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Dr. Joanne Banks

Assistant Professor (Education)

Dr Joanne Banks is an Assistant Professor in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs at the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin. She previously worked as a Research Officer working in education research at the ESRI. She holds a B.A in Geography and Sociology from Trinity College Dublin and an M.A and PhD from University College Dublin. Her research focuses mainly on special educational needs (SEN), disability and inclusive education. She has published widely in the area of special educational needs (SEN) prevalence and identification, SEN financing and resource allocation and social and academic engagement for children with SEN. Joanne welcomes queries from prospective Masters and Ph.D. students who are interested in the following topics: inclusive education, special education, and resource allocation.
     Alternative Modes Education   EDUCATION   Educational Administration and Policy   Educational disadvantage in children   Educational Evaluation/Assessment   Inclusive Education   Sociology of Education   Special Education   special educational needs
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Joanne Banks, Emer Smyth and Selina McCoy, Leaving Certificate Applied Programme Discussion Paper, 2018, Working Paper, PUBLISHED


My research interests are in the field of inclusive education and educational inequality. My work examines issues around the definition and prevalence of special educational needs and disability in Irish mainstream schools. I am also interested in the use of segregated settings, such as special classes in mainstream schools, in the context of Ireland's policy commitment to inclusive education. A major focus of my research is on the social experiences of students with special educational needs in mainstream education compared to their peers. I examine the need to measure, not only academic outcomes of students with special educational needs, but also more subtle outcomes such as peer relations or friendships. A second (related) strand to my research is the area of educational inequality and disadvantage with a particular focus on the experience of post-primary students. My work examines the individual and school level factors that influence students' school experiences and post-school aspirations. I also focus on the way in which young people and their families make choices about going to college and question the extent to which young people have equal access to information in making these decisions.