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Dr. Elizabeth Nixon

Assistant Professor (Psychology)

Elizabeth Nixon is a Lecturer in Developmental Psychology based in the School of Psychology and a Senior Research Fellow at the Children's Research Centre. Elizabeth received a BA and MLitt Degree in Psychology from UCD and a PhD in Psychology and Post-graduate Diploma in Statistics from TCD. Her doctoral research explored how parenting practices and family relationships are negotiated and experienced by children and their mothers within lone-mother households and was carried out at the Children's Research Centre. Prior to taking up her lectureship in psychology in October 2006, Elizabeth worked as a Research Fellow at the Children's Research Centre where she was involved in the First National Study of Intercountry Adoption in Ireland, funded by the Adoption Board (published in 2007). Her research focuses onparenting and family as a context for children's development.
  Adoption   CHILDREN'S EXPERIENCES   Developmental Psychology   Irish childhoods, change and diversity   PARENT-CHILD RELATIONS   PARENTING
 Parental Ethnotheories among Immigrant and Irish Parents of Infants in Ireland
 National Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland - Growing up in Ireland
 Discourses of Masculinity, Sexual Responsibility and Fatherhood among Disadvantaged Young Men in Ireland
 Children's Perspectives on Parenting Styles & Discipline: A Developmental Perspective
 A National Survey of Parenting Styles in Ireland

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Details Date
Member of the Governing Council of the Psychological Society of Ireland 2008
Member of the Board of Professional Conduct, Psychological Society of Ireland 2008
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland 1997
Member of the British Psychological Society 1997
Member of the Society for Research in Child Development 2000
Member of the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2000
Member of the United States National Council for Family Relations 2004
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Hadfield, K. & Nixon, E., Including those that exclude themselves: Comparisons of self-identifying and non self-identifying stepfamilies., Journal of Family Studies, 19, (2), 2013, p209 - 218, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Winner of the British Psychological Society Annual Conference best poster award 2008
Developmental Psychology, Parenting, Parent-Child Relationships, Adoption, Irish childhoods, Children's experiences, Childhood Obesity