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Professor Tim Callan

Adjunct Professor (Economics)


Adjunct Professor (Sch Office Social Sciences & Philosophy)

Tim Callan , Cormac O'Dea , Barra Roantree , Michael Savage , Financial Incentives to Work: Comparing Ireland and the UK, Budget Perspectives 2017, Dublin, 17 June 2016, ESRI, 2016, pp1 - 45, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
CaitrĂ­ona Logue, Tim Callan , Low Pay, Minimum Wages and Household Incomes: Evidence for Ireland, Budget Perspectives 2017, Dublin, 17 June 2016, ESRI, 2016, pp1 - 14, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
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Callan, Tim; Nolan, Brian; Keane, Claire; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John R., Crisis, Response and Distributional Impact: The Case of Ireland, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
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Callan, Tim; Crilly, Niamh; Keane, Claire; Walsh, John R, What Has Happened to Marginal Tax Rates?, Dublin, ESRI, 2011, Notes: [ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/3/4 ], Report, PUBLISHED