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Dr. Daniel Geary

Associate Professor (History)

  American Politics   Cultural History   History of Liberalism and the Left   History of the United States   Intellectual History   Race and Ethnicity   United States History   US Politics
Daniel Geary, Beyond Civil Rights: The Moynihan Report and Its Legacy, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015, Book, PUBLISHED
Liberalism and the New Left Reconsidered: The Committee of Correspondence and the Port Huron Statement in, editor(s)Richard Flacks and Nelson Lichtenstein , The Port Huron Statement: Sources and Legacies of the New Left's Founding Manifesto, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015, pp83 - 94, [Daniel Geary], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Resisting the Wind of Change: the Citizens Councils and European Decolonization in, editor(s)Cornelius van Minnen and Manfred Berg , The US South and Europe, Lexington, Kentucky, University of Kentucky Press, 2013, pp265-79 , [Daniel Geary & Jennifer Sutton], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary , Children of The Lonely Crowd: David Riesman, the Young Radicals, and the Splitting of Liberalism, Modern Intellectual History, 10, 2013, p603-33 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, "How I Would Feel if I were in San Quentin": Johnny Cash and the Politics of Country Music, Daedalus, 2013, p64-72 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, Racial Liberalism, the Moynihan Report, and the Daedalus Project on 'The Negro American', Daedalus, 140, (1), 2011, p53 - 66, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, Economics and Sociology: From Complementary to Competing Perspectives, History of Political Economy, 42, (Supplement 1), 2010, p291 - 314, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, Les Intellectuels américains et l'idéal démocratique, Les Cahiers d'Histoire, (108), 2010, p61 - 94, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, Radical Ambition: C. Wright Mills, the Left, and American Social Thought, University of California Press, 2009, Book, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, "Becoming International Again": C. Wright Mills and the Emergence of a Global New Left, 1956-1962, Journal of American History, 95, (3), 2008, p711 - 736, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Daniel Geary, Every Social Scientist Her Own Historian, Modern Intellectual History, 5, 2008, p399-410 , Review, PUBLISHED
Daniel Geary, Richard Hofstadter Reconsidered, Reviews in American History, 35, 2007, p425-431 , Review, PUBLISHED