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Dr. David Corrigan

Research Fellow (Electronic & Elect. Engineering)


Corrigan D., Gorzel M., Squires J., Boland F., Depth perception of audio sources in stereo 3D environments , IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, Stereoscopic Displays and Applications, Burlingame, CA, USA , 2013, 2013, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
Y.F. Wang, D. Corrigan, C. Forman, S. Jarvis and A. Kokaram, 16. Restoration of high-resolution AFM images captured with broken probes, BiOS Symposium, San Francisco, UK., January, SPIE, 2012, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
K. Sooknanan, A. Kokaram, D. Corrigan, G. Baugh, N. Harte and J. Wilson, Indexing and Selection of Well-Lit Details in Underwater Video Mosaics Using Vignetting Estimation, Program Book - OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Yeosu: The Living Ocean and Coast - Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities, International OCEANS Conference, Yeosu, South Korea, May, IEEE, 2012, ppArticle number 6263541 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
K. Sooknanan, A. Kokaram, D. Corrigan, G. Baugh, J. Wilson and N. Harte , Improving Underwater Visibility Using Vignetting Correction, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Visual Information Processing and Communication, Burlingame, California, USA, January, 8305, SPIE, 2012, ppArticle number 83050M , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kangyu Pan, David Corrigan, Jens Hillebrand, Mani Ramaswami, and Anil Kokaram, A wavelet-based Bayesian framework for 3D object segmentation in microscopy, Proceedings of SPIE, 8227, 2012, part. no. 82271O , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
David Corrigan, Anil Kokaram, Naomi Harte, 3. Algorithms for the Digital Restoration of Torn Film, IEEE Transactions on IMage Processing, 21, (2), 2012, p573 - 587, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
D. Corrigan, F. Pitié and A. Kokaram. , Restoration of Image Burnout in 3D-Stereoscopic Media using Inter-View Gradient Interpolation, European Signal Processing Conference, Barcelona, Spain., Eurasip, 2011, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
D. Corrigan, F. Pitié and A. Kokaram, Restoring Image Burnout in 3D-Stereoscopic Media using Temporally Consistent Disparity Maps, Irish Signals and Systems Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2011, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
D. Corrigan, F. Pitié, V. Morris, A. Rankin, M. Linnane, G. Kearney, M. Gorzel, M. O'Dea, C. Lee, and A. Kokaram., A video database for the development of stereo-3d post-production algorithms, European Conference on Visual Media Production, London, 2010, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
D. Corrigan , S. Robinson and A. Kokaram, Video Matting Using Motion Extended GrabCut. , IET European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP), London, UK., IEEE, 2008, pp1-9 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL

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M. Gorzel, D. Corrigan, G. Kearney, J. Squires and F. Boland, Distance Perception in Virtual Audio-Visual Environments, AES UK Conference: Spatial Audio in Today's 3D World, York, March, AES, 2012, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
D. Corrigan , Motion Estimation Reliability and the Digital Restoration of Archived Media, Trinity College Dublin., 2008, Thesis, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Awarded Gold Medal for grade of 80% in final year BA/BAI exams. Also jointly awarded and jointly awarded the Clark memorial and Wright prizes for the highest aggregate score in Computer and Electronic Engineering Stream. November 2003
Elected Scholar at Trinity College Dublin. May 2001
Thesis: My thesis was primarily concerned with the impact of motion estimation failures on the performance of digital restoration processes, specifically missing data treatment and tear removal. Image & Video Restoration: My work in restoration has focused on Film Tear Restoration and Robust Missing Data Detection in Archived Media. I have also worked on noise detection and estimation. 3D-Stereoscopic Image & Video Processing: I worked for some time on the EI funded HIROP project and designed a prototype to measure the surface roughness of a grinding wheel by constructing a 3D model of a grinding wheel. As part of the SFI funded CAMP project, I was involved in the construction of 3D-Stereoscopic databases for post-production research as well as surface anatomy training videos for medical students and artists. Currently, I am working algorithms to restore image burnout in 3d-stereo video sequences. My current research interests are in depth perception in virtual depth perception in stereo-3D environments. Image Processing for Seabed Analysis: I have been involved with the supervision of a student involved in developing image processing techniques for seabed videos. Applications have focused on image restoration to improve the video quality as well as image analysis applications to aid surveys of Nephrop populations. Image Processing for Microscopy: I have supervised students working on image processing applications for microscopy. This has included work on segmentation and shape modelling of cells, cell nuclei and neuron synapses as well as looking at image restoration techniques for high resolution imaging on the Atomic Force Microscope. Video Object Segmentation: I developed a method for segmenting foreground objects from a video using a joint likelihood model based on observations of colour statistics and object motion. Other Research: I have also working on an algorithm to generate mosaics from MPEG-streams of sports events . These mosaics were designed as a means to allow summarisation of sports events for efficient transmission over low bit-rate networks. I have also investigated the use of the complex wavelet transform for non-parametric texture synthesis.