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Professor Catherine Hayes

Assoc Prof/Specialist in Public Health (Public Health & Primary Care)

Catherine Hayes obtained her undergraduate medical degree from University College Cork. She completed the Cork Vocational Training Scheme for General Practice. She then undertook a full time MPH at University College Dublin. Having completed Higher Specialist Training in Public Health Medicine she was appointed Consultant in Public Health Medicine in the Eastern Health Board, now part of the Health Service Executive (HSE). She then obtained her Doctorate from the School of Medicine at UCD. She was appointed Associate Professor of Public Health at Trinity College Dublin in the Discipline of Public Health and Primary Care in 2011 and continues to retain a commitment to the newly formed R&D Directorate of the HSE via its Health Intelligence Function. Her research addresses the major societal problems of tobacco and obesity identified to cause a major disease burden globally in terms of deaths and disability. It is aligned with national and international strategies and with the TCD research themes of "Cancer" and "Inclusive Society". A key focus of her work lies in the translation of the research evidence into policy and practice to achieve maximum impact. She has completed the highly-competitive and prestigious Training in Dissemination and Implementation Research (TIDIRH) Programme at National Institutes for Health (NIH) in 2016 and was a key contributor to TIDIRH Ireland in 2018. She leads implementation science teaching and research at TCD and is the Course Director for a new Masters in Implementation Science due to commence in 2019. The direction of her research is informed by her work as a public health specialist in the Research and Development Unit within HSE to address the impact of research outcomes on health services and on policy; by the science of dissemination and implementation, and in future the role of precision medicine in prevention. She is a member of the All Ireland-NCI Cancer Consortium. She was successfully funded by the Health Research Board (HRB) to attend courses in Public Health aspects and Molecular aspects of Cancer Prevention at National Cancer Institute (NCI) US in 2013 and 2015. She is the Lead PI for We Can Quit2 (WCQ2): A pilot cluster randomized trial of a community-based smoking cessation intervention for disadvantaged women in Ireland, (HRB Definitive Interventions and Feasibility Awards (DIFA) 2017) one of three national awards under the scheme. She was Co-applicant for the HRB funded European project on Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity, Knowledge Hub (DEDIPAC-KH) and Irish PI for a project on "Conditions for the successful implementation of good practice and multi-component interventions for diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviour", 2013-2016. She is Co-applicant on a HRB-funded Inter-disciplinary Capacity Enhancement Award (ICE) for Designing evaluating and implementing a pilot complex intervention in childhood obesity. This work and associated SafeFood funded project on "Weaning practices in the Island of Ireland " have potential to change policy and practice in the prevention and management of childhood obesity. She is a Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Longitudinal Study of Children: Growing Up in Ireland; Trainer and Examiner for the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, former Vice-Dean and Board Member. She has over 70 publications and supervises and examines PhD and Masters students. Member of the academic assessment panel for the Structured Population and Health-services Research Education) Programme (SPHeRE),which aims to develop future leaders in Population Health from diverse backgrounds. She currently serves on the UK and Ireland Society for Social Medicine Committee (2016-2018) as External Relations Lead and is a Senior Mentor for the Society.
 We Can Quit 2 (WCQ2): A pilot cluster randomized trial of a peer-led community-based smoking cessation intervention for disadvantaged women in Ireland
 Designing, evaluating and implementing a pilot complex intervention in childhood obesity

Details Date
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland 1996 and 2010
Member of the Board of the Faculty of Public health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland 2004-7 and 2010-3
Member of the UK and Ireland Society for Social Medicine (Soc. Soc. Med.) Committee, External Relations Lead 2016-2018
Member of European Public Health Association Abstract Membership Programme 2017
Journal Reviews (recent) see below 2011-
Abstract Reviewer (see below) ongoing
UK and Ireland Society for Social Medicine Global Implementation Conference Toronto, 2017 Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI 2017
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Basic
Irish Fluent Medium Basic
Details Date From Date To
UK and Ireland Society for Social Medicine and Population Health.Committee Member 2016-2019. Role External Relations Coordinator 2007 to date
Fellow of Faculty of Public Health Medicine, (FFPHMI) Royal College of Physicians in Ireland 1994 to date
Invited Fellow, Dublin University Biological Association 2019
Officer of Board of Faculty of Public Health Medicine (Vice-Dean) 2010 2011
Member of Board of Faculty of Public Health Medicine 2010 2013
Officer of Board of Faculty of Public Health Medicine (Vice-Dean) 2006 2007
Member of Board of Faculty of Public Health Medicine 2004 2007
Post Graduate Medical and Dental Board (Ministerial appointment) 2005 2008
Hayes CB, O'Shea MP, Foley-Nolan C, McCarthy M, Harrington J., Barriers and facilitators to adoption, implementation and sustainment of obesity prevention interventions in schoolchildren - a DEDIPAC case study, BMC Public Health, 19, (198), 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kelly D, Kelly A, O'Dowd T, Hayes CB, Antibiotic use in early childhood and risk of obesity: Longitudinal analysis of a national cohort, World Journal of Pediatrics, 2019, Notes: [Online publication 12th Jan 2019], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Toomey E, Matvienko-Sikar K, Heary C, Delaney L, Queally M, Hayes CB, Kearney PM, Byrne M, on behalf of the Choosing Healthy Eating for Infant Health (CHErIsH) study team., Intervention fidelity within trials of infant feeding behavioural interventions to prevent childhood obesity: a systematic review, Annals of Behavioral Medicine , 53, (1), 2019, p75 - 97, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL  Other
4) Griffin C, Toomey E, Queally M, Hayes CB, Kearney PM Karen Matvienko-Sikar K. , Influence of providing information to participants about development of trial outcomes on response rates and attitudes to questionnaire completion: Protocol for a study within a trial. , HRB Open Research, 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hennessy M, Cullerton K, Baker P, Brown A, Crawley H, Hayes C et al. , Time for complete transparency about conflicts of interest in public health nutrition research [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review]., HRB Open Res , 2, (1), 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Hayes, C.; Kelly, D.; Taut, C.; Nixon, E.; Zgaga, L.; Williams, J.; O'Dowd, T.; Reulbach, U. , Health Care Utilisation by Bullying Victims: A Cross-Sectional Study of a 9-Year-Old Cohort in Ireland, Healthcare, 6, (1), 2018, p19-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Kerins C , McSharry J, Hayes CB, Perry IJ, Geaney F, Kelly C., Barriers and facilitators to implementation of menu labelling interventions to support healthy food choices: a mixed methods systematic review protocol, Systematic Reviews. SYSR-D-17-00402R1, 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Johnson H, O'Farrell, A, McKeown D, Sayers G, Hayes C, Beaton D., Is increasing life expectancy leading to more complexity?, Irish Medical Journal , 111, (1), 2018, 672, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Matvienko-Sikar K Byrne M, Kelly CN, Toomey E, Hennessy M, Devane D, Heary C. Harrington J, Hayes CB, Queally M, Kearney PM, , Developing an infant feeding core outcome set for childhood obesity prevention, The Lancet, Public Health Science Conference, Belfast, Nov 23, 2018., 392, 2018, ppS59-, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED  DOI
Toomey E, Byrne M, Houghton CE, Kelly CN, Matvienko-Sikar K, McSharry J, Queally M, Doherty E, Hayes CB, Hennessy M, McHugh S, Kearney PM, Heary C. , Health-care professional and parental views and experiences of implementing infant feeding interventions: a qualitative evidence synthesis. , The Lancet , Public Health Science Conference , Belfast, Nov 23, 2018. , 11 , (392), 2018, ppS87-, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Hayes, CB, Training and Education in Implementation Science, Implementation Science Research Network (IMPRNT), NUIG, 19th Sept., 2016, Health Behavior Change Research Group , Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Hayes CB on behalf of DEDIPAC team, Conditions for successful implementation and transferability of good practice policies and multi-component interventions for dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours across Europe, "DEDIPAC (Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity) Ireland" One day National Symposium, Dublin, 17th September, 2016, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Hayes CB, New Opportunities for Personalised Cancer Prevention, 10th International Cancer Conference , Cancer Research: New Frontiers, New Hope, Trinity College Dublin, 16/10/2016, 2016, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
C. Hayes, U. Reulbach, E. Nixon, D. Kelly, J. Williams, M, O'Moore, T. O'Dowd , Bullying and Health Care Utilisation, Growing Up in Ireland conference on: Bullying in Children and their Health, Trinity College Dublin, 11th September, 2013, TCD and ESRI, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Safefood, Examining Nutrition Surveillance on the island of Ireland, Dublin, Safefood, October , 2012, (ISBN: 978-1-905767-32-8), 1, 104, Report, PUBLISHED
Hayes C. , A Health Impact Assessment of Traffic and Transport in Ballyfermot. Dublin: Eastern Regional Health Authority, Dublin, 2004, Notes: [ISBN: 094856275795 ], Book, PUBLISHED
Hayes C. , Inequalities in Sexual Health in "An Equality Driven Health Service: How to Get There?", 2004, Notes: [Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the Equality Authority and the Irish Medical Organisation, 2004. Dublin: Equality Authority and Irish Medical Organisation], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Hayes C. , "Review of Services for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Eastern Region". , 2002, Notes: [Section 3. Epidemiology,Report for the Board of the Eastern Regional Health Authority. Dublin: Eastern Regional Health Authority 2002. Report 06/02], Report, PUBLISHED
Cronin M, Hayes C., Happy Heart Community Survey. An analysis of health behaviors associated with coronary heart disease in Malahide, Co. Dublin., Dublin, 1994, Notes: [Irish Heart Foundation.], Report, PUBLISHED
Hayes C., Could older patients be discharged earlier? , 1993, Notes: [Grapevine, Beaumont Hospital staff magazine)4:21. ], Review Article, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Selected as participant for highly competitive Training Institute in Dissemination and Implementation Research (TIDIRH) Programme run by National Cancer Institute, US on behalf of National Institute of Health 2016
TCD Visiting Professorships and Fellowships Benefaction Fund. 2016
Successful in obtaining HRB funding to attend Molecular Aspects of Cancer Prevention. Summer Curriculum Programme. National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland 2015
successful in obtaining HRB funding to attend Principles and Practice of Cancer Prevention and Control. Summer Curriculum Programme. National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland 2013
Irish Health Care Award, Best community project 2005
Finalist Biominis Innovation awards (Health Promotion Category) for "Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing to reduce smoking prevalence in pregnancy and to prevent relapse in the post-partum period" 2011
TCD Visiting Professorships and Fellowships Benefaction Fund. 2012
Professor Hayes's research increasingly addresses the development, implementation and evaluation of targeted interventions addressing behavioural risk factors, in particular tobacco and obesity-related determinants in prevention of chronic diseases using implementation science methodologies. Her significant research in tobacco has principally been as PI of population health trials, addressing implementation and outcomes of smoking cessation interventions on women's health. She is experienced in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Her research is informed increasingly by the science of dissemination and implementation, collaborations with the health sector addressing the impact of research outcomes on health services and on policy. Professor Hayes has a key role in developing capacity in implementation science research and developing PhDs in this field.