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Dr. Gareth Bennett

Associate Professor (Mechanical & Manuf. Eng)

Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, B.A., B.A.I., M.Sc., Ph.D., CEng MIEI, Fulbright Alumnus, is an "Associate" Professor in the School of Engineering with research expertise in aeronautics, engineering education and innovative design. He has been elected as the only Irish member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC), and is the National Focal Point in Aeroacoustics (and PI) for "X-Noise EV": an FP7 Coordination and Support Action which involves 28 other European partners. Dr. Bennett has worked as a research fellow in the national nuclear facility of Portugal, a national fluid dynamics laboratory in Grenoble, France (LEGI) and in the D-School and School of Engineering in Stanford University where he was a funded Visiting Scholar. In 2016 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Notre Dame and NASA Glenn where he researched innovative low noise solutions to reduce aviation noise for a sustainable environment. Dr. Bennett has secured a total funding of €6.3 million and is PI on 5 EU framework research projects, of which he is coordinating 3 (14 partners), to conduct fundamental research and to develop solutions for quieter aircraft design. After completion of his MSc, Dr. Bennett accepted employment in the industrial sector working, initially as a consultant in Vibration analysis, and subsequently as a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in an American multinational (Thermoking) and subsequently an Irish SME (Odenburg). Dr. Bennett returned to Trinity and was hired as an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering in 2007 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015. In education, Dr. Bennett has designed and coordinates award winning user centred design modules which foster innovation and community engagement in engineering students and is a recipient of the prestigious Provosts Award for Teaching Excellence and the Dean's Award for Innovation in Teaching. Dr. Bennett has mentored 5 post-doctoral fellows, has supervised 4 PhD and 4 MSc (research) graduate students to completion and currently has 3 PhD students and 2 post-doctoral fellows in his research group.
  Acoustics   Aerodynamics   Aeroelasticity   Aeronautics   Applied thermodynamics and energy   Computational Fluid Dynamics   Design Engineering   Duct Acoustics   Engineering Education   Fan Noise   Fluid Dynamics   Fluids and vibration   Gas Turbines   Heat Transfer   Industrial Design   Machine Design   Mechanical Engineering   Noise pollution, technology   Signal Processing   Turbomachinery   Vibration and Accoustic Engineering
 X-Noise EV. EU Network in Aeroacoustics

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Details Date
CEAS Technical Co-Chair AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference. Nevada, USA June 15-19
Member of Scientific Committee. 45th International JVE Conference: "Dynamics, Noise and Vibration Engineering: Problems and Applications". University College Dublin, Ireland. May 7-8, 2020
Irish Organising Committee of the European Turbulence Conference ETC18 September 2020
Scientific Committee of 22nd CEAS-ASC Workshop "Future Aircraft Design and Noise Impact" 6-7 September 2016. Netherlands Aerospace Centre - Amsterdam 2018
Metamaterial Research. Management committee member of COST Action "Designs for Noise Reducing Materials and Structures" (DENORMS - CA15125). 2018
Chair. 21st CEAS-ASC Scientific Workshop "Ducted and Un-Ducted Rotor Noise" 13-15 September, 2017. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2017
Member of the review committee of Département d'AéroACoustique (DAAC), ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab, Paris, France. 2016
Chair. 10th International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibration (& Flow-Induced Noise) 2nd - 6th July 2012, Hosted by Trinity College Dublin 2012
Scientific Committee of 20th CEAS-ASC Workshop "Advances in Measurement Techniques and Analysis for Aircraft Noise" 7-8 September, 2016. Southampton University, UK 2016
Scientific Committee of 18th CEAS-ASC Workshop & 4th Scientific Workshop of X-NOISE EV "Aircraft Noise Reduction by Flow Control and Active/Adaptive Techniques" 26-28 September, 2014. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania 2014
