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Professor Imelda Coyne

Professor/ Director UG & L (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

As Professor of Children's Nursing and Co-Director of the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRiCC) in Trinity College Dublin, I lead a team of lecturers and researchers in the delivery of high quality teaching, clinical practice, and research. I In my role as the Alva Myrdal Visiting Professorship Malardalen University Sweden I provide guidance to the academics and researchers within the children's research group. The central theme underpinning my programme of research is valuing children's and young people's voices and promoting their participation in matters that affect their lives. My research focuses on: child participation rights, shared decision-making, child and family centred care, technological interventions for chronic illness management and transition from child to adult services. I have over 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals and have co-authored over 150 conference abstracts, conducted international workshops and delivered keynote addresses at several international scientific conferences. I have advised the Nuffield Council on Bioethics on guidelines for Children and clinical research. In 2012, I was appointed Ambassador for the Participation Hub for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Irish Government. I contribute to children's nursing and healthcare at an European level as board member of the European Academy of Nursing Science(EANS) and two editorial boards.
  Child centred research questions, study design, data analysis   Childhood and mental health   CHILDHOOD CANCER   Childhood Communication Orders   CHILDRENS BELIEFS   Children's Consultation and Participation   Children's Nursing   Children's Rights   Chronic Illness self-management   Decision Making   Family Centred Care   Family-professional relationships in neonatal care   Health outcomes   Health Services Delivery   Nurse communication in intensive care   Promotion of child centred research   Shared decision-making   TRANSITION PROCESS
 Systematic Review of Neoadjuvant Treatments for malignant and metastatic melanoma
 Systematic Review: Interventions for Promoting Participation in shared decision-making for Children and Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis.
 Health visits with children of foreign origin in the Swedish child- and school health care
 Identifying a core outcome set for clinical trials of interventions targeting young adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Protocol for a Delphi Study
 Katie Nugent Project: A Support Needs Analysis for Supporting Parents of Children from the Haematology/Oncology Service

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Details Date
Host of European Academy of Nursing Science Winter scientific meeting on 26-27th January 2017
Chair of the Nursing & Midwifery category for the adjudication of the Undergraduate Awards programme 2013. UA is a prestigious and international academic awards programme, which is wholly pan-discipline. It aims to celebrate and support the world's brightest and most innovative undergraduate students by recognising their best coursework and projects. The programme has been under the patronage of President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, since February 2012. 2013
Invited keynote presentation on Children's fears in hospital. Pediatric Care Symposium on The concept of fear in children in the acute setting- what supportive measures can nurses provide ?. In Lucerner Kantonsspital Luczern, Switzerland. 12th November 2013
Invited presentation. Children are the future: research priorities for Europe. Scientific meeting, European Academy of Nursing Science. Aarhus University, Denmark. Chair: Prof. Sanna Salantera (January 18th 2013) 2013
Invited keynote. Professional-parent-child interaction in healthcare decision making. Challenges in Pediatric Care: Innovations through Advanced Nursing Practice Advanced Practice Nursing in Pediatric Care Conference, Basel, Switzerland (Jan 13th) 2012
Invited Workshop on Children and young people's participation in healthcare decision-making and child-parent-nurse interaction in paediatric palliative care nursing to students on the Masters in Advanced Nursing (Children). Invite from: Anita Berger-Tarcsay RN, Head of CAS in Pediatric Nursing Institute of Nursing, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland. October 15th 2012
Invited keynote presentation on Delivering family centred care: some practical solutions. National Conference on Hospitalized Children. Barcelona, Spain. 13th May 2011
Invited presentation: How should children's autonomy be recognised in the research context ? Children and Clinical Trials Workshop, Nuffield Council of Bioethics, Academy of Medical Sciences, 41 Portland Place London W1B 1QH (09/12/2011) 2011
Invited keynote presentation on Practicing family centred care: problems and solutions. International Congress on Academic Pediatric Nursing Congress and Culture Centre Allegro, Berne, Switzerland (3rd - 4th June) 2010
Invited keynote presentation on Family Centred Care: rhetoric or reality ? Interdisciplinary National Neonatal Symposium on Family Centred Care, Hillerod, Copenhagen, Denmark (18-21st september 2009) 2009
Invited keynote presentation on Key principles of Family Centred Care. for the Interdisciplinary Nursing /Medical Paediatric Conference. Juliane Marie Centre for Women, Children and Reproduction, Copenhagen, Denmark. 3rd October 2007
Invitation from Professor Linda Franck, (Institute for Child Health, London) to be the keynote speaker at Research Day, Institute of Child Health (presentation of research findings on project 'Hearing children's voices' funded by the Office of the Minister for Children). 2007
