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Dr. Ciaran Mc Goldrick

Assistant Professor (Computer Science)

Ciaran Mc Goldrick received a B.A. B.A.I. in Engineering (1st class) in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Image Coding in 1997 from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. He was Research Fellow with the Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from 1997 - 1999. During this period, Dr. Mc Goldrick had specific responsibility for management and delivery on a number of European Commission funded projects. He joined the Department of Computer Science as a full-time lecturer in 1999. He has delivered courses on Computer Technology, Data Communications, Advanced Telecommunications and Mobile Communications in recent times. His principal active research interests lie in the areas of Mobile Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, Structural Health Monitoring and Computer Science education.
  Communication Sciences   Communication Systems   Communications engineering   Computational mathematics, discrete mathematics   Computer Engineering   Computer Hardware   Computer Science   Computer Simulation/Modeling   Computer Software   Computer Vision   Computer vision and robotics   Computer/Data/Network Security   Control Applications (Computer Sciences)   Control Theory (Computer Sciences)   Cryptography   Cryptography and coding theory   Cryptology   Data protection, storage technology, cryptography   Distributed systems   Electrical Engineering   Electronic commerce,Payment, Signature   Gateways   Harmonic Analysis, Wavelets   Image Processing   Imaging and Computer Vision   Imaging, image processing   Information Technology   Information/Communication Systems   Internet technologies   Local Area Networks   Location Based Services   Microelectronics   MOBILE   Mobile Applications   MOBILE COMMUNICATION   Mobile Communications   Mobile Computing   Mobile Networks   Mobile Positioning   MOBILE RADIO   MOBILE RADIO SYSTEMS   MOBILE-RADIO   Multimedia   Network Positioning   Network technology, Security   Networking   Networks and telecommunications research   Pattern Recognition   Queuing   Satellite, Technology, Systems, Positioning, Communication   Signal Analysis   Signal processing   Software Engineering   Surveillance Systems   Telecommunication Engineering   Telecommunications   Telecommunications Policy   Telecommunications Research   Wireless Communication Systems   Wireless Sensor Networks   Wireless systems, Radio technology
 TinyTorrents - An efficient, scalable, robust, co-operative infrastructure providing global accessibility to local wireless sensornet information
 Wireless Active Queue Management: A Robust, Scalable Approach using Control Theory.

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Member: Institution of Engineers of Ireland (IEI) 1992 Present
Senior Member: Association for Computing Machinery (SMACM) 2004 Present
Senior Member: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SMIEEE) 1992 Present
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Michael Clear, Ciaran Mc Goldrick, Policy-Based Non-interactive Outsourcing of Computation using multikey FHE and CP-ABE, International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT), Reykyavik, Iceland, 29-31 July 2013, INSTICC/IEEE, 2013, pp544-552 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Meriel Huggard, Sensor Research, US-Ireland F&D Partnership - Sensor Workshop, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin, 20-21 February 2007, 2007, Poster, PUBLISHED
Meriel Huggard, Ciaran Mc Goldrick, Avoiding Technology Trauma: Interrelated Initiatives at TCD , Second Irish Universities Quality Board Conference, Galway, Ireland, 6 - 7 Feb. 2004, 2004, Poster, PUBLISHED


Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Pervasive and Ubiquitous and Ambient Computing, Sensor Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Location Based Services, Network Security, Network Performance, Traffic Management, Dynamic Pricing, Active Queue Management, Structural Health Monitoring, Computer Science Education