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Dr. Helen Buckley

Associate Professor (Sch Office - Social Work & Social Policy)

Dr. Helen Buckley is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and Social Policy and Course Coordinator, Postgraduate Diploma in Child Protection and Welfare, Trinity College Dublin. She is also a Senior Research Fellow in the Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin. She has practised as a social worker in the areas of disability, mental health, and community care. She teaches and researches on child protection practice and policy, assessment, service user perspectives, children living with domestic violence and the use of evidence in practice. She has published number of peer reviewed articles and books on child protection practice, as well as research reports and policy documents. She was a co-author of the Ferns Report (2005) which inquired into clerical sexual abuse. She is currently the chair of the National Panel that reviews serious incidents including the deaths of children known to the child protection services. She is an advisor to the National Director of Children and Family Services in Ireland and also provides cunsultancy to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.
  Child centred research questions, study design, data analysis   Child protection policy and practice   Child welfare   Promotion of child centred research
 An examination of recommendations from inquiries into events in families and their interactions with State services, and their impact on policy and practice
 Audit of Irish Research on Child Protection
 Survey of newly qualified primary teachers to ascertain their knowledge of and familiarity with child protection procedures
 Putting Research Evidence to Work
 Child Protection Services in Ireland: An Evaluation by Service Users

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Details Date
Member of the HIQA working group developing national standards in child protection 2011-12
Member of the Advisory Committee on Children and Family Services appointed by the HSE 2011
Member of the Scientific Committee for the BASPCAN Congress 2012 to be held in Queen's University Belfast 2011
Chair of the National Review Panel on Serious Incidents including the Deaths of Children in Care 2010
Member of Child Protection Cross Border Sub Group on Research and Knoweldge Transfer 2009
Senior Research Fellow, Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin 2002 onwards
Contract to provide consultancy to the Office of the Minister for Children on child protection and welfare policy 2006 onwards
Collaborator with the Scottish Centre for Child Care and Protection based at the University of Dundee January 2006 onwards
Chair of the working group of the Council for Children's Hospital's Care producing unified child protection guidelines for the three Dublin children's hospitals October 2005
Member of the Ferns Inquiry Panel, appointed by the Minister for Health to inquire into clerical sexual abuse in the diocese of Ferns 2003 - 2005
Member of an oversight group in the Department of Health in respect of the implementation of child protection guidance in the health sector July 2013
Kathryn McGarry, Helen Buckley, Lessons on child protection: a survey of newly qualified primary level teachers in Ireland, Child Abuse Revieiw, 22, 2013, p80 - 92, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
H. Buckley, L. Tonmyr, K. Lewig and S. Jack, Factors influencing the uptake of research evidence in child welfare, Child Abuse Revieiw, 22, 2013, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Putting research evidence to work in child and family social work in, editor(s)Kenneth Burns and Deborah Lynch , Children's rights and child protection: Critical times, critical issues in Ireland, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2012, pp168 - 183, [Helen Buckley], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Helen Buckley, Using intelligence to shape reforms in child protection, Journal of Applied Social Studies, 12, (1), 2012, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Helen Buckley & Kathryn McGarry, Child Protection in Primary Schools: a contradiction in terms or a potential opportunity? , Irish Educational Studies, 30, (1), 2011, p113 - 128, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Buckley, H., , Child protection and the proposed legislation: oil and water or an opportunity for positive change?, Irish Journal of Family Law, 30, (3), 2011, p57-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Buckley, H., Whelan, S and Carr. N., 'Like waking up in a Franz Kafka novel': Service users' experiences of the child protection system when domestic violence and acrimonious separations are involved, Children and Youth Services Review, 33, (1), 2011, p126 - 133, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Buckley, H., Whelan, S and Carr. N., "It looked messy and it was easier just to not hear ikt": Child Protection Concerns in the Context of Domestic Violence and Relationship Breakdown, Irish Journal of Family Law, (1), 2011, p18 - 23, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
H. Buckley, N. Carr and S. Whelan, 'Like walking on eggshells': service user views and expectations of the child protection system , Child & Family Social Work, 16, (1), 2011, p101 - 106, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Helen Buckley & Kathryn McGarry, Compliance with Guidelines: A Case Study of Child Protection in Schools, Irish Journal of Family Law, 13, (1), 2010, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Helen Buckley & Kathryn McGarry, Child Protection in Primary Schools: summary of a research project undertaken in January 2009, Leadership: The Professional Voice of Principals, (56), 2010, p16 - 17, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Buckley, Helen, How well are we protecting children?, Child Links, (2), 2006, p4 - 6, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Horwath, J., Buckley, H. and Whelan, S. , Looking for Common Ground, Community Care, 2004, p36 - 37, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Buckley, H., 'Filtering out fathers: the gendered nature of social work in child protection, Irish Social Worker, 16, (3), 1998, p7 - 11, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Buckley, H., The Report of the Kilkenny Incest Investigation: Implications for Practice', Irish Social Worker, 11, (4), 1993, p6 - 7, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Elected to Fellowship of Trinity College 2006
Child protection policy and practice, particularly inter-disciplinary and inter-agency collaboration; child protection procedures and guidelines; assessment; impact of social factors on child welfare, evaluation of child protection practices, research utilisation.