Invitation from Dr Maja Soderback, (Department of Caring and Public Health Sciences, Malardalen University, Sweden) to present programme of research and conduct seminars with doctoral students on children and decision-making. 2007
Invited to present findings from PhD to students and educationalists at the Department of Nursing, Lund University, Sweden 2005
Reviewer for funding proposals for the Economic & Social Research Council (E.S.R.C), England 2006
Invited to present findings from PhD to healthcare staff, managers, and educationalists at the Children's Hospital Yorkhill Hospital Trust. 2005
Sole responsibility for organizing and delivering the first national children's research conference titled 'Recent research with children in Ireland: Challenges and Implications'. School of Nursing, DCU. 2006
Reviewer for research tenders for Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust 2005
In collaboration with Prof. Ingallill Rahm Hallberg (University of Lund), we delivered a qualitative research methods workshop for doctoral students attending the European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS), Maastricht, Belgium. Thirty five (n= 35) doctoral students from all European countries attended. 19th-23rd June 2006
As a member of the National Nutritional Science Committee, Royal Irish Academy, I helped organize and deliver a conference on the 'Ethics of Eating'. Irish Council for Bioethics Conference, Royal Irish Academy (RIA), Dublin 2004
Member of judging panel for poster presentations @ Third Annual Cochrane in Ireland Conference, School of Nursing, Dublin City University (February 1) 2007
Organized and delivered a children's research conference in collaboration with colleagues on 'Children Matter: Contemporary issues for children's nurses'. First International Paediatric Conference. Athlone, Ireland. 2004
Founding member of an organisation for children's nurses called the Irish Association of Children's Nursing (IACN). This association provides a forum for networking and sharing of clinical and research expertise. 2003
Keynote speaker at the national launch of the Irish Association of Children's Nursing (IACN). The Education Centre, National Children's Hospital, Dublin (20th April) 2004
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Details Date From Date To
Member of Advisory Group for CanCare4Living which is an Irish non-profit organisation of cancer survivors and supporters and professionals. Their aim is to ensure that every survivor of childhood and adolescent cancer receives optimal long-term care. 2016 present
Board Member of the European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS) 2013 Current
Fellow European Academy of Nursing Science (FEANS) 2007 Current
Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) 2014 Current
European Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH) 2010 Current
Editorial Board Member for Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) 2013 Current
Editorial Board Member for Nursing Children and Young People (NCYP) 2011 Current
Children's Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland (CRNINI) 2010 Current
Health Care Transition Research Consortium (HCTRC) 2013 Current
Nursing and Midwifery Board Ireland 1991 Current
Cochrane Community 2000 Current
European School of Oncology (ESO) 2012 Current
Children's Research Forum (CRF) 2013 Current
Irish Council of Professors, Deans and Heads of Nursing and Midwifery 2014 Current
European Association of Paediatric Nurses (EAPN) 2000 Current
Association for Common European Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes (ACENDIO) 2013 Current
Research Inventory for Child Health in Europe (RICHE) 2012 Current
National Committee for Nutritional Sciences, Royal Irish Academy (Dublin City University rep) 2000 2004
Editorial Board, Journal of Children's and Young People's Nursing: Mark Allen Publishers 2006 2009
Bishop's Bioethics Committee 2006 2010
Steering Group for Irish Association of Children's Nursing (IACN) 2003 2010
Child Health Nurse Researchers, UK 2001 Current
Royal College of Nursing (RCN) 1986 1999
Conference organising committee for the Irish Association of Children's Nurses (IACN) 2003 2010
Addressing the ethical challenges for young adults, from a rights based perspective. in, Bleyer A W & Barr, R D , Cancer in adolescents and young adults: Pediatric oncology, New York, Springer Science & Business Media,, 2017, [Gibson F & Coyne I ], Book Chapter, APPROVED
Coyne I , ' "Family-centred care for children with long-term conditions', The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection, London, UK, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, 2017, -, Digital research resource production, PUBLISHED  URL
Helen Malone, Susan Biggar, Sheila Javadpour, Zai Edworthy, Greg Sheaf, Imelda Coyne, 'Interventions for promoting participation in shared decision-making for children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis.', Cochrane, 2017, -, Notes: [Available in Tara:], Protocol or guideline, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Adedayoalugo T, Malone H, Coyne I, Sheehan A, Lawlor A, McNicholas F, Development of a 22q11DS Psycho-educational Programme: Exploration of the views, concerns and educational needs of parents caring for children or adolescents with 22q11 deletion syndrome (22q11DS) in relation to mental health issues, Child: Care Health and Development, 2017, Notes: [An early online view of the abstract is available at:], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Preparing a research proposal in, editor(s)Alan Glasper and Colin Rees , Nursing and Healthcare Research at a Glance. , Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, 2016, pp38 - 