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Dr. Daniel Faas

Associate Professor (Sociology)

Daniel Faas is Associate Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin, Convenor/Champion of the Research Theme 'Identities in Transformation', and Founding Director of the MSc Comparative Social Change (an inter-institutional partnership and joint degree programme with University College Dublin). He has held Visiting Professorships at Universidade de São Paulo, Beijing Foreign Studies University, University of the Philippines Diliman and University College London. He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (PhD, MPhil), the University of Stuttgart (MA) and Trinity College Dublin (MA jo). His research and teaching interests are in the sociology of migration with specific emphasis on the intersection of migration and education. His work focuses on youth identities in relation to immigrant integration, national identity, multiculturalism and social cohesion, religion and schooling in Ireland and Europe, curriculum design and development, as well as comparative case study methodologies. He has published widely on these topics in high-impact peer-reviewed international journals, as well as a sole-authored monograph (Negotiating Political Identities: Multiethnic Schools and Youth in Europe) and is internationally reputed for his work in these areas. In 2015, Professor Faas was elected to Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin in recognition of his scholarship and research achievements and his contribution to College and to the School. Daniel Faas is winner of the Trinity Global Engagement Award (2016) in recognition of outstanding global relationship building, collaboration, outreach and cultural understanding, winner of the Provost's Teaching Award at Trinity College Dublin (2012) in recognition of his contribution in the pursuit of teaching excellence and innovation, and recipient of the 2009 European Sociological Association award for best journal article. Professor Faas was Head of the Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin (2012-16), Member of the University Council at Trinity College Dublin (2012-18), Fulbright-Schuman Fellow in the Department of Sociology at UC Berkeley (2009) and Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy in Athens (2006-2008). Professor Faas has served as College Tutor, Director of International Affairs in the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy (2010-15), Member of the College International Committee (2012-18) and Member of the Equality Committee (2016-17). He has been strongly involved in Trinity College's Global Relations Strategy development and implementation, including chairing a Task Force on Mobility leading to the publication of a policy report on 'Barriers to Inward and Outward Student Mobility' (2013), developing an International Foundation Programme (2015), as well as numerous international student recruitment and partnership building delegations particularly in India, China, Brazil and the Philippines. Externally, Professor Faas has acted as expert evaluator and panel vice-chair for the European Commission (Horizon 2020 and FP7), Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, Swiss National Science Foundation, Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal, Luxembourg National Research Fund, and the Volkswagen Foundation.
  Case-study research   Citizenship   Community and School Relations   Comparative Education   Comparative Sociology   Educational Planning/Policy   Ethnicity & Nationalism in Central Europe   EU developments   European minority cultures and identities   Globalisation   Identity politics and social change   Knowledge Based Society   Migration   Migration and Employment   Multicultural Education   Multiculturalism   Qualitative methodologies   Race and ethnic studies   Social Policy   Teacher Education Issues

