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Dr. Adrian Bracken

Asst Prof in Medical Molecular Genetics (Genetics)

Dr. Adrian Bracken is an Assistant Professor at The Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin. During his post-doctorate years he gained an international reputation for using Cancer Epigenetics to explore cancer pathways and identify novel prognostic and therapeutic targets. He is a PhD graduate of Trinity College Dublin (2000) and has held fellowships at The European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy and The Biotechnology and Research Innovation Centre at The University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently he is consolidating his own independent research group. The lab's most recent two papers include a study on the role of Polycomb group proteins in embryonic stem cells (Brien et al., 2012 NSMB), and the role of the tumour suppressor, CHD5, during neurogenesis.on (Egan et al., Developmental Cell. 2013).
  Cancer Genetics   Epigenetics   Stem Cell Biology
 Epigenetic Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cell Differeniation
 Transcriptional Regulation of Cellular senescence

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The group is led by Adrian Bracken and was established in 2008 at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin. We are studying the molecular mechanisms of stem cells and cancer. Our most recent two papers include a study on the role of Polycomb group proteins in embryonic stem cells, and the role of the tumour suppressor (Cancer brake gene), CHD5, during neurogenesis.