40, [Coyne I ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Malone H & Coyne I, What type of Statistics are Nurses and Midwives using for research data?, Health Interdisciplinary Research Conference (HIRC) , School of Nursing & Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin., 9 & 10 November , 2016, Notes: [available at:], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Coyne I, Prizeman G, Sheehan A & While A, Advantages and challenges with co-developing an ehealth intervention with young people for transition to adult healthcare services. , The European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS), Utrecht, The Netherlands., 22nd January , 2016, The European Academy of Nursing Science Scientific committee , 1 - 10pp, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Coyne I, Sheehan A & While A , What do Irish teenagers, parents and professionals say about transition ?. , The 16th Killarney National Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Meeting. , The Conference Centre, Malton Hotel, Killarney, Co Kerry, 4-5th February , 2016, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Coyne I , Children's and adolescents' participation in shared decision-making. , 2016 European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) Meeting , Valencia, Spain. , 3-6th April , 2016, European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) , Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Coyne I , Parenting support in Europe , Stakeholders Workshop on Parenting Support.County Council Västmanland & Västerås Municipality , Mälardalen University, Sweden, 25th October , 2016, Mälardalen University, Sweden, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED

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Coyne I , Children's health across Europe from a multidisciplinary perspective. , Open Lecture. , Mälardalen University, Sweden., 16th May, 2016, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Coyne I , Person-centred care: new paradigm or Emperor's new clothes? , Research Day. , School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Mälardalen University, Sweden., 23rd November , 2016, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Coyne I , Staff attitudes to Family-Centred Care in a neonatal unit, Family-Centred Care Study Day, Castleford, West Yorkshire, 02 October, 2015, Supporters of Families and Babies, 1 - 23pp, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Coyne I , How should children's autonomy be recognised in the research context ? , Research Support & Education Day, , School of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin., 10th March , 2015, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED
Coyne I , Priorities for paediatric nursing research- international perspective, Child Health Researchers network , Lund University, Sweden, 02 December , 2014, Professor Inger Hallstrom , Invited Talk, PRESENTED
06 JANUARY 2014 -Irish Independent , Website steps up to plate for hockey star, Irish Independent, 06 JANUARY 2014, 2014, Notes: [], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Tuesday, 15th April, 2014- Laura Ryder , Rhode native shortlisted for national award, 2014, -, Notes: [ Tuesday, 15th April, 2014], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
22 May 2014 - Sheila Wayman , Abrupt move to adult system can have lasting effects on young people, 2014, -, Notes: [ ], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Tuesday 3rd June 2014- Michelle McDonagh , The transition years: moving up from children's hospitals - Stepping Up website offers new resource to chronically ill patients moving from children's to adult health services, 2014, -, Notes: [Health & Family Supplement], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Thursday 22 May 2014- Health Research Board, HRB-funded projects win health literacy awards. , 2014, -, Notes: [HRB-funded projects win health literacy awards - a website that provides information and video stories to support children with long-term conditions won in the category of Best Project in a Hospital.], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Winner of best abstract at the European Academy of Nursing Science Scientific Meeting 2016
Winner of St John of God's prize for best conference poster . 24th RESEARCH AND EVALUATION STUDY DAY 21/11/ 2014
Winner of Best Hospital Project for '' 2014 Crystal Clear MSD Health Literacy Awards. 21/05/14
MA (JO) July 2011
Module leader - Katie Hill, Gold Medal Winner of the Nursing & Midwifery category of the Irish Undergraduate Award 2011
Albert College Career Start Fellowship, Dublin City University 2004
English National Board scholarship for 2 years, UK. 1991-93
Health Savings Association (HAS), UK 1988-1991
Cow and Gate Paediatric Nursing Scholarship, UK. 1993
Award for best overall presentation at the 23rd Annual Nursing and Midwifery Conference, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (BUPA Ireland, 500 euro). This award reflects a paper which stands out for its originality of thought, depth of analysis, clarity and significance of findings 2005
Award for best paper in the category of "Innovation in Practice" at the 23rd Annual Nursing and Midwifery Conference, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (BUPA Ireland, 500 euro). This award reflects a paper that demonstrates creativity in approach, clear benefits to target population, relevance to practice and potential contribution to service as a whole 2005
CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT, Self-management, FAMILY CENTERED CARE, SHARED DECISION-MAKING TRANSITION TO ADULT SERVICES, CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE ' S RIGHTS, Child and adolescents mental health; parenting practices; nurses' contribution to care.