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Details Date
Member of the Royal Irish Academy, Social Sciences Committee 2018-to date
Associate Editor, Intercultural Education (Journal) 2018-to date
Expert Evaluator, Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) [Social Sciences and Humanities SH2 Panel] 2017-to date
Board Member, European Sociological Association (Research Network 10: Sociology of Education) 2017-to date
Panel Vice-Chair and Rapporteur, European Commission, Framework Programme Horizon 2020 [Societal Challenge 6] 2015-to date
Convenor of the Special Interest Group "Belief Systems, Ethics and Philosophy in Education" (Educational Studies Association of Ireland) 2016-to date
Expert Evaluator, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency [EACEA, European Commission] 2015-to date
Editorial Board Member, British Educational Research Journal 2014-2017
Policy Brief Author for Network Migration in Europe (for information platform Migration Citizenship Education on "Muslims in Germany") 2015-2016
Editorial Board Member, Irish Journal of Sociology 2014-to date
External Examiner of PhD dissertations 2014-to date
Expert Evaluator, Volkswagen Foundation [Challenges for Academia and Society] 2013-to date
Editor of Education Inquiry Journal (Special Issue: "Ethnic diversity and schooling in national education systems") 2012-2013
Expert Evaluator, European Commission, FP7 and Horizon 2020 [Cooperation] as Remote Evaluator and Panel Member 2012-to date
Expert Evaluator, Foundation for Science and Technology Portugal [Social Sciences and the Humanities] 2012-to date
Expert Evaluator, Swiss National Science Foundation [Humanities and Social Sciences] 2012-to date
Expert Evaluator, Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus [Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities] 2010-to date
Advisor to the Irish Department of Education and Skills and National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) 2008-to date
Advisor to the European Commission, DG Education and Culture [Education and Training 2010 Programme] 2007-2009
Chair and Discussant at major national and international Sociology and Education conferences 2008-to date
Championing of Interdisciplinarity through research collaboration and high-level outreach activities within and beyond Trinity College 2008-to date
Journal Article Referee, Book Reviewer, and Book Manuscript Reviewer 2007-to date
Dissemination of Research Expertise to the wider community through regular media work nationally and internationally (print, radio and TV) 2007-to date
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Medium Medium
German Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) 2017 present
Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI) 2012 present
European Sociological Association (ESA), honorary member since 2009 2007 present
British Educational Research Association (BERA) 2005 present
European Educational Research Association (EERA) 2005 present
American Sociological Association (ASA) 2012 2014
Council for European Studies (CES) 2010 2013
International Sociological Association (ISA) 2008 2011
British Sociological Association (BSA) 2006 2011
American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2007 2008
FAAS, D. and KMEC, V., 'Where is my Home?': Negotiating religious, ethnic and national identities of young people with Turkish background in Germany, Comparative Education, 2019, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
MOURITSEN, P., FAAS, D. and DE WITTE, N., Leitkultur Debates in North-Western Europe: The new nationalism of values and good citizenship, Ethnicities, 2019, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
FAAS, D. and FOLEY, H., Educational transitions in Ireland: A longitudinal study of the lives of Russian speaking students, Comparative Education , 2019, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Migration and higher education in Ireland in, editor(s)Maria Slowey and Hans G. Schuetze , Inequality, Innovation and Reform in Higher Education Global demographic and social challenges, New York, Springer, 2018, [FAAS, D.], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
'Ireland: A shift towards religious equality in schools' in, editor(s)Peter Stevens and Gary Dworkin , The Palgrave Handbook of Race and Ethnic Inequalities in Education, Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2018, [FAAS, D. & FIONDA, R.], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
FINE-DAVIS, M and FAAS, D., Equality and diversity in vocational education: A comparison of trainees' and trainer's attitudes in six European countries , Compare, 2018, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
FAAS, D., SMITH, A. and DARMODY, M., Children's agency in multi-belief settings: The case of Community National Schools in Ireland, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
FAAS, D., SMITH, A. and DARMODY, M., Between ethos and practice: Are Ireland's new multi-denominational schools equal and inclusive?, Compare, 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
FAAS, D., SMITH, A. and DARMODY, M. , The role of principals in creating inclusive school environments: Insights from community national schools in Ireland, School Leadership and Management , 38, (4), 2018, p457-473 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
WANG, Y. and FAAS, D., The Economic and Family Experiences of First- and Second-Generation Hong Kong Chinese in the Republic of Ireland, Ethnicities, 2018, Journal Article, SUBMITTED

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INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: CROXALL, M., 'Ireland Abortion Referendum', (26 May), London , BBC News live at 8pm, replayed on the 11pm bulletin, 2018, -, Notes: [Live television interview of Prof Daniel Faas with Martine Croxall on the impact of the abortion referendum in Ireland and wider issues of social change], Broadcast, RELEASED
FAAS, D. , Religion and Education in Ireland: Child agency, ethos and leadership in Community National Schools , Invited lecture on the MA Sociology programme, 12 February, 2018, Department of Sociology, University of the Philippines (Diliman), Invited Talk, PRESENTED
FAAS, D. , Ireland in Europe: Sociological and Political Perspectives , Invited lecture as part of the St Patrick's Day celebrations at BFSU, 14 March, 2018, Centre of Irish Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
FAAS, D., The Migration Challenge: Comparative Educational Perspectives , Invited lecture to masters and PhD students at Minzu , 14 March, 2018, School of Ethnology and Anthropology, Minzu University of China, Beijing, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
FAAS, D. , The Role of Religion, Religiosity and Identity in Schools, Spotlight Topic Keynote Speaker at 2nd Cultural Diversity, Migration and Education Conference, 24 August, 2018, University of Potsdam, Germany, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
FAAS, D. , Education and Diversity: The Way Forward, Invited panelist at the ESA International Mid-term Conference "Education and Social Cohesion", 31 August , 2018, Research Network RN 10 Sociology of Education European Sociological Association, UCL Institute of Education, London, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: CONNAN, J., Avortement: la société irlandaise devant un choix historique [Abortion: Irish society faces an historic choice], Le Figaro, 25 May, 2018, p10-, Notes: [Interview of Prof Daniel Faas with Foreign Affairs Correspondent Julie Connan (Le Figaro)], Report, PUBLISHED
INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: HANNON, P., Ireland Stays Faithful to a Catholic Education , Wall Street Journal , 24 August, 2018, Notes: [Interview of Prof Daniel Faas with Wall Street Journal Reporter Paul Hannon], Report, PUBLISHED
NATIONAL MEDIA: McINERNEY, S., 'Community National Schools in Ireland', Newstalk Drive, (23 June), Newstalk 106-108FM, 2017, -, Notes: [Live radio interview (7 minutes) on the research findings and recommendations of the Community National School study by Prof Daniel Faas], Broadcast, RELEASED
FAAS, D., Religious Education in Ireland: The Responses of Community National Schools, Keynote at the Community National School Management Group Conference , 13 June, 2017, Education and Training Boards Ireland, Naas, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


