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Dr. Ruth Barton

Associate Professor in Film Studies (Film Studies)


Head of School (School Office - Creative Arts)

Dr Ruth Barton is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (BA Mod) and of University College Dublin (MA, Film Studies). She holds a PhD from the NUI (Thesis title: 'From History to Heritage: Representations of History and the Past in Contemporary Irish Cinema'). She is the author of several books on Irish cinema and has co-edited a volume of essays on Irish Cinema and Television as well as being the author of many articles on Irish and British cinema. Her interests include Irish cinema, stardom and diaspora studies. She is editor of a collection of essays on Irish-American film and television and on the Irish in Britain. She has also written a critical biography of the film star, Hedy Lamarr, and of the Irish silent director, Rex Ingram. She appears regularly on radio as a film historian and film critic. She joined the staff of TCD in September 2007.
  Cinema/Video   Film Studies   Theatre/Film Criticism
 Ecologies of cultural production
 Screening Irish-America
 Screening the Irish in Britian
 Women's Film and Television History Network - UK/Ireland

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Member of Board of Long Room Hub, Trinity's Arts and Humanities Institute 2019
Member of board of Irish Humanities Alliance 2019
Ruth Barton, The end of time: Bullet in the Brain, Short Film Studies, 10, (2), 2020, p207 - 210, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Barton, Ruth, Irish cinema in the twenty-first century, Manchester and New York, Manchester University Press, 2019, 1 - 248pp, Book, PUBLISHED
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Barton, Ruth Trezise, Simon, Music and Sound in Silent Film, From the Nickelodeon to The Artist, London and New York, Routledge, 2018, Book, PUBLISHED
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Barton, Ruth, A Female Voice in Irish Cinema: Women Filmmakers and the Creative Documentary, New Hibernia Review, 21, (2), 2017, p17 - 32, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Ruth Barton, "Ireland and Irishness as a Post-Traumatic Discursive Space: the Case of Cinema", Rethinking Cultural Rethinking Cultural Trauma from Transnational Perspectives, Sao Paulo, 22-25 August , 2017, SPECTRESS, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Ruth Barton, A Liminal Genre: Defining the Contemporary Irish Horror Film, Protean Spaces in Irish Literature, Theatre and Film, USFC, Florianopolis, 7 November , 2017, Nucleo de estudios irlandeses da UFSC, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Ruth Barton, Screening 1916, 2017, - 14-15, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Ruth Barton, Jimmy's Hall, Whose Story is it?, SOFEIR, Paris, March, 2015, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Ruth Barton, Rethinking heritage cinema: how tourism has inflected the national visual imaginary., AEDEI 2015, Granada, Spain, May 2015, 2015, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Ruth Barton, Rex Ingram: The Magician of Nice, ACIS/CAIS, UCD, June , 2014, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Ruth Barton, City Break Cinema, European Heritage Cinema, University of Leeds, September , 2013, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Ruth Barton, Retrieving Rex Ingram, Irish Cinema, UCC, April, 2013, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Ruth Barton, Screening Irish-America III, 30 March , 2012, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED
Ruth Barton, Repair it - or replace it entirely? Fatherhood and contemporary Irish cinema, Masculinities in Irish Popular Culture, NUI Galway, 2011, Conference Paper, PRESENTED


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Fellow of Trinity College 2018