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Joined Trinity College, Dublin in 1982 as lecturer and became Senior lecturer in 1987. Previous experience included managing ground investigation companies in Ireland, and geotechnical, road and structural design experience in Ireland, the UK and in the Sultanate of Oman. Studied for MS in Cornell University (USA) on scholarship and fellowship and for PhD in Trinity College on a research contract funded by the European Office of the US Corps of Engineers.
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 M7 Kildare Town By-pass Motorway Project

Details Date
Chairman of the Irish National Annex committee of EC 7 Irish Liaison Engineer to SC 7/TC250 Eurocode Past Chairman of the civil division of the Instution of Engineers of Ireland. Member of European Techical Committee of the Evaluations of Eurocodes (ETC 10) Past member of TC 15 of ISSMGE on peat. Past member of ETC 5 of ISSME on laboratory testing
Reviewer for Geotechnique
Reviewer for ASCE
Irish Liason Engineer to SC 7/TC250 Eurocode
Details Date From Date To
Fellow of Engineer's Ireland 1986
Chartered Member of Institution of Civil Engineers 1973
European Engineer (Eur Ing) 1990
Fellow of the Geological Society 1992
Member of European Technical Committee of the Evaluation of Eurocode (ETC 10)
Past Chairman of the Civil division of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Galbraith A.P., Farrell E.R. and Orr T.L.L., Characteristic compressive resistance of piles - Case study, Proceedings 17th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference, Geo-engineering for natural hazard mitigation and sustainable development, 17th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference, Geo-engineering for natural hazard mitigation and sustainable development, Taipei, Taiwan, 1, 2010, pp413-416 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Farrell, E, Byrne, EM, Fischer, J, O'Brien, FJ, O'Connell, BC, Prendergast, PJ, Campbell, VA, A comparison of the osteogenic potential of adult rat mesenchymal stem cells cultured in 2-D and on 3-D collagen glycosaminoglycan scaffolds., Technology and Healthcare, 15, (1), 2007, p19 - 31, Notes: [PMID: 17264410], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Farrell, E.R & O'Donnell, C, Comparison of predicted and observed response of some embankments, Proceedings of Conference on soft Soils, Geotechnical Society of Ireland, (3.1), 2007, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Farrell, E.R & O'Donnell, C(ed.), Soft Soils, Geotechnical Society of Ireland, Comparison of predicted and observed response of some embankments on soft ground in Ireland, Paper 3.1, 2007, Geological Society of Ireland, 2007, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED
E. Farrell., F.J. O'Brien., P. Doyle., J. Fischer., I. Yannas., B. O'Connell., P.J. Prendergast & V.A. Campbell , A collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffold supports adult rat mesenchymal stem cell differentiation along osteogenic and chondrogenic routes., Tissue Engineering, 12, (3), 2006, p459 - 468, Notes: [PMID: 16579679], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Prina-Mello A, Farrell E, Prendergast PJ, Campbell V, Coey JMD , Influence of strong static magnetic fields on primary cortical neurons , Bioelectromechanics, 27, 1, (Jan), 2006, p35 - 42, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
MacCarthy, K and Farrell, E.R, Interpretation of permeability test results in heterogeneous glacial sediments, Fifty-eighth Canadian geotechnical conference; 6th joint IAH-CNC/CGS conference, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 2005, pp18 - 21, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Farrell, E.R., Evaluation of Eurocode 7 Design Philosophy, Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Evaluation of Eurocode 7, Dublin, March 2005, 2005, pp165-174 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Farrell, E. R., and Coppinger, J., Passive groundwater control system for a motorway, Geotechnical Engineering, 157, (GE4), 2004, p209 - 217, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
S. Hebib and E.R.Farrell, Stabilisation of Irish Soils, Trans. Instn. Engrs. Ireland, 128, 2004, p52 - 72, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Osorio J.P., Farrell E.R., O'Kelly B.C. and McElvaney J., Design approach for improving rampart roads, Young European Arena of Research website, Extended abstract, 2008, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Geotechnical research Trinity College Dublin, The Irish Scientist Year Book 2005, 13, 2005, pp90 - [Farrell E.R, Orr T.L.L and O'Kelly B.C], Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, PUBLISHED
E.R.Farrell, J. Coppinger, J Grealish, P. Thorne, Kildare bypass's unique groundwater control system, The Engineers Jpurna, 58, (1), 2004, p49 - 55, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
E.R. Farrell, The influence of geology on engineering in Ireland, Engineering Group of Geological Society, London, Sept., 2002, Notes: [ ], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
S. Hebib and E.R.Farrell, Deep Soil Mixing for organic soils, The Engineers Journal, 56, (2), 2002, p25 - 29, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Orr T.L.L, Farrell, E.R., Paul T., Gavin K, National Report on Limit State Design in Geotechnical Engineering;Ireland, International Workshop on Limit State Design in Geotechnical Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, 2000, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
T.L.L. Orr, E.R. Farrell,, Different approaches for ultimate limit state geotechnical designs, International Workshop on Limit State Design in Geotechnical Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, 2000, Notes: [ ], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
E.R. Farrell, Applied Soil Improvement Techniques for Road and Railway Engineering, Technical University of Delft, April, 2000, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
E.R. Farrell, Laboratory testing for settlement estimation, Proc. Sym. on field and laboratory testing of soils, Civil Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin, 1999, pp91 - 109, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
E.R. Farrell, Road embankments on soft ground in Ireland, Geotechnical Society of Ireland, IEI, 1997, Book, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Francis Edge Prize in Geology 1966
Samuel Rubin Foundation 1968
Fellowship from Cornell University 1968
Smith Testimonial 1988, 1991, 1996
Geotechnical Prize 1991, 1994, 2003, 2005
Institution Prize 1988
Behaviour of peat and organic soils at low effective stresses. Determining ground water response to short and long term de-watering events in engineering projects, including the assessment of in-situ permeability and the use of finite element numerical methods. Developement of numerical models for predicting deformations in very hard lodgement tills. Assessment of the behaviour of compacted material from laboratory and in situ tests, including from soil suction measurements. Stabilisation methods for organic and inorganic soils. Behaviour of embankments on soft soils. Design to Eurocodes. Geotechnical properties of lodgement tills, Embankments of soft soils, Coastal & Glacial Aquifers