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Award Date
Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, University of the Philippines (Diliman) 2018
Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, Universidade de São Paulo 2017
Visiting Professor, School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Beijing Foreign Studies University 2017
Global Engagement Award, Trinity College Dublin (in recognition of global relationship building) 2016
Trinity Education Fellowship (in recognition of enhancing the Trinity undergraduate education) 2016
Election to Fellowship at Trinity College Dublin (in recognition of research excellence) 2015
Visiting Scholar, Institute of Education, University College London 2013
European Sociological Association Book of the Month 2013
Provost's Teaching Award, Trinity College Dublin (in recognition of teaching excellence) 2012
Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Social Sciences, Aarhus University 2010
Best Article Award and Honorary Membership, European Sociological Association 2009
Fulbright-Schuman Fellowship, University of California at Berkeley 2008
Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy 2006
Cambridge European Trust Award, University of Cambridge 2005
Paul Mellon Award, Clare Hall College University of Cambridge 2005
British Economic and Social Research Council Scholarship 2002
My research is in the sociology of migration and consists of three interlinked strands: (1) identities and integration, (2) comparative curriculum analyses, as well as (3) religion and schooling in Ireland and Europe. It strongly links to the College's priority research theme on "Identities in Transformation", where I currently sit on the Steering Committee. My work creates new knowledge by asking fundamental questions: How do societies and institutions differ in the ways in which they incorporate minorities who hold multi-layered identities? How do national school curricula address migration-related diversity and European issues? How is religion integrated in schools and education system? I am internationally reputed for my innovative work in these areas. For example my work on identities has brought together, for the first time, within-country and between-country differences in identity formation, revealing a range of factors which shape contemporary identities. My work is policy-oriented, allowing me to build bridges between academic and policy communities at national and European level. I have received major research grants and highly competitive fellowships including a Fulbright-Schuman Fellowship, Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, and other external funding as PI and Co-PI in European collaborative projects. In 2015 I was elected to Fellowship at Trinity College Dublin (FTCD). Involvement and coordination in research projects has allowed me to build an international interdisciplinary network of collaborators including researchers in the Netherlands, Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark and the United States. I play an active role in European research networks, and present the findings of my research in academic and non-academic settings, frequently as an invited speaker. These include national and international conferences, presentations for policy-makers and the general public and media engagement. I receive invitations as expert in the field including visiting professorships, consultancies and advisory roles. I have a substantial and sustained research output of around 60 publications, including (edited) books, book chapters and journal articles. I publish in the top-ranked peer-reviewed international journals in the field of education, sociology and ethnic studies such as "British Journal of Sociology", "Ethnicities", "British Educational Research Journal", "British Journal of Sociology of Education". The impact of my work and international reputation is not only evidenced via strong citation metrics, but also in the form of awards (European Sociological Association Award for Best Journal Article), visiting professorships (UCL, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Universidade de São Paulo) and peer evaluations (only social scientist at Trinity to reach two ERC finals as Starter and Consolidator). I have lived, researched and published across five different countries, supervised 12 PhD students, 24 Masters students and 5 postdoctoral researchers. Several of these have gone on to securing prestigious grants or employment posts at top universities. In my role as Head of Sociology (2012-16), I promoted research leadership in numerous ways. Firstly, I encouraged staff to engage in collaborative research through creating and deepening links with the ESRI, the Trinity Long Room Hub priority theme on Identities in Transformation, the TCD-UCD Strategic Alliance as well as international networks such as IMISCOE. Secondly, I fostered dialogue by promoting research discussions in the Department and College, for instance through dedicated sessions focused on exchanging research expertise among colleagues. Thirdly, I have mentored staff, for example through the HR Momentum Programme in College, and have discussed their research plans and publication strategies enabling them to expand their vision and operating successfully within Trinity and beyond. I consider this part of cultivating the next generation of Trinity scholars.