.S and Monaghan, J, An Experimental and Analytical Investigation of the Deformation Characteristics of Metallic Foam, Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Manufacturing, Trinity College Dublin, 2- 4th, Sept. 2009, edited by Dr. G.E O'Donnell & Mr. K.Kelly , 2009, pp95 - 102, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Ashmore,P and Monaghan, J, Defect Production in the Micro-Form Rolling Process, Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Manufacturing, Trinity College Dublin, 2-4th, Sept, 2009, edited by Dr. G.E.O'Donnell & Mr. K.Kelly , 2009, pp119 - 126, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Trimble,D and Monaghan,J, Analysis of Friction Stir Welding, Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Manufacturing, Trinity College Dublin, 2-4th Sept 2009, edited by Dr. G.E.O'Donnell & Mr. K.Kelly , 2009, pp135 - 144, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Murphy, S and Monaghan, J, A Technical, Comercial and Environmental Evaluation of Three Rapid Prototyping Machines, Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Manufacturing, Trinity College Dublin, 2-4th Sept 2009, edited by Dr. G.E. O'Donnell & Mr. K.Kelly , 2009, pp379 - 386, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Thermomechanical modelling friction stir welding aluminium 2024-T3, Int. J. Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering, 2, 1/2, (2009), 63 - 72p, Daniela Butan, John Monaghan, [eds.], Journal, PUBLISHED
R.S.Thackaberry, J.M.Monaghan, An experimental investigation of the deformation characteristics of metallic foam., IMC25 - 25th International Manufacturing Conference, DIT, Bolton St, Dublin 1, 3rd - 5th Sept. 2008, edited by Robert Simpson , 2008, pp3 - 12, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
D.Carty, J.M.Monaghan, Analysis of friction stir welded aluminium 2024 joints, IMC-25, 25th International Manufacturing Conference , DIT, Bolton St. Dublin1, 3rd-5th Sept. 2008, edited by Robert Simpson , 2008, pp103 - 111, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
P.Ashmore, J.M.Monaghan, Die design and fracture prediction in the micro-form rolling process, IMC-25, 25th International Manufacturing Conference, DIT, Bolton St., Dublin 1, 3rd-5th Sept. 2008, edited by Robert Simpson , 2008, pp13 - 21, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 1993
(a) MICROFORMING ANALYSIS: form rolling of various geometrical shaped grooves on wire in the sub-millimetre range with particular emphasis on the 'size effect' as parts reduce in dimensions. Elastoplastic FEA is used to predict the material flow and the occurrence of likely internal defects in the miniature parts due to residual tensile stresses. (b) FRICTION STIR WELDING: experimental and viscoplastic FEA of Friction Stir Welding of 2024 aircraft fuselage panels. The experimental work involves the production of butt joints while the viscoplastic FEA is being used to simulate the material flow, temperature distribution and stress distributions within the welded sheets. (c) DEFORMATION BEHAVIOUR OF ALUMINIUM METALLIC FOAMS: experimental and elastoplastic FEA of the deformation behaviour of aluminium metallic foams subject to compression, bending, impact and penetration tests. (d) METALFORMING SIMULATIONS: Optimisation of the cold forging sequences used for the manufacture of high strength aerospace components. The work involves elastoplastic FEA simulations of the flow of the workpiece material and the stresses induced in the forging tooling during combined forging/extrusion operations on difficult to form materials. The use of elastoplastic FEA for the optimisation of the design of the tooling used in cold forming processes. (e) FORM ROLLING: experimental and FE analysis of macro Form Rolling process used in the production of grooves and other complex features on the shanks of high strength aerospace fasteners. This work involves the optimisation of the tool design process in an effort to reduce lengthy and costly physical prototyping. (f) SHEET FORMING SIMULATIONS - (A) ANALYSIS OF RIVETED JOINTS: Elastoplastic FEA and experimental analyses of the behaviour of riveted 2024 aluminium and GLARE sheets subjected to static and dynamic loading. (b) DENTING OF AIRCRAFT PANELS: experimental and elastoplastic FEA of the deformation behaviour and resulting residual stresses induced in 2024 aircraft fuselage panels due to indentation by various shaped indenters - e.g. hail; baggage trucks, spanners, etc