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Dr. Christer Gobl

Associate Professor in Speech Science (C.L.C.S.)

 HIASYNT - English text-to-speech based on optimal unit selection
 EMOVOICE - The analysis of voice quality in emotive speech
 HUMAINE - Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion
 IRISH PROSODY - Prosody of Irish Dialects: the use of intonation, rhythm, voice quality for linguistic and paralinguistic signalling
 VOCON - Voice Control in Unit-Selection Concatenative Synthesis

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Ní Chasaide, A., Yanushevskaya, I., and Gobl, C. , Prosody of voice: declination, sentence mode and interaction with prominence, The 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2015), Glasgow, UK, August 10-14, 2015, pp1-5 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL
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