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Professor Fraser Mitchell

Professor (Botany)

Professor (Trinity Centre for the Environment)

2008: Associate Professor of Quaternary Ecology, Trinity College Dublin 2000: Promoted to Senior Lecturer in Quaternary Ecology in the Botany Department, Trinity College Dublin. 1990: Appointed as a College Lecturer in Quaternary Ecology in the Botany Department, Trinity College Dublin. 1985-1990: Postdoctoral Research: Higher Scientific Officer in the Grazing Research Division of The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Edinburgh. 1982-1985: Postgraduate research in the Botany Department, Trinity College Dublin. 1982: BSc (hons) first class University College Galway.
 Earth and Natural Sciences Doctoral Studies Programme
 Ecology of deep sea echinoids

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Award Date
Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard University 2000
Fellow Trinity College Dublin (F.T.C.D) 2001
Dr Fraser Mitchell joined the Botany department in 1990. He is a member of both the Palaeoecology and Woodland Ecology research groups. His primary research activity is the investigation of long-term vegetation change. This encompasses palaeoecological research (primarily pollen analysis) to reconstruct the change coupled with research into contemporary ecosystems to gain a greater understanding of the mechanisms of vegetation change. Climate change and large herbivore grazing in woodland are actively researched in this respect. He currently collaborates on research projects with Drs. Daniel Kelly, Paul Dowding and Trevor Hodkinson within the Botany Department and with researchers in UCC, Coillte and Teagasc. In 2000 Dr Mitchell was a Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard University where he investigated the impact of disturbance regimes on the stand dynamics of the Pisgah Old Growth Forest in New Hampshire.