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Dr. Gobnait Byrne

Assistant Professor (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

I joined the School in 2005. I have extensive nursing experience in Ireland, UK and Australia. I lecture on health promotion at undergraduate and postgraduate level. My research interests include health promotion, health of marginalised groups including migrants, cardiovascular health, community nursing and critical care outreach. My doctoral research investigated the health and use of health of services by Polish migrants living in Ireland. I am currently the Director of Trinity Centre for Practice Health Care Innovation.
  Acute care nursing   Cardiac rehabilitation   Cardiology Nursing   Cardiothoracic surgery   Community Nursing   Critical Care   Culture and health   Epidemiology   Health attitudes and behaviour   Health Communication   Health Promotion   Health psychology   Health status and inequalities   Identification and quantification of health care needs   Minorities and Disadvantaged   Patterns of health   Preventative nursing   Primary care   Provision and utilisation of health care needs   Public health   Smoking Behavior   Sociological influences on health
 Exploring attendance by individuals from Ethnic and Migrant Groups at outpatient departments in an acute hospital setting
 Research Collaboration with CHO 7 PHN Services
 Out of Hours Clinical-Decision-Making
 A mixed methods study exploring the self-reported health, lifestyles and use of health services by Polish migrants living in Ireland.
 Public Health Nurses' Workload in the Western Health Board

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Details Date From Date To
Member of the Sigma Theta Tatu International Nursing Organisation 2004 to date
Association for Health Promotion Ireland 2005 to date
Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association 2005 to date
Reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Nursing 2006 to date
Reviewer for Journal of Nursing & Healthcare of Chronic Illness 2008 to date
Byrne, G., Quirke, M., Ennis, S., Connors, S., Morrison, P. & Barnes, A-M, Multiple reviews by a Medical Emergency Team during one admission, Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference (THEconf2019): , Dublin, , 6th & 7th March 2019, 2019, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Moran, N. & Byrne, G., Assessing knowledge of wound care among cardiothoracic nurses, British Journal of Nursing, 27, (15), 2018, pS33 - S42, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Brady, A-M., Byrne, G., Quirke, M-B., Lynch, A., Ennis, S, Bhangu, J. & Prendergast, M. , Barriers to effective, safe communication and workflow between nurses and non-consultant hospital doctors during out- of- hours, International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 29, (7), 2017, p929 - 934, Notes: [d.o.i: 10.1093/intqhc/mzx133], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Prendergast, M.,Quirke, M.B., Byrne, G., Lynch, A., Ennis, S., Bhangu, J. & Brady, A-M, Identifying factors that contribute to the challenges of providing care Out of Hours: an exploratory study of Nurses' and Doctors' experiences in an acute hospital setting, RCSI 36th Annual International Nursing & Midwifery Research & Education Conference, Dublin , 1st & 2nd March 2017, 2017, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Prendergast, M., Brady, A-M, Quirke, M.B. Byrne, G, Out-of-hours communication between healthcare professionals in an acute hospital setting in Ireland, 17th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference , Dublin, 9 and 10 November, 2016, pp4 - 4, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Doyle, L., Brady, AM, Byrne, G., An overview of mixed methods research - revisited., Journal of Research in Nursing, 21, (8), 2016, p623 - 635, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  Handle
O'Byrne-O'Reilly, R. & Byrne, G., To examine diathermy smoke evacuation practices, attitudes and awareness of this health risk among perioperative nurses and surgeons, 17th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference , Trinity College Dublin , 9th- 10th Nov 2016, 2016, pp2 - 2, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
O'Byrne, K. & Byrne, G, What are surgical team members' attitudes towards the safety culture in the opeating theater and the WHO surgical safety checklist., 17th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference , Trinity College Dublin, 9th & 10th Nov 2016, 2016, pp4 - 4, Poster, PUBLISHED
Byrne, G, A mixed methods study exploring the self-reported health, lifestyles and use of health services by Polish migrants living in Ireland., University College Dublin, 2016, Thesis, PUBLISHED
Byrne, G., Daly,L. & Moore, R. , Where do Polish migrants access health care in Ireland?, 4th European Transcultural Nursing Association International Conference 2015, Budapest Hungary, 29- 30 June 2015, 2015, pp75-, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED

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Gobnait Byrne, Polish Migrants in Ireland- Visiting Private Ethnic Healthcare providers in Ireland & travelling to Poland for heathcare, UK Central and Eastern European health research forum 2019',, Manchester , 21/2/2019, 2019, Culture and International Mental Health Research Group, University of Manchester, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Brady, A-M., Prendergast, M., Quirke, M.B., Byrne, G., Lynch, A., Ennis, S., Bhangu, J., Walker, C. & Bailey, L. , Organisational Supports for Clinical Decision Making Out-of-hours in Tallaght Hospital, Dublin, September , 2016, Report, PUBLISHED
Byrne, G., Macgregor, C., Brady, A-M., Horan, P., Griffiths, C. & Begley, C. , Effective tool for managing the workload. , Journal of Community Nursing , Jan/ Feb, , 2004, 7 - 8, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Begley, C., Brady, A-M. Byrne, Macgregor, C., G, Griffiths, C.& Horan, P. , A Study of the Role and Workload of the Public Health Nurse in the Galway Community Care Area, Dublin, Trinity College:, 2004, Report, PUBLISHED
Malone, A-M., Murphy, F. & Byrne, G. , Nurse Education within the Third-Level Sector. OECD Submission Review of Higher Education , OECD website, OECD, 2004, Report, PUBLISHED
Slí na Sláinte. Irish Health Promoting Hospitals Network National Conference, Promoting Physical Activity in a Hospital, 2000, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED
Slí International Irish Heart Foundation, Health Promoting Hospital Concept & Slí na Sláinte, 2000, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED


Health Promotion; Cardiology Nursing; Critical Care, Community Nursing, Public Health, Health Education, Migration. I have completed the Johanna Briggs training programme on Systematic Reviews.