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Dr. Michelle D'Arcy

Assistant Professor (Political Science)

  DEMOCRATIZATION   Kenyan politics
 Credible Enforcement before Credible Commitment:Exploring the Consequences of Institutional Sequencing
 Do Local Elections Foster Local Democracy? - Party Strategies in the First Elections at the Country Level in Kenya

Details Date
Board Member of the Armed Conflict Location and Event Database (ACLED), one of the most widely used and respected large-scale databases on conflict 2013-2016
Board member, Editorial Advisory Board of the Development Studies Association of Ireland Working Paper series 2014-2018
Member, African Politics Conference Group, which promotes recognition within professional associations of the theoretical and methodological contributions to the discipline of political scientists whose research and professional interests center largely or in part upon sub-Saharan Africa. 2013-2018
Conference Organizer, Conference on Devolution and Local Development in Kenya, Nairobi June 26th 2014
Journal reviewer, American Political Science Review 2018
Journal Reviewer, European Journal of Political Research 2018
Journal reviewer - Perspectives on Politics 2018
Journal Reviewer - Political Geography 2017
Journal Reviewer - Governance 2017
Journal Reviewer - Comparative Politics 2017
Journal Reviewer, African Affairs 2015
Journal reviewer, Comparative Political Studies 2016
Journal Reviewer - Geoforum 2017
Journal Reviewer - Policy Studies 2017
Journal Reviewer - Journal of Institutional Economics 2017
Journal Reviewer - Journal of Modern African Studies 2018
Journal Reviewer - Global Environmental Politics 2014
Journal Reviewer - Journal of Development Studies 2015
Journal Reviewer - South African Journal of Economics 2015
Book Proposal Reviewer - OUP 2016
Text book Proposal Reviewer - Routledge 2015
Details Date From Date To
Development Studies Association of Ireland Editorial Advisory Board 2014
American Political Science Association 2009
European Consortium for Political Research
Political Studies Association of Ireland
African Politics Conference Group
World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research
Southern Political Science Association
The Irish Tax State and Historical Legacies: Slowly converging capacity, persistent unwillingness to pay in, editor(s)Douglas Kanter and Patrick Walsh , Taxation, Politics, and Protest in Ireland, 1662-2016, Plagrave Macmillan, 2019, [Michelle D'Arcy and Marina Nistotskaya], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Big Men and Poor Voters: Political Corruption and Elections in Kenya in, editor(s)Inge Amundsen , Political Corruption and Development. Extraction, Power Preservation and Donor Responses, Edward Elgar, 2019, [Michelle D'Arcy], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Devolution and County Government in Kenya in, editor(s)N. Cheeseman, K. Kanyinga and G. Lynch , The Oxford Handbook on Kenyan Politics, Oxford University Press, 2018, pp100 - 120, [Michelle D'Arcy], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Getting to Sweden: The Origins of High Tax Compliance in the Swedish Tax State in, editor(s)Sven Steinmo , Leap of Faith: the historical and institutional roots of tax compliance, Oxford University Press, 2018, pp30 - 45, [Marina Nistotskaya and Michelle D'Arcy], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Michelle D'Arcy and Marina Nistotskaya, The Early Modern Origins of Contemporary European Tax Outcomes, European Journal of Political Research, 57, (1), 2018, p47 - 67, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Michelle D'Arcy and Marina Nistotskaya, State First, then Democracy: Using Cadastral Records to Explain Governmental Performance in Public Goods Provision, Governance, 30 (2), 193-209, (2), 2017, p193 - 209, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Michelle D'Arcy and Agnes Cornell, Devolution and Corruption in Kenya: Everyone's Turn to Eat?, African Affairs, 115, (459), 2016, p246 - 273, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Rulers and their Elite Rivals: How democratization has increased incentives for corruption in sub-Saharan Africa in, editor(s)Carl Dahlström and Lena Wängnerud , Elites, Institutions, and the Quality of Government, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, [Michelle D'Arcy], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Agnes Cornell & Michelle D'Arcy, Plus ça Change? ­County Level Politics after Devolution, Journal of East African Studies, 8 , (1), 2014, p173 - 191, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
D'Arcy, Michelle, Non-state actors and universal services in Tanzania and Lesotho: state-building by alliance, Journal of Modern African Studies, 51, (2), 2013, p219 - 247, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Agnes Cornell & Michelle D'Arcy, Devolution and Development in Kenya, International Centre for Local Democracy Working Paper series, 2014, Report, PRODUCED


Award Date
Equality Fund Award 2018
Provost's PhD Award 2017
Political Science Association of Ireland Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 2016
Provost's Teaching Award, Early Career Award 2016