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Professor Francis Morgan Boland

Adjunct Professor (Electronic & Elect. Engineering)


My career as an engineer has been predominantly based within the academic sector. I am very committed to and derive much satisfaction from teaching electrical engineering principles to junior students and teaching advanced topics in signal processing and systems theory to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students. My research work is in the mathematics and algorithms of adaptive systems and digital signal processing for audio and acoustics. The focus of my research has, in recent years, been the delivery of accurate immersive audio environments. The research is motivated by the obvious flaw in a virtual environment in which visual and auditory cues are not spatially coincident. Furthermore, the perceptive effect of this spatial disjunction is often unpredictable as it depends on the events in the virtual environment and the nature of the actions expected of the user or participant. The objective of my research is to create, for a listener, the immersive experience of spatially accurate audio cues that are stable with voluntary or random head and other movements by the user. The research of the group I lead has, in recent years, achieved novel theoretical and experimental results that include [Details are included in our associated publications] 1 We proposed and verified that within the large data sets of angle dependent head related impulse (HRIR) response functions, associated with binaural hearing, there exist angle independent sub-systems. We have recently reported a theoretical underpinning of this work by showing its equivalence to the approximate factorisation of sets of polynomials with random coefficients and we have also shown that the method can be used to equalise headphone transfer functions. 2 We have implemented an Ambisonic soundfield using a virtual uniform circular array with a rotatable soundfield using headtracking to maintain a stable orientation. 3 We have developed algorithms for detecting and interpolating the reflections in Room Impulse Response functions and a novel method for measuring the standard acoustic decay response of a room. I have maintained strong links with the engineering industry and this has always informed my research. These links include extensive EU collaborative research, the delivery of specialist courses and consultancy work and professional associations
  Applied probability   Communication engineering, technology   Communications engineering   Computer vision and robotics   Control Engineering   Engineering & Physical Acoustics   Foundations and methods   Human computer interactions   Imaging and Computer Vision   Modelling, modelling tools, 3D modelling   Multimedia   Performance and technology   Signal processing   Signal, Video & Audio Processing   Sound Engineering   Speech processing/technology   Systems control, Modelling, Neural networks   Systems Engineering   Systems/Control   Telecommunication Engineering   Telecommunications   Vibration and Accoustic Engineering
 Mathematical Modelling of Solar Heating Systems
 Project 271 ADVICE
 Contract No.P4:058 Adaptive Noise Cancelation
 Vector quantization of colour imagery
 Image analysis of colour and texture for the food industry

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Details Date
Visiting Academic Researcher, HM Health & Safety
Member NBST Telecommunications Research Committee
Member Forfas, Foresight Committee on IT
Member of the Electrical Division Board of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Member of Executive Committee of the Dublin Zoo
External Examiner for undergraduate courses at the University of Ulster and Dublin City University.
External Examiner for PhD and MSc degrees at UK and Irish universities.
Details Date From Date To
Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland, FIEI, Chartered Engineer, C.Eng. 1990
Walsh ME, Galvin R, Boland F, Williams D, Harbison JA, Murphy S, Collins DR, McCabe DJH, Crowe M, Horgan NF, Validation of two risk prediction models for recurrent falls in the first year after stroke: A prospective cohort study, Age and Ageing, 2017, p1-6 , Journal Article, IN_PRESS  DOI
Bednar, A., Boland, F.M., Lalor, E.C., Different spatio-temporal electroencephalography features drive the successful decoding of binaural and monaural cues for sound localization, European Journal of Neuroscience, 2017, p1--, Journal Article, IN_PRESS  DOI
Sulaiman I, Seheult J, MacHale E, Boland F, O'Dwyer SM, Rapcan V, D'Arcy S, Cushen B, Mokoka M, Killane I, Ryder SA, Reilly RB, Costello RW, A Method to Calculate Adherence to Inhaled Therapy That Reflects the Changes in Clinical Features of Asthma., Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 13, (1), 2016, p1894-1903. , Notes: [PMID: 27467125], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Dwyer SM, MacHale E, Sulaiman I, Holmes M, Hughes C, D'Arcy S, Rapcan V, Taylor T, Boland F, Bosnic-Anticevich S, Reilly RB, Ryder SA, Costello RW, The effect of providing feedback on inhaler technique and adherence from an electronic audio recording device, INCA┬«, in a community pharmacy setting: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial., Trials, 17, (1), 2016, p226 , Notes: [PMID: 27142873], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL  URL  URL
Yun-feng Wang, Jason I Kilpatrick, Suzanne P Jarvis, Frank Boland, Anil Kokaram, David Corrigan, Automated Registration of Low and High Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy Images using Scale Invariant Features, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Paris, France, October 2014, 2014, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Meriel Huggard, Frank Boland, Ciaran Mc Goldrick, Using Cooperative Learning to Enhance Critical Reflection, IEEE Frontiers in Education, Madrid, Spain, 22-25 October 2014 , IEEE, 2014, pp1899 - 1906, Conference Paper, PRESENTED  DOI
Ian J. Kelly, Francis M. Boland, Randomness and the reverberation time, RT60, of acoustic responses, IEEE International Conference ob Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy, May 2014, 2014, pp8222 - 8226, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
I. J. Kelly, F. M. Boland, Detecting Arrivals in Room Impulse Responses with Dynamic Time Warping, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 22, (7), 2014, p1139 - 1147, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Corrigan D., Gorzel M., Squires J., Boland F., Depth perception of audio sources in stereo 3D environments , IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, Stereoscopic Displays and Applications, Burlingame, CA, USA , 2013, 2013, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
Scanlon P.,Kavanagh D., Boland F. M. , Residual Life Prediction of Rotating Machines Using Acoustic Noise Signals, Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on, 62, (1), 2013, p95-108 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Award Date
Kelvin Premium, Institution of Electrical Engineers 1977
Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, FTCD 1990
Research interests in digital signal processing and technology for audio, acoustics. Systems theory for modelling and design in complex and adaptive systems.