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Professor Iouri Gounko

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry(1922) (Chemistry)

1982-87 M.Sc (with distinction, major Organometallic Chemistry), Moscow State University 1987-90 Ph.D, Inorganic Chemistry, Moscow State University 1990-93 Lecturer in Chemistry and Materials for Electronics (Bielorussian Techn.University) 1993-94 Postdoctoral Fellow (Royal Society Award), research on organolanthanides, University of Sussex 1994-95 Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Materials for Electronics (Bielorussian Techn. University) 1995-96 Postdoctoral Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt Award), research on organosilicon compounds, University of Magdeburg 1996-98 Postdoctoral Researcher, research on organolanthanides (EPSRC), University of Sussex 1999- to date Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin 2002- to date Director of Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials.
  Colloids   Composite materials   Diagnostic bioimaging   Drug development and evaluation   Imaging Techniques   Inorganic Chemistry   Nano Biotechnology   Nanotechnology   Nanotubes   Optical materials   Organometallic chemistry   Plastics   Polymers
 Magnetic iron oxide nanowires
 Carbon nanotube organometallics
 Two in one" fluorescent magnetic nanocomposites for biomedical application
 Quantum dots for biomedical applications

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Brennan, L.J. and Purcell-Milton, F. and McKenna, B. and Watson, T.M. and Gun'ko, Y.K. and Evans, R.C., Large area quantum dot luminescent solar concentrators for use with dye-sensitised solar cells, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, (6), 2018, p2671-2680 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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M. Wojdyla, S. Gallagher, Y.K. Gun'ko, J. M. Kelly, S. J. Quinn, I.P. Clark, G.M. Greetham, M. Towrie and A.W. Parker, Ultrafast Transient Absorption Studies on CdTe and Chiral CdSe Quantum Dots - Central Laser Facility, Annual Report 2008-2009, Science and Technology Facilities Council, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, 2009, 193-196, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Royal Society Fellowship Award 1993
Alexander von Humboldt Award 1995
Dr. Gun'ko works in the areas of Organometallic Chemistry, Science of Materials and Nanotechnology. Dr. Gun'ko supervises a research team consisting at present of 8 postgraduate students and 4 postdoctoral research fellows. Dr. Gun'ko has 125 publications in peer reviewed journals and 10 patents. His main research interest and activities are: - magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic liquids for MRI diagnostics, - nanoparticle-drug conjugates, - quantum dots (CdTe) for biomedical applications (biological imaging and drug delivery), - chemical functionalisation of carbon nanotubes, - polyhedral silsesquioxanes and metallasiloxanes.