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Dr. Frédérique Vallieres

Assistant Professor (Psychology)

Director of Centre for Global Health (Trinity Centre for Global Health)

Frédérique Vallières is a Lecturer in Global Health and Psychology and the Director of the Trinity Centre for Global Health, where she also directs the PhD in Global Health (INDIGO). Frédérique's current research portfolio (> EUR 4.2 million) focuses on the application of Psychology to Global Health, with a focus on Global Mental Health, Health System Strengthening, and Human Resources for Health. Her research is primarily concerned with closing the research-to-practice gap prevalent within Global Health. Frédérique prioritises working in close collaboration with her growing network of influential local and international non-governmental organisations, as well as public bodies, such that research findings are integrated for improved practice and policy. She is currently the Principal Investigator for CONTEXT (, the TCD Lead Investigator for Perform2Scale (, and Co-PI for 'The Missing Link', in collaboration with the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent's Psychosocial Reference Centre. Frédérique received her BSc in Psychology and Biology from McGill University (Canada), and her MSc in Global Health and PhD in Public Health and Primary Care (2014) from Trinity College Dublin.
  Global Health   IMPLEMENTATION RESEARCH   Organizational Behavior and Psychology   POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS   PSYCHOLOGY   Social Psychology
 The Missing Link
 Coordinator Support Grant
 Validating the ICD-11 Trauma Questionnaire for use with Syrian Refugees
 Coordinator Support Grant
 Evaluating Spirasi's Rehabilitation Programme for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Ireland

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Deputy Editor, BMC Globalization and Health (Impact Factor: 2.540) 2014-Present
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
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Spanish Medium Medium Medium
Details Date From Date To
Member, European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) 2017 Present
Member, Red Cross Red Crescent Research Network on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support 2017 Present
Member, Mental Health Innovations Network 2016 Present
Member, Canadian Society for International Health 2016 Present
Member, Health Systems Global 2016 Present
An Introduction to Systems Thinking in, editor(s)Kodate, N., Larkan, F., Mannan, H. & Vallières, F. , Reading Across Systems Thinking for Global Health: How can systems-thinking contribute to solving key challenges in Global Health? , Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2020, [McGlacken-Byrne, D., Vallières, F. & Larkan, F. ], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED
Vallières, F., Kok, M., Mahmud, I., Sarker, M., Jeacocke, P., Karuga, R., Limato, L., Kea, A.Z., Chikaphupha, K., Sidat, M., Gilmore, B. and Taegtmeyer, M., Measuring motivation among close-to-community health workers: Developing the CTC provider Motivational Indicator Scale across six countries., BMC Human Resources for Health, 2020, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Karatzias, T., Shevlin, M., Murphy, J., McBride, O., Bentall, R.B., Ben-Ezra, M., Vallières, F. & Hyland, P. , Posttraumatic stress problems during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland. , 2020, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Haahr-Pedersen, I., Ershadi, A., Hyland, P., Hansen, M., Perera, C., Sheaf, G., Holm Bramsen, R., Spitz, P. and Vallières, F. , Polyvictimization and psychopathology among children and adolescents: A systematic review of studies using the Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire. , Child Abuse and Neglect, 107, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Murphy, D., Vallières, F., Murphy, J., McElroy, E. and Hyland, P. , Risk factors associated with general and specific dimensions of psychosis in a nationally representative sample of adults from the United States., Psychosis: Psychological, Social, and Integrative Approaches., 2020, Journal Article, IN_PRESS  DOI
Ugochukwu, O., Mbaezue, N., Lawal, S.A., Azubogu, C., Sheikh, T.L. & Vallières, F. , The time is now: Reforming Nigeria's outdated mental health law. , Lancet Global Health, 2020, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Perera, C., Salamanca-Sanabria, A., Caballero-Bernal, J., Feldman, L., Hansen, M., Bird, M., Hansen, P., Dinesen, C., Wiedemann, N. and Vallières, F. , No implementation without cultural adaptation: A process for culturally adapting low-intensity psychological interventions in humanitarian settings. , BMC Conflict and Health, 2020, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Flanagan, N., Travers, A., Vallières, F., Hansen, M., Halpin, R., Sheaf, G., Rottmann, N. & Johnsen, A. T. , Crossing Borders: A systematic review of mechanisms of intergenerational trauma transmission in asylum-seeking and refugee families. , European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2020, Journal Article, IN_PRESS
Adams, B., Vallières, F., Duncan, J.A., Higgins, A. and Eaton, J. , Factors affecting the delivery and outcomes of community mental health forums: A qualitative study conducted across 14 districts in Sierra Leone., BMC International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 2020, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Travers, Á., Armour, C., Hansen, M., Cunningham, T., Lagdon, S., Hyland, P., Vallières, F., McCarthy, A. & Walshe, C., Lesbian, gay or bisexual identity as a risk factor for trauma and mental health problems in Northern Irish students and the protective role of social support. , European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 11, (1), 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI

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Vallières, F., Hyland, P., McAuliffe, E., Mahmud, I., Tulloch, O., Walker, P. & Taegtmeyer, M. , Validation of the Perceived Supervision Scale to measure supervision of community health workers, International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRCRC) Research Network on Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Annual Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 22-23, 2017, Oral Presentation, ACCEPTED
Aldamman, K., Bramsen, R. H., Hansen, M., Wiedemann, N., Munk, M., and Vallières, F. , Managerial Practices to Ensure the Wellbeing of Humanitarian Volunteers. , International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRCRC) Research Network on Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Annual Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 22-23, 2017, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Perera, C., Scott, T., Wiedemann, N., Vallières, F., Scalable psychological interventions for reducing psychological distress in migrants, refugees and asylum seekers: a systematic literature review. , International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRCRC) Research Network on Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Annual Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 22-23, 2017, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Haahr-Pedersen, I., Bramsen, R.H., Hansen, M., Spitz, P., Hyland, P., and Vallières, F., Multiple Adversities: Investigation of Polyvictimization in Child Abuse Cases. , 8th Hindsgavl Conference of The Research Network against Child Abuse, Middelfart, Denmark, September 2017, Poster, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Nomination Civic Engagement Award - TCD 2020
Canadian Women Leaders in Global Health 2018
Young Woman of Merit, YWCA Montréal 2013
Appreciation Award, Sudan Medical Specialization Board 2017
Châtelaine, Finalist, Young Woman of the Year Award 2011
Kevany Award 2010