Scientific Committee of the 26th International Manufacturing Conference IMC26- Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Manufacturing, September 2-4, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2009
Scientific Committee of 10th CEAS-ASC Workshop & 1st Scientific Workshop of X3 - NOISE "Jet Noise Prediction Methodologies - Recent Developments" 28/29 September. School of Engineering, TCD. 2006
Journal Reviewer for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Journal Reviewer for The Journal of Sound and Vibration
Journal Reviewer for IMechE Journal of Systems and Control Engineering
Journal Reviewer for Measurement Science and Technology (Institue of Physics)
Reviewer for the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME)
Grant proposal evaluator for Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESPRC)
Grant proposal evaluator for Israel Science Foundation
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
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Irish Medium Medium Medium
Details Date From Date To
The only Irish member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC) 2012
The only Irish member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Educational Subcommittee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC) 2013 -
Irish Fulbright Alumni Association and Ireland United States Alumni Association 2015 Present
Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics 2007 -
Chartered Engineer and Member of Engineers Ireland 1996 Present
Member of the European Mechanics Society (Euromech) 2009
Member of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration 2005 -
Member of Conceive Design Implement and Operate organisation, ( 2012
Yong Liang, Kun Zhao, Ying-Chun Chen, Longjun Zhang and Gareth J. Bennett, An Experimental Characterization on the Acoustic Performance of Forward/Rearward Retraction of a Nose Landing Gear, International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2019, (Article ID 4135094), 2019, Notes: [Article ID 4135094], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Yong Wang, Kun Zhao, Xiangyu Lu, Yubao Song, Gareth J. Bennett, Bio-inspired Aerodynamic Noise Control: A Bibliographic Review, Applied Sciences, 9, (11), 2019, p2224 , Notes: [Paper Number: 2224. MDPI, Special Issue "Airframe Noise and Airframe/Propulsion Integration"], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
W Wang, Z Wu, D Wang, W Zhang, K Zhao, Gareth J. Bennett, Hypersonic Vehicle Aerodynamic Design using Modified Sequential Approximate Optimization, Advances in Space Research, 2019, Notes: [Available online 21 February 2019], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Patrick N Okolo, Kun Zhao, John Kennedy, Gareth J Bennett, Numerical assessment of flow control capabilities of three dimensional woven wire mesh screens, European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 76, 2019, p259-271 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Roberto Merino-Martinez, Eleonora Neri, Mirjam Snellen, John Kennedy, Dick G Simons, Gareth J Bennett, Analysis of nose landing gear noise comparing numerical computations, prediction models and flyover and wind-tunnel measurements (AIAA 2018-3299), 24th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Georgia, Atlanta, USA, 25-29 June 2018, AIAA, 2018, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Gareth J. Bennett, Patrick N. Okolo, Kun Zhao, John Philo, Yaoyi Guan and Scott C. Morris, Cavity Resonance Suppression Using Fluidic Spoilers, AIAA Journal, 57, (2), 2018, p706-719 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Gareth J. Bennett, Eleonora Neri, John Kennedy, Noise Characterization of a Full-Scale Nose Landing Gear, AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 55, (6), 2018, p2476 - 2490, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Kun Zhao, Sajad Alimohammadi, Patrick N. Okolo, John Kennedy and Gareth J. Bennett, Aerodynamic noise reduction using dual-jet planar air curtains, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 432, 2018, p192-212 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL  URL
Eleonora Neri, John Kennedy and Gareth J. Bennett, Bay Cavity Noise for Full-Scale Nose Landing Gear: a comparison between experimental and numerical results, Aerospace Science and Technology, 72, 2018, p278 - 291, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Kun Zhao, Patrick Okolo, Yong Wang, John Kennedy, Gareth J. Bennett, An Experimental Characterization of the Interaction Between Two Tandem Planar Jets in a Crossflow, Journal of Fluids Engineering, 140, (11), 2018, p111106-1 - 111106-12, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL  Other

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Dr. Gareth J. Bennett, Community Informed Universal Design for the Benefit of the Community A pilot "Service Learning" module in TCD School of Engineering , NIDays, Graphical System Design Conference, Professional Development Conference for Engineers, Scientists and Educators, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, 20/11/2012, 2012, National Instruments, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Gareth J. Bennett, Ian Davis, TEENI-Turboshaft Engine Exhaust Noise Identification, TCD-UCD Engineering Design Innovation Research Event , Trinity College, Foster Place, Dublin 2, 27th April 2010, edited by Prof. Brian Broderick, Prof. Michael Gilchrist , 2010, Poster, PUBLISHED
Gareth J. Bennett, Design Projects in Undergraduate Engineering , TCD-UCD Engineering Design Innovation Research Event, Trinity College Dublin, Foster Place, Dublin 2, April 27 2010, edited by Prof. Brian Broderick, Prof. Michael Gilchrist , 2010, Poster, PUBLISHED
Ciaran Simms, Gareth J. Bennett, Garret O'Donnell, Eamonn McKnight, Ali McCorkell, Development of a gait training device for children with cerebral palsy, TCD-UCD Engineering Design Innovation Research Event, Trinity College Dublin, Foster Place, Dublin 2, April 27 2010, edited by Prof. Brian Broderick, Prof. Michael Gilchrist , 2010, Poster, PUBLISHED
Gareth J. Bennett, Christine Bohan, "Taking a practical approach to very ancient weaponry". Special report on Science, Engineering and Technology. The Irish Times, 2008, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Dravet A., Bennett G., Fitzpatrick J., CFM56-5B Full Scale Powerplant Static Test, Combustion Noise Test Data-Appraisal Report. European Project Deliverable, SILENCER, E.U., April, 2007, (D2.2-2.5-04), Report, PUBLISHED
Gareth J. Bennett, John Fitzpatrick, 10th CEAS-ASC Workshop "Jet Noise Prediction methodologies-Recent Developments", 28/29 September 2006, 2006, Trinity College Dublin, John Fitzpatrick, Craig Meskell, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED
Bennett G., Fitzpatrick J., Data Appraisal Report, Combustor Noise LPT Propagation Assessment Report. European Project Deliverable, SILENCER, EU, October, 2006, (D2.2-4.5-03), Report, PUBLISHED
Bennett G., Maitre T., Pellone C., Modelisation Instationnaire Subcavitante (Unsteady numerical modelling in non-cavitating flow), Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels, October, 1997, (D.R.E.T. No 96.34.093), Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Seal of Excellence 2018
Registrar's Civic Engagement Award Nominee (University Award) 2018
Fulbright Scholar (Aviation Noise in Notre Dame and NASA Glenn) 2015
Aviation R&D Award. National Award Sponsored by the Irish Aviation Authority. 2015
Dean's Award for Innovation in Teaching 2015
Provost's Award for Teaching Excellence (TCD) 2009
Visiting Research Scholar: Centre for Design Research, Stanford Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University. 2012
National Award for Excellence in Teaching (NAIRTL): Trinity Nominee 2012. 2012
Inter-Trade Ireland best project award for the design of a walking aid for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (Co-PI with Dr. Ciaran Simms PI) 2011
Nominated for Irish Times Innovation Award for the design of a walking aid for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (Co-PI with Dr. Ciaran Simms PI) 2011
Research Bursory: Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (L.E.G.I.), (National Fluid Mechanics Research Laboratory), Grenoble, France. 1996-1997
Research Bursory: Instituto Tecnológico E Nuclear (I.T.N.), (Government Nuclear and Technological Research Institute), Lisbon, Portugal. 1994-1995
Acoustics, Vibration, Aeroacoustics and sound source identification techniques. Duct acoustics and Thermoacoustics. Cavity Noise, Beamforming, Turbine and Fan noise. Research active in the areas of Design (Open-, Universal- and Medical Device Design) as well as conducting research in Engineering Education.