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Professor Peter Gallagher

Professor in Astrophysics (Physics)

Prof. Peter T. Gallagher is a Professor in Astrophysics in the School of Physics, Director of the Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory at Birr Castle, and Associate Dean of Research. Since joining Trinity, he has established a large and prolific research group that currently includes five PhD Students, four Postdoctoral Research Fellows, and one Senior Research Fellow, with nearly €4M in funding from the European Space Agency, the European Commission, the US Government, Science Foundation Ireland, and the Irish Research Council. Prof. Gallagher's group are world-leaders in solar physics and space weather research, and have made significant contributions to our understanding of how sunspots evolve and produce solar flares, how solar storms propagate in interplanetary space, and how shock waves are formed in the Sun's atmosphere. To date, he has co-authored nearly one hundred papers in high-ranking journals (h-index: 31), including Nature Communications and Nature Physics. Prof. Gallagher is a Member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP), a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS), and has served as Chairman of the Astronomical Sciences Group of Ireland (ASGI) and Vice-Chair of the Royal Irish Academy's Astronomy and Space Research Committee. He is Director of TCD's Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory in Birr Castle and Head of the Irish LOFAR radio telescope consortium. He was elected to Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin in 2012.
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 Heliophysics Integrated Observatory - HELIO
 Image and Signal Processing for the SWAP and LYRA Instruments onboard PROBA2
 Advanced Image Processing for STEREO
 Solar activity and Space Weather: Causes and consequences
 Statistics of Solar Flares for Space Weather Predictions

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Details Date
Royal Irish Academy Committee on Astronomy and Space Research 2009-
Advisory Board Member for FP7 SOlar-TERRestrial Investigations and Archives (SOTERIA) 2009-
Referee for the 'Astrophysical Journal', 'Astronomy and Astrophysics', 'Solar Physics', 'Planetary and Space Science', and 'Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia'.
Panel Reviewer for NASA's Sun-Earth Connection Program
Panel Reviewer for NASA's Living With A Star Program
Reviewer for UK Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC)
International Heliospheric Year (IHY) Campaign Coordinator and Representative for Ireland
Coordinator for the Max Millennium Program of Solar Flare Research
Scientific Organiser for ESA/NASA RHESSI/TRACE/SOHO conference (California) December 2004
Chair for the 2nd Solar Image Recognition Workshop (Maryland) October 2004
Special Session Chair at the American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Meeting (Colorado) June 2004
Special Session Convener for the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (San Francisco) December 2003
Scientific Organiser for the 1st Solar Image Recognition Workshop (Brussels) October 2003
Scientific Organiser for the NOAA Solar X-ray Imager Data Analysis Workshop (Colorado) August 2003
Scientific Organiser for the NASA Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop series (Maryland) July 2002
Details Date From Date To
Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS)
Member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP)
Member of the American Astronomical Society
Member of the Irish Research Scientists' Association
Management Committee Member for European Union's COST 724 on Space Weather
Member of the ESA Technology Demonstration Satellite Team, Proba-II
Member of the ESA Space Weather Working Team
Hayes, L.A. and Gallagher, P.T. and McCauley, J. and Dennis, B.R. and Ireland, J. and Inglis, A., Pulsations in the Earth's Lower Ionosphere Synchronized With Solar Flare Emission, Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 122, (10), 2017, p9841-9847 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Morosan, D.E. and Gallagher, P.T. and Fallows, R.A. and Reid, H. and Mann, G. and Bisi, M.M. and MagdaleniÄ , J. and Rucker, H.O. and Thidé, B. and Vocks, C. and Anderson, J. and Asgekar, A. and Avruch, I.M. and Bell, M.E. and Bentum, M.J. and Best, P. and Blaauw, R. and Bonafede, A. and Breitling, F. and Broderick, J.W. and BrÃ"ggen, M. and Cerrigone, L. and Ciardi, B. and De Geus, E. and Duscha, S. and Eislöffel, J. and Falcke, H. and Garrett, M.A. and Grieà meier, J.M. and Gunst, A.W. and Hoeft, M. and Iacobelli, M. and Juette, E. and Kuper, G. and McFadden, R. and McKay-Bukowski, D. and McKean, J.P. and Mulcahy, D.D. and Munk, H. and Nelles, A. and Orru, E. and Paas, H. and Pandey-Pommier, M. and Pandey, V.N. and Pizzo, R. and Polatidis, A.G. and Reich, W. and Schwarz, D.J. and Sluman, J. and Smirnov, O. and Steinmetz, M. and Tagger, M. and Ter Veen, S. and Thoudam, S. and Toribio, M.C. and Vermeulen, R. and Van Weeren, R.J. and Wucknitz, O. and Zarka, P., The association of a J -burst with a solar jet, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 606, 2017, pA81-, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Möstl, C. and Isavnin, A. and Boakes, P.D. and Kilpua, E.K.J. and Davies, J.A. and Harrison, R.A. and Barnes, D. and Krupar, V. and Eastwood, J.P. and Good, S.W. and Forsyth, R.J. and Bothmer, V. and Reiss, M.A. and Amerstorfer, T. and Winslow, R.M. and Anderson, B.J. and Philpott, L.C. and Rodriguez, L. and Rouillard, A.P. and Gallagher, P. and Nieves-Chinchilla, T. and Zhang, T.L., Modeling observations of solar coronal mass ejections with heliospheric imagers verified with the Heliophysics System Observatory, Space Weather, 15, (7), 2017, p955-970 , Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Dennis, B.R. and Tolbert, A.K. and Inglis, A. and Ireland, J. and Wang, T. and Holman, G.D. and Hayes, L.A. and Gallagher, P.T., Detection and Interpretation of Long-lived X-Ray Quasi-periodic Pulsations in the X-class Solar Flare on 2013 May 14, Astrophysical Journal, 836, (1), 2017, p84-, Notes: [cited By 4], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Long, D.M. and Bloomfield, D.S. and Chen, P.F. and Downs, C. and Gallagher, P.T. and Kwon, R.-Y. and Vanninathan, K. and Veronig, A.M. and Vourlidas, A. and VrÅ¡nak, B. and Warmuth, A. and Å"ic, T., Understanding the Physical Nature of Coronal †EIT Waves†, Solar Physics, 292, (1), 2017, p7-, Notes: [cited By 8], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Inglis A.R, Ireland J, Dennis B.R, Hayes L, Gallagher P, A LARGE-SCALE SEARCH for EVIDENCE of QUASI-PERIODIC PULSATIONS in SOLAR FLARES, Astrophysical Journal, 833, (2), 2016, p284-, Notes: [Export Date: 16 February 2017], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Bloomfield, D.S., Gallagher, P.T., Marquette, W.H., Milligan, R.O., Canfield, R.C., Performance of Major Flare Watches from the Max Millennium Program (2001 " 2010), Solar Physics, 291, (2), 2016, p411-427 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hayes L.A, Gallagher P.T, Dennis B.R, Ireland J, Inglis A.R, Ryan D.F, QUASI-PERIODIC PULSATIONS during the IMPULSIVE and DECAY PHASES of AN X-CLASS FLARE, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 827, (2), 2016, pL30-, Notes: [Cited By :3 Export Date: 16 February 2017], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Plotnikov, I., Rouillard, A.P., Davies, J.A., Bothmer, V., Eastwood, J.P., Gallagher, P., Harrison, R.A., Kilpua, E., Möstl, C., Perry, C.H., Rodriguez, L., Lavraud, B., Génot, V., Pinto, R.F., Sanchez-Diaz, E., Long-Term Tracking of Corotating Density Structures Using Heliospheric Imaging, Solar Physics, 2016, p1-23 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Scullion E, Voort L.R.V.D, Antolin P, Wedemeyer S, Vissers G, Kontar E.P, Gallagher P.T, OBSERVING the FORMATION of FLARE-DRIVEN CORONAL RAIN, Astrophysical Journal, 833, (2), 2016, p184-, Notes: [Export Date: 16 February 2017], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL

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S. Adamakis, C. L. Raftery, R. W. Walsh, P. T. Gallagher, A Bayesian approach to comparing theoretic models to observational data: A case study from solar flare physics, 2011, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Peter Gallagher, A Multiscale View of the Solar Atmosphere, SCANDINAVIAN CONFERENCE ON IMAGE ANALYSIS 2009, Oslo, Norway, June 15-18, 2009, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Peter Gallagher, Assessing our understanding of the active Sun and the active heliosphere - what observations do we need to progress?, SOHO/STEREO Workshop: Three Eyes on the Sun Multi-spacecraft studies of the corona and impacts on the heliosphere , Dorset, England, April 27-May 1, 2009, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Peter Gallagher, Propagating large-scale disturbances in the solar corona , BUKS2009: MHD waves and seismology of the solar atmosphere, Leuven, Belgium, 6-8 April, 2009, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Gallagher, P. T., Our Elusive Sun., Dublin University Physical Society, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, November, 2005, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Gallagher, P. T., Our Beautiful Sun - A Neighbour from Hell!, Science Live, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland, November, 2005, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Gallagher, P. T., Autonomous Space Weather Monitoring and Forecasting, ESA Space Weather Week, ESTEC, The Netherlands, November, 2005, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Gallagher, P. T., Diagnostics of Chromospheric Evaporation, SOHO/CDS Team Meeting, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, UK, September, 2005, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Gallagher, P. T., Our Elusive Sun, Astronomy Ireland,, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland, August, 2005, Notes: [(attracted 160 people).], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Gallagher, P. T., Energetics and Dynamics of Chromospheric Evaporation, NASA RHESSI Spacecraft Workshop, Locarno, Switzerland, June, 2005, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


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Award Date
International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) Conference Presentation Award 2005
L-3 Communications Innovative Solutions Award 2003
NASA Exceptional Performance Award 2002
Hewlett-Packard Award for graduating first place in M.Sc. class 1996
Solar astrophysics, space exploration, image processing, spectroscopy.