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Dr. Elaine Moriarty

Assistant Professor (Sociology)

Elaine Moriarty is Assistant Professor in Sociology. Elaine's teaching and research interests include mobility and migration, employment and labour markets, qualitative research methods and race and ethnicity. Elaine is currently researching 'New forms of mobility and the Portability of Social Protections in Europe' supported by the Trinity Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund (2013-date). She was project manager on the 'Careers, Conjunctures and Consequences - the implications of Polish migration to Ireland for contemporary Irish emigration' research project (2012-2013), a follow up to the 'Migrant Careers and Aspirations' project, a three year study of Polish migrants in the Irish labour market (2007-2010). Her most recent publications include (2013) New Mobilities in Europe: Polish Migration to Ireland post 2004 Manchester University Press, UK (with Torben Krings, James Wickham, Alicja Bobek and Justyna Salamonska); (2012), 'Taking on almost everyone?' Migrant and Employer Recruitment Strategies in a Booming Labour Market, International Journal of Human Resource Management, (with James Wickham, Torben Krings, Justyna Salamonska, Alicja Bobek) and (2012) 'Polish Migration to Ireland: 'Free Movers' in the New European Mobility Space', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (with Torben Krings, Alicja Bobek, Justyna Salamonska and James Wickham). Elaine has a B.Soc.Sc from UCC, an M.Phil in Ethnic and Racial Studies from TCD and a Ph.D in Sociology from TCD.
  Globalisation   Identity politics and social change   labour migration   Migration   Race and ethnic studies
 Careers, Conjuncture and Consequences: The Implications of Polish migration to Ireland for contemporary Irish emigration
 Migrant Careers and Aspirations

Details Date From Date To
Sociological Association of Ireland 2001 date
European Sociological Association 2003 date
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Award Date
Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Postgraduate Scholarship 